One Piece in their world Chapter 1!

It was Biology class with Mrs. Reeves teaching us about cells and stuff.

"I need 3 people to go get the cart of microscopes from the research room for me" She said.
You immediately raise your hand. You were 17 years old and a little tall. Your hair and eyes were a deep brown and your hair thick with and a little curly reaching down to your shoulders. The color of your skin was an olive color.

"Okay Aiva," Anyone else. You looked at your friend Penelope in the corner of your eye hoping she would raise her hand, so you wouldn't go off with some weirdo. She saw you and sighed, then raised her hand. She was 16 years old and had a light skin. Her blond hair was thick and went below her shoulders and she was a normal height. "Okay, Penelope, and now I need one more Person," Mrs. Reeves said looking around. When no one raised their hands she just picked a person.

"Kenn, you're going too." Kenn mumbled to himself and got up. He was a little bit Asian and his hair was a light brown color, it was somewhat short and sometimes spiked up, he was also 16 years old like Penelope, though was tall also, the color of his skin tone was like yours but a little bit lighter. . We all walked to the door and got out.

"Ahhh, finally I got out of that classroom," you said walking down the deserted hallway with Penelope and Kenn.

"Oh my god, I have no idea what's going on! I don't understand it at all!" said Penelope.

"Haha, well do you have a brain?" said Kenn, You started to laugh and Penelope pushed him at the wall. You were all friends and knew each other well, so it was easy to talk to each other.

"Which room was it, I forgot" you said looking around though a little annoyed that you forgot. All of you stopped and looked down a hallway on your left. "I think she said the research room." said Penelope.

"Yea she did," Kenn followed. You all started to walk down the hallway when suddenly a whole appeared beneath each of you and you all fell instantaneously.

"Whooooaaaa!" you yelled as you went down the whole, you could hear Penelope and Kenn screaming next to you but, their was a wall in between them. You just kept screaming all the way down...

Crews Time! (POV)
Luffy was on the head of the lion on the Sunny Go looking out into the ocean. Zoro was standing nearby but was leaning on the railing instead. Everybody was relaxing with Nami and Robin sitting on a chair leaning to the sun and Sanji bringing food for them.

"Here you go Nami-swannn, Robin-chwann!" said with hearts in his eyes.

"Oi shut up, love cook" said Zoro still looking out to the sea. "Eh?" he said looking straight at Zoro, it seemed like lightning was going in-between them.

"Stop it both of you!" said Nami impatiently.

"SANJI! FOOD!" yelled Luffy with his arms in the air.

"Eh?!" said Sanji still looking at Zoro. "I'll go get it prepared," he said as he left for the kitchen. Zoro went back to looking at the sea and Ussop came out of the ship. "Luffy I..." he was cut off by screaming. Everyone stopped and looked from where it was coming from. Then Zoro was 3 people screaming out of the sky.

Your, Kenn, and Penelope Time!!
You kept screaming and then felt a sudden wave of air come at you like you were going through clouds.

"Penelope, Kenn!!! What the Hells Going ONNN!!!" you yelled as you kept screaming. But they didn't answer and just kept on screaming. As you broke through the clouds you saw the ocean under you and you were going at it fast! Another thing you saw was a ship, but you didn't get a close look at it because right then and there, you hit the water. All, of you splashed at once and had no idea what was going on. When you tried to get to the surface, you couldn't swim! Penelope also tried and seemed not to be able to go up! Kenn was having an even harder time. (Why can't I swim!) He thought as he waved his arms trying to get up but was only going deeper. (Nooo!) All of you thought. You were starting to lose consciousness and saw Penelope and Kenn already not struggling anymore. You wanted to help them but couldn't move. Your lungs were on fire begging for air but all you got was water. Finally, blackness started to cover your eyes. (Noo! I can't die now) you thought, but couldn't keep the black from coming. You tried to look at Penelope and Kenn who were fading and then saw something black wrap it self around Penelope and something dark around Kenn, pulling them away. You tried to follow them with your eyes but instead they closed. The last thing you felt was someone's arm around you pulling you up.

Crew Time!
Zoro look dumbfounded and so did everyone else on the ship.

"What the Hell!" he said. 3 people came out of the sky hurtling the sea and splashed into it. Everyone was tense at what was going on. "What was that?" said Luffy squinting his eyes trying to see what was on the ocean.

"I think those were people!" said Nami looking worried. Everyone was tense waiting for them to break the surface, but nothing did. The only things that came up were bubbles and then they stopped.

"Holy shit! Their drowning!" said Sanji! He took off his jacket and jumped into the water.

"Oi, oi wait!" I'm coming!" said Ussop and he jumped into the water. "Ugh," said Zoro as he took off his swords and jumped into the water. Luffy, Robin, and Nami looked over to the water to see what was happening but couldn't see a thing.
Sanji, Ussop and Zoro were swimming in the water looking for the 3 people who fell into the water. Ussop spotted them and they saw them trying to swim up but instead they were going down. They were far away from them. (Come on, Make it!) Thought Sanji and Zoro. They were halfway there when one by one, the one with short hair, then the blond, then the brunette, all stopped struggling. They were going deeper and deeper into the ocean. They all swam as fast as they could and reached them. Ussop got the short haired one since he was closer to the surface. Sanji went deeper for the blond haired one. He put his hand around her head and waist and brought her up to the surface. The brunette though, kept going deeper, Zoro, saw hers eyes open, with her eyes going pale. And then they closed. (Get her Get her!) He thought as he swam deeper and finally caught her. Sanji and Ussop broke the surface and went toward the boat. They reached it but Zoro still hadn't come out yet. They waiting for a couple of seconds and then he finally broke it with a girl in his hands. As soon as all of them were on the ship again, they saw the three faces. One was a boy and the other two were girls. Chopper felt for their heart beats but could only hear them faintly.

"Quick, bring them to my room! I have to give them air!" they each quickly brought then to his medical room and placed each of them on a bed.

"I got it now," you guys go and rest." said Chopper as he closed the door on the three guys.
everyone was eating at the table and Luffy kept grabbing other people's food.

"Wait for you second Luffy!!" yelled Sanji at him. Franky was eating some meat and cola when he looked up at them.

"Oi, what happened today?" he said. "I heard you guys scrambling about while I was fixing some stuff down here. So tell me what happened." they went silent for a while. "3 people Fell out of the sky!" said Luffy excitedly. Sanji punched him.

"Oi! Stop taking other peoples Food!"

"I'm sorry!" he said. Everyone had sweat drops on them. The door opened and Chopper came in.

"Oi! Chopper, come and Eat!" Sanji punched him again!

"Wait Luffy!! Chopper how are they?" he said looking at Chopper.

"Well, see for yourself." said chopper letting the three of them in.