Dear my wonderful readers,

I have several excuses for my long term absence:

1. My computer is currently lacking a charger and I am unable to access my files

2. I have been working on original fiction, meanwhile.

3. I have been working on other fanfics and such

4. I have been contemplating putting this fic on hold and weighing the pros and cons

I have made a huge decision and I am asking that you all understand and respect it. I am putting it on indefinite hold. Now, I don't want say I'm going all Stephenie meyer with my "indefinite hold" thing... but I sort of am. I started this fic a long time ago. It was my third fanfiction and my first foray into Harry Potter. I've learned something very crucial - I cuck at crossovers. I have all my elements and I figure it all out well enough, but the characters just don't clash well with me... plus, I started this so long ago that I had no clue about my characterizations. I've improved on that tenfold, but everytime I try to work on Adopting a Wizard, all those steps I've taken seem to be erased. My writing style in different for this fic and I don't like it. I've been experimenting with different things and different characters and this just isn't working for me anymore. Perhaps one day I will hammer out the plotline and get it down good so it's not so sporadic, and try again, but at the moment, I can't see it happening. I hate doing this to you guys, it's just... I don't know.

Here is the remaining plot I had planned (which is really only the end):

Final battle: Harry would be faced with a Dementor and receive the Dementor's Kiss right after he has been bit by the Volturi (who later get ripped apart by the Cullens). The Horcrux will be sucked out by the Dementors, but he will be safe because of the venom in his body and the protection. TriWizard Tournament will have happened pretty much like the book, also... except that Voldemort will take Neville's blood instead. So Harry has his protection. Horcruxes have already been destroyed by the yearlong hunt with either the Cullens or with Hermione and Ron(?). Maybe not all of the Cullens... Anyhow, they win. Obviously. Billy might play a part, as with the rest of the pack.

Epilogue: Harry is picking up his family from the airport. They are visiting him and his family (with Ginny or Nicole, I have not decided... choose for yourself. If you want it to be Hermione, I suppose you could imagine that, too). His wife (whoever she is) is either with him, because there's so many people that they need 2 cars, or on a business trip or something. A babysitter is at home with the kids. They come home to the kids, Esme, James, and Lily and their babysitter, the sixteen/seventeen year old... Bella Swan!!! Bella and Edward clicked, we finally get our Twilight romance, Esme has been remembered, and it's a happy ending. It'll be Esme Liza Potter (Liza for Elizabeth, for Edward's mom), James Sirius Potter (cuz even though I don't like that combination much, it is sweet that he named it after Sirius and his dad), and Lily _____ Potter. Blank, because the middle name will be in rememberance of someone. I didn't figure out who died in the end, all I know is that it's NOT another Cullen, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Teddy, Ron, Hermione, Fred, etc. Might have been George, though... I didn't decide, I couldn't.

Anyhow, there you have it. Dumbledore died, I think, in sixth year as in canon, and I think I might have killed Cedric if I went through with 4th year, but who knows? Maybe it would have been Krum or Fleur...

As I said before.... I have been working on other fics. These fics I intend to actually finish. I have actually finished one, it's a short one but being beta-ed. A couple shortish chapters longs. The other is an epicish one that has essentially been finished, but needs some filling it. I wrote the big plot points and a few scenes that plagued my mind for a while. The first, already finished is an AU based in a world where the Whomping Willow incident went differently. The second is a time travel which I am attempting yet again, but to much more epic and cooler proportions because it turns into a total AU and I had so much fun writing some of the goryish scenes. Those of you that hated Esme's death... yeah, it's not for you. I've come to really like the Marauder era and I find writing them very easy, even Snape. There are so many more possibilities with them... it's great. I love it.

Thank you for all your support. I love all my readers, you guys know that, and I wish I wasn't doing this to you. I just can't force myself to plug out chapters of this fic anymore, mainly because they'll come out bad and you don't deserve that and I don't have the time or patience. I hope you continue to read my other fics and enjoy those (which are infinitely better, really, with the exception of Into the World, which is infinitely worse). I strongly suggest you check out Loony Moony and Truth, the series I have, In Your Dreams, which is some Lily and James fluff, My Son, the Slytherin (which I should get working on that series....), and What Edward Cullen Will Never Do. If I have any other HP/Twilight fics I forgot to mention, check those out, too, but these are simply my faves. Oh and Gallagher Girls series fans, I have a fic called M&Ms, which might be coming out with a follow-up or semirelated fic eventually.

Once again, love you all, thank you for reading, reviewing, and supporting, and I'm so dreadfully sorry! I've struggled against this for months, MONTHS!