this is so incredibly depressing to say

-that i'm not stephanie meyer

-i don't own twilight

-i'm not bella swan nor

-do i date edward cullen

don't mock me okay? i'm already utterly depressed and to make matters worse, i can't find my razor blades!!

arrg my world is crumbling as i speak- okay i'm typeing but WHATEVER!! same diff okay.


ICE-SKATING- chapter one

Bella's P.O.V

"no! you're not serious! no!" i exclaimed in horror

"but bella..." alice whinned, giving me her deadliest puppy dog gaze

i looked away, struggling with the guilt. i was getting better at it now but she's soo good at guilt trips. it must be her second skill. stupid, perfect vampire.

stone cold arms slinked around my waist and held me tight. oh god, my favourite stupid, perfect vampire- i won't win this fight.

"what are you worried about bella?" edward breathed softly, tickling my skin

i shivered, but not because i was cold. "well lets see...tripping, falling- and no they're not the same thing, um sliced up fingers and um yeah" i replied dizzily

soft butterfly kisses trailed along my neck to my temple. i whimpered for more.

"are you still worried?" he whispered

"y-yes...about...fingers..." i replied, struggling to breath, let alone stand up

more kisses scattered along the side of my face. i think i stopped breathing.

"bella, nothing is going to hurt you. i'll be right by your side" edward said reassuringly

"..." i passed out