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Edward watched as Bella made her way to a group of official looking men. He then began his study. The way her body curved, her muscle movement, her unnecessary breathing. It was a sight only a god could behold.

Snapping himself out of his thoughts he watched as she shook one of their hands, smiled and turned away searching the crowd. Seeming to find her destination she moved forward slipping with ease through the mass of humans and select vampires. She was gliding faster now and had Edward utterly intrigued.

Her eyes were darkening and it was then that he knew. She was on the scent of a newborn, and she was hungry. It was no wonder to him that she fed more often then most. After all she only took one vampire at a time. Edward followed with a lusting attitude. He found her very appealing while killing.

She was now almost running down a hall, doors flying by on his sides. Suddenly she stopped in front of a secure metal doorway. She looked at it, studying it for moments before she pushed forward turning the door. Edward was sure it had been locked moments ago and she had reversed that.

She moved with grace and Edward followed barley slipping in before he was locked out. It took all he had not to gasp at the sight before him, it was like a factory. Newborns sat in cages along the walls. They were glass, undoubtedly very strong Plexiglas. Bella stood in the middle of the room searching the vampires. All the males in the room had eyes for only her, sending a tinge of jealousy through Edward. Her eyes were going back in forth between two, finally deciding on one she jumped. His cage was on the top level.

Edward inspected him, his black hair short and spiky, his red eyes glowing in the darkened room.

"Zepher," She whispered silently. Edward was optimistic now, she wasn't hunting anymore he could tell.

"There's something different about you." She said.

"Edward, come here." She whispered again without glancing his way. "Come read this."

He followed her command and jumped up.

Zepher Valentigue.

Male, 19 years of age


Former marine

Qualified agent, bitten due to immediate skills


Unresponsive to treatment, has been tested 5 total times, one test remaining. If subject remains unresponsive detonation scheduled 1 week later.

Training in line for top assassin, subject in question, Isabella Marie Swan

Is not responsive to photo test

Edward read silently his disbelief rising.

"So they are basically on the same side as us, just in a sick way." Bella whispered looking up at Zepher again. He was staring at her his hand pressed against the glass. What confused Edward though was his specific look. He was not staring with a death glare but wonder and something unidentified.

There was a loud crack and suddenly Zepher was standing before Edward anger written upon his face.

"You have lustful ugly thoughts towards the woman." He growled jumping down from his perch. Bella laughed and followed him down.

"Why did you let him out? Are you crazy?" Edward almost screamed at her.

"He was going to be sent to kill you!"

"Yes but he was unresponsive and I can tell his intentions are good. Besides we need someone from the inside if we plan to take down this whole company." She said gesturing to the surrounding walls then turning to face Zepher.

"Would you like to stay with us? There are 8 more boys besides him." She laughed at this remark before looking back at him.

"Yes ma'am if you insist." He said with military perfection.

"Edward, remind me to loosen him up a bit?" She said before walking back to the door.

"So, Zepher, what are you 'powers' if you have any."

"I can see, your past, present and future through a single touch." He said monotone.

"Ahhhh, useful, now tell me, what do you know about DETRA?"

Back at the hotel the new vampire had been accepted with enthusiasm. The boys could not contain themselves as for the moment Zepher was doing anything they asked. Bella was however pleased, they had managed to loosen him up a bit and she knew they would have him golden on a few days.

She was currently sitting on her window seat, in sweats and a loose t-shirt, watching the rain attack the window pane. There was a slight knock at her door and it was pushed open.

"Mind if I join you?" a velvet voice asked behind her. She nodded and the door clicked shut. A pair of arms encircled her waist and she sighed leaning back into them.

"Do you know how long I have missed you here?" Edward asked.

"No, but that's your fault." She replied looking back at him. He turned her face towards him and kissed her, his passion showing. He pulled her closer and she broke away looking in his eyes.

"What do you want from me Edward?" She asked in a whisper.

"I want everything you are Bella, I no longer have to be careful with you, I can show you my love, I want to wake next to you every morning, breath the air you breath, watch you in new moments, I want my Bella back." He said with a sigh.

"Edward, can I give that to you? I only wish I could. But I am not so easily broken now, you have yet to show me you will never leave me. Only then can you claim me." She sighed looking back towards the window.

"But how Bella? How can I show you?"

"That is for you to figure out." She said with a smirk before moving out of his arms and onto the bed.

"But for now, may I suggest a video, maybe some retouching?" She said laying down with appeal.

"Who am I to complain?" he said and was on the bed in half a second.

The next morning the group met in the lobby. Due to Zephers information DETRA was at its weakest moment in exactly 5 days.

"So it seems we have arrived in time." Bella announced. "WE need to plan an attack, it must be lethal and leave its mark."

"There is an easy solution to that." Troy said.

"There is a new weapon the Spanish have recently created."

"Alright then, Let me know what you need to get it."

"Yes, we will. I need you to gather all of the assassins in the main building though. I want them to all see their buildings fall."


"Yes Zepher."

"I see a problem arising in the future. They know you are coming and they are prepared to fight. However they only know who you are, you and Kasper? Yes Kasper." He said his eyes glazed over.

"Good." Bella replied.

"Good?" Edward asked.

"Yes good dude, I would think that by now you would understand Bella likes to fight people." Jordan laughed.

"And we all know no one can beat her. Well except Kasper, that one time." James said with a smirk in Bella's direction.

"We all know you guys didn't fight fair then." She almost roared.

"Yea but who ever fight fair?" Kasper stated. Bella growled in response.

"Then I think I deserve a rematch Kasper, no rules this time, and let me warn you." She said stepping closer to him. "This will hurt." She whispered in his ear with a slight breath and feeling him shiver she was satisfied.

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