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Bella absolutely hated boys sometimes.

"Honestly James, can you not stare at my ass for 5 minutes and actually focus?" she growled viscously her violet eyes flashing. James smirked at her giving her one last glance before he threw himself at the nearest dummy.

"You know Bella, its rather hard for us not to stare at the lovely curvy body of yours." Troy stated dragging his hand over her hip before shooting off in the other direction.

"What was that Trey?" Bella asked raising her perfect eyebrows.

"Oh, nothing."

"No, if it's so important to make you speak why don't you treat us all and repeat it." Bella replied stepping forward.

"Oh, I think I'm ok."

"Hmmmmm," Bella said, then flicked her hair over her shoulder and ran her tongue over her full lips. Trey crumpled, looking as if he was pinned by a 300 pound.

"I really do insist upon a repeat." Bella smirked now standing over him.

"That's not fair." He cried obviously strained. Bella laughed and winked. Immediately the weight was lifted and she backed up crouching into a fighting position.

"Lets see if you've improved those moves yet flipper."

Edward Cullen sat heavily on a rock in Forks Washington. He looked over the rushing water of a small stream letting his mind wander.

'Bella sweet Bella' He would never regret leaving her. Alice had arrived just in time in Italy with Bella on the phone telling him she loved him and just couldn't let him kill himself. But when he returned Bella had disappeared. No one had seen her for 50 years and he felt for sure she was gone.

Un-be known to the Cullens, she was far from dead.

'Lets Move' Bella yelled to her coven in their minds. They had been traveling around under the watchful eyes of the Victoria for 40 years until Bella and a few selected vampires had gotten fed up and finished her off. They let the other few go not really caring what they did but her and a few others stayed together. They had become a family her being the emergent leader. Now it had been 50 years since she had been bitten and separated from Edward. 50 years since he never looked for her. It had been 10 years since she had figured he no longer cared and moved on.

They were currently finishing a feed and headed towards Forks Washington. Bella wanted to see what was left of the place she had favored above all others.

'Hey Bella, where we goin?' Nathan yelled in her head. She winced and whirled around pinning him to the ground in point five seconds.

"DON'T YELL IN MY DAMN HEAD!" she screamed in his ear licking her lips as a head ache over came his mind.

"Forks" Matt said holding back a laugh at the defeated Nathan.

"And you," Bella said turning her glare on him, "Stop reading my mind." Then she turned and flew into the forest again. Bella sighed as she felt the wind whip through her hair knowing it would still look perfect when she stopped.

She really had changed after her transformation. She easily outdid Rosalie in beauty. She was short standing at 5'3 but powerfully built. Her curves were endless and her legs seemed to be too even with her short height. She had fully expected crimson eyes but had developed a deep burning violet. Her hair was full and healthy and her facial features far more pronounced. Her personal style had also changed. She had grown her hair long and dyed it black highlighting it with purple streakes matcing her eyes perfectly. She found she approved the teenage goth style of 2050 more and more every day.

'Bella are we almost there' a voice belonging to Ashton half whined in her head breaking her self centered thoughts. Bella ignored him and pushed her legs faster. She focused on her surroundings finally seeing the Welcome To Forks sign 20 miles to her right in her head.

'Ya, do me a favor and go find a really big house.' Bella said back.

'Why where are you going?'

'No where of your immediate concern.' Bella replied, 'And if any of you follow me, I'll take the liberty of ripping you to shreds myself.'

With the she took a hard left heading straight for her meadow.

Edward sensed a change in the air instantly. Then the strong scent of stale human blood, and death filled his nostrils.

'We have company.' He called to his family and started to follow the nearest scent.

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