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Carlisle POV

A baby was crying. I could hear it from all the way down the street. Breathing in the cold night air, I turned the corner and walked towards the noise. I didn't know what a baby was doing outside, but I was going to help it. I mean, it's not like I was planning on killing it! I could smell blood- it wasn't bleeding freely, rather it was clotting. As the baby's cries grew louder, I gave up on my human speed and raced toward the noise.

Sitting there on the doorstep was a small boy, only about a year old. He had a peculiar scar on his head- it looked new and smelled to be the source of the scent. He was sitting in a basket, all bundled up, with a letter written in curly letters beside him. I hesitated before reaching my arms out, then swept him up in my arms.

I raced back home with the basket, shielding the child with my body. As I raced into the house, the family became alarmed. What was a human doing here? Surely I had not changed another? Rosalie was the first to question.

"What is that?" she demanded, tearing her eyes away from a mirror.

"A baby," I stated calmly, though I wanted to burst out in despair. I really didn't know where my mind was. "A baby boy. He was abandoned, I think. I found him on a doorstep."

"He's bleeding," Jasper said from far away. He wouldn't come close, but he sent waves of calm over the boy and the cry ceased. "It's clotting though."

"A baby," Rosalie said softly, walking lightly over to me. Esme followed, her expression soft.

"Carlisle, can I hold him? Just for a minute, please!" Esme begged. I handed the child over carefully and helped her support his head.

"There's a letter." Edward said, suddenly joining us.

"Oh, right! You can read it son, go ahead. Maybe it will give some information." I was too busy with the boy. He was adorable and clinging onto Rosalie's finger like he would never let go.

"I-I think he likes me," she stuttered.

"Who likes you?" Emmett bounded in, Alice following him with a pair of stilettos. She had been trying to get him to wear them all night- a bet with Edward, no doubt. And they said Jasper and Emmett had gambling issues!

"The baby," Rosalie wouldn't take her eyes off the bundle.

"It says his name is Harry James Potter." Edward spoke up. "It has a bunch of words I don't understand… something about Muggles and Hogwarts… well, I guess it doesn't really matter. From what I get, he's magic."

"Magic!" Esme breathed. "Our baby boy is magic!" I stiffened at her words. Our baby boy? She was getting attached- so was Rosalie. And now that Alice had seen him, she was cooing over him as well. This wasn't good at all. Yet, I felt a sense of caring for him and by the way the other boys looked at him, they felt the same.

"Hey, it's not like it makes a difference!" Alice piped up, probably seeing what I was about to say. "We can surely keep him, right Carlisle? I mean, we're vampires, what difference does a magician make?"

"None, none at all, I suppose," I spoke softly. "Alright, we can keep him. But we need to get out of the area- it can't be safe here, especially if a boy has gone missing!"

"His parents were killed," Edward informed me. "By this guy named Voldymort. Or is it Voldemort? Oh whatever, it doesn't make a difference."

"But they may have had friends or family. We need to disappear- quickly."

That night we packed our things and left England, setting back to the US. We moved an awful lot over the next few years, just as much as usual, maybe more. Harry, the boy, knew of us being vampires, but we became quickly accustomed to him. It only became dangerous if he cut himself or something. The poor boy was picked on because of his scar and strange family. We didn't tell him much of his history- did he really need the burden? He knew his real parents were dead and that we found him on the streets and adopted him. It was all he needed to know.

Ten years after we found him, we moved to Forks. It was quite dangerous, seeing as there had been werewolves there the last time be had been in the area, but it was a nice place. Harry was itching to start over, since some kids had pushed him off the monkey bars when Rosalie came to pick him up from school. She had a special liking for him, and loved him like a son- that was the problem. He broke his arm and made me set it at home. A stubborn boy, yes, but he was very kind. We hoped Forks would have the right atmosphere for him.

Now, us Cullens don't fancy birds much. No, not at all, birds don't have the best flavor. However, one bird came to us and despite it's horrible taste, we felt the urge to rip off it's neck. It came with a letter- for Harry.