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Nudge POV

It had been three days since Iggy and Wendy had been attacked by erasers. The Cullen's and the pack were taking turns watching the perimeter of the house. Jacob had left me a couple times to make rounds, but he would only be gone when I was asleep, and he assured me he was back before I could even miss him.

I wasn't sleeping very well. I was worried for Iggy, I mean, we didn't even know what would happen if he became a vampire. I hoped, for the Cullen's sake, that he would be alright, because if not there was going to be some major hissy fits going on up in this house!

Once I woke up from a really bad dream. Iggy was a vampire, but he didn't remember any of us, and he attacked us and hurt all of us, killing everyone but me. I was crying at him to stop through the whole thing, but he wouldn't. Then he came over to me. I was just waiting for him to kill me too, but instead he kissed my neck, and bit me. I cried out in pain, but he didn't care, he just kept sucking on my neck. It felt bizarre, and hurt, but I felt like I was floating, then nothing at all.

I woke with a start and looked to the side of me. Jacob was gone, probably out making his rounds, and I needed to talk to someone. I usually talked to Iggy, but seeing as how he was still in his transformation to a vampire, I went to talk to Jasper. I had really formed a bond with him, and Alice was really nice to me. We got along great, and had lots of fun together.

I knocked lightly on Jasper's door, and he opened it. I sent out a wave of my feelings toward him, and saw the realization hit his face.

"Come in," he said, and I walked in behind him. Sitting in one of the chairs, I told him all about what had happened in my dream. He sat there and listened to me, and it was only us in the room (Alice had left to give us privacy). When I was done he merely held open his arms for me, and I went and sat in his lap, holding onto him.

"He will be fine. He'll remember you and will never hurt you, any of you. I promise," he whispered in my ear, and I believed him.

His promise held firm. When Iggy finally woke from the pain, Wendy was there, begging him to forgive her for changing him. Iggy, loving her through everything, kissed her, then said what he'd never expect to say, that he could see.

It turns out that us Avian-Americans can survive even vampire bites. Iggy didn't have to drink blood, he could eat and drink regular people things, but blood was nice for him to have every once in a while.

We got to see him almost right after he was changed, and he looked better than ever. All my worrying was for nothing, because he was fine.

He and Wendy got married that winter, under the glistening trees bright with snow. Angel, Max, Bella, Rose, Alice and I were the bridesmaids, with Esme as Wendy's maid of honor. Fang, Jacob, Gazzy, Jasper and Edward were the groom's men, with Carlisle being Iggy's best man. Emmett, after getting his license on-line, was the one to conduct the ceremony, something he'd always wanted to do, and married the two off.

Fang got attacked by werewolves, real ones, and almost died, but Rose, much to Max's displeasure, bit him, turning him into a vampire like Iggy. A couple months later, on Max's 21st birthday, her expiration date showed on the back of her neck, so Fang, being a vampire and Max's husband by then, bit her, turning her into a vampire as well.

When my 21st birthday rolled around, Jacob found my expiration dateā€¦.in an unmentionable place.

He rushed me and our two kids, Emma and Billy, over to the Cullen's from our house in La Push, and worried frantically over me for three days while Iggy's poison took over my body.

Now, Angel and Gazzy have both been changed, four of us forever 21, two of us forever 20, and one of us, Jacob, my Jacob, forever 17. Our kids have grown up, left out on their own. They have wings and can change into wolves, but they are as normal as the rest of us, and I miss them dearly.

It's been thirty years since I first stepped onto first beach and was attacked by giant wolves. We're going to Forks College, and all my classes are with my family and friends. Our tale isn't over, but this next part isn't my tale to tell. My younger brother will be the narrator of his story, and that story is amazing. How do I know this? Well, I'm seeing it all play out. In my head. I am a psychic, but a great one at that. I can manipulate people's decisions, alter their futures. But enough about me. We must wait some time for the events to start, and the next time you hear from us, I promise it will be an adventure of a lifetime.

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