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Iceskating with the Cullen's- chapter 5

I was held in the middle by both Alice and Edward, and we glided around the rink in a row.

I lost myself in wonder as I watched the others skate.

Rosalie looked extra pretty against the ice.

Jasper looked content in the happy and excited feelings that swam through the room, and I knew he kept looking at me, checking that I was calm.

Emmett made me laugh as he played chasy with the little kids, chasing them around the rink and almost barrelling them over in his over-excited way.

I wish I could skate like them.

It would be nice.

I guess when I'm a vampire, I'll be able to.

Unless my terrible balance sticks with me...

If it does, I'll be so screwed.

And I'll be soooooooo MAD!

"Do you think that when I'm a vampire, I'll be able to ice-skate?" I asked thoughtfully

Bella..." Edward began, but after a quick glance from Alice, he stopped

"What? What!" I demanded, looking at them both

"Nothing Bella. Ignore Edward" Alice replied with an innocent smile

"I don't trust that look Alice," I said, before looking at Edward.

I decided to try something new "Edward?" I purred

He looked at me with wide eyes.

"Is Bella Swan, the ultimate klutz extraordinaire actually trying to seduce Edward Cullen, biggest prude of them all?" Emmett's voice boomed from no where important

The two of us ignored him.

"Please do not torture me Bella. This is for your own good" Edward said with a strained voice

"Pleeease Edward...," I cooed, running a finger along his exposed collar bone as I spoke "Tell me what you were going to say"

Edward swallowed hard and loudly. Wow. I was shocked at the effect I was having on him. Alice seemed shocked as well but when I looked at her, she glared me down.

"Stop this Bella. It isn't important" She growled

"Edward..." I persisted softly

"You're...you're sk-skating Bel-Bella" Edward stammered

"Say what?" I asked loudly as i lost my balance and fell flat on my butt

"See? I told you to leave it" Alice scolded, helping me up as Emmet chucked from afar

I was blushing furiously. I cannot believe I was skating and had to ruin it for myself.

"I think we should head home, because I believe Bella has taken enough beating as it is" Jasper said, trying hard to fight the smile that was creeping on his face

"Yeah sounds like an excellent idea. Brilliant. Perfect" Edward agreed, a funny spark in his butterscotvh eyes.

Alice rolled her eyes at him. I didn't get why.

When we reached the car, Edward sat me on his lap and proceeded to play with my hair. We were both silent for the entire ride, and instead listened to Emmett retell my greatest of falls.

I pulled my sneaker off and smacked his head.

Emmet turned to look at me, grinning cheerfully.

"A feather won't hurt me Bella" He said

I rolled my eyes and shoved my shoe back on.

It was then that I noticed Edward was kissing my neck.

I blushed. He never displayed this type of affection in front of his family.


Jasper looked at me, obviously sensing my confusion overload. He mouthed something lie "He's corny" or maybe it was horny?

Uh oh.

I had made my vampire boyfriend HORNY!



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