No More Drama

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When Andie woke the next morning she found that Sophie, Missy, Fly and Kido were all crowded around her. Frowning, Andie rubbed her eyes and sat up.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" She asked sleepily.

"Girl we've been waiting for about an hour for you to wake up." Missy said.

"Why?" Andie asked.

"So you can tell us about the kiss." Fly said.

"Yea girl I never asked, is Chase a good kisser?" Missy asked grinning.

Andie shot her a look before falling back onto the air mattress and covering her face with her hands, hiding the rising blush on her cheeks.

"I'll take that as a yes." Missy said laughing.

Andie took her pillow and chucked it at the tiny Mexican. But Missy ducked it and stuck her tongue out at Andie. Rolling her eyes, Andie opened her mouth to say something when suddenly her phone began to go off.

"Boyfriend calling." Sophie teased.

Andie jumped up to her feet and ran over to her phone. She saw Chase's name and had to fight to keep from blushing. What was wrong with her?


"Hey baby,"

Andie bit her lip and turned away from Missy who was smiling teasingly at her.

"Hey what's up?" Andie asked sitting on the bean bag.

"Nothing, just wanted to call and say good morning." Chase replied.

Andie already knew he was smiling his head off. She had to admit, it was taking a lot of her control not to smile as well. They were back together, they told one another that they loved each other. They sealed the deal with a kiss at midnight, a perfect way to start the new year off.

"Well good morning," Andie said smiling.

"What are you doing today?" Chase asked.

"Um hold on a second." Andie said.

She put her phone on her thigh and turned to face her friends.

"Guys what are we doing today?" She asked.

"Chase wanna spend the day with you?" Sophie asked smiling.

"I guess so." Andie shrugged.

"Then go with him," Kido said.

Andie smiled at her friends before putting her phone back up to her ear.

"As of right now, nothing." She said. "Why did you wanna do something today?"

"Yea, I was thinking we'd just spend the day together." Chase said softly. "I mean we don't have to—."

"Chase that sounds great." Andie said. "We can go see a movie or something."

"Okay so I'll pick you up in about an hour?" Chase asked.

"Yea and I'm at Sophie's." Andie said.

"Okay see you in an hour, love you."

Andie felt her cheeks heat up and she smiled.

"Love you too."

Hanging up the phone, Andie turned to face the other girls. From the looks on their faces she knew what was coming and she covered her ears. Soon Sophie's room was filled with the sounds of squealing girls and Andie rolled her eyes at her friends.

"You two are so cute!" Fly said smiling.

"Admit it," Missy said. "You two are cute."

"If I admit it, will you all stop squealing?" Andie asked.

"Of course." Kido said.

"Fine we're cute." Andie muttered rolling her eyes.

"What was that?" Sophie asked grinning. "We didn't hear you Andie."

"Chase and I make a cute couple." Andie said louder.

She watched as all the girls restrained themselves from squealing but they looked happy none the less.

"Okay so what are you two doing today?" Sophie asked sitting next to Andie.

"I think we're going to the movies." Andie said shrugging.

"And you said you'd see him in an hour right?" Missy asked.

"Yea." Andie said slowly.

"Well come on girl, we ain't got that much time to get your ready." Sophie said.

"No, guys why can't I just wear a pair of jeans and a sweater, maybe a hat?" Andie asked.

"That's fine." Sophie said nodding.

"What?" Andie asked surprised.

"You can wear a pair of jeans, a sweater and a hat." Sophie said. "Come on let's go find you a pair."

"Why do I get the feeling you ain't talking about what I'm talking about?" Andie asked slowly standing and following Sophie into her walk in closet.

"Get her something cute Sophie." Missy called after her.

"Don't worry," Sophie called back as Andie took a seat on one of the couches in her closet. "I will."

Andie watched Sophie pick out a pair of dark blue jeans and a grey sweater, she also pulled a gold belt from a rack full of belts.

"Go try those on." Sophie said handing them to her. "And I'll pick out a hat."

Andie nodded and headed for the bathroom. She seriously didn't think the clothes were going to fit but Sophie could be scary when she got frustrated.

"Come on chica let's see." Missy called knocking on the bathroom door.

The door opened and Andie stepped out. The jeans hugged her hips tightly and she was positive that by the time she got back she'd not have anymore circulation in her legs. The grey sweater stopped mid thigh, it was like a short dress. It hugged her upper body and hips as well. She'd placed the belt so that it only stayed on her waist because her hips held it up.

"Girl you look good." Missy said.

Andie shrugged, still looking down at herself. She wasn't too fond of this outfit but Chase would be there soon and she didn't want to make him wait.

"Sophie you got a hat for me?" Andie asked returning to the girls' room.

"Yep," Sophie turned to face her and held it out.

"Wow Soph," Andie said taking it from her. "I didn't know you had pimp hats."

Sophie laughed. It was a simple black pimp hat,

"I'll have to let my down though." Andie said sadly as she pulled out the ponytail she'd thrown it into last night.

"Don't worry it looks fine." Sophie said running a brush through Andie's hair a couple of times.

Andie then put the hat on and went to look at herself in the mirror. But before she could protest to the outfit in any way, the door bell rang.

Missy and Sophie sped from the room and Andie chased after them with Fly and Kido on her heels. Andie didn't think it was a good idea to leave Missy and Sophie alone with Chase. She got to the door the same time they did and after a few moments of silent fighting over who was going to open it, Andie managed to pull the door open.

"Hi Chase," She said.

"Hey," He paused when there was suddenly a loud bang and a groan.

Missy had hit the turf.

"Are you okay?" Andie asked trying not to laugh.

"Just peachy." Missy grunted as she heaved herself to her feet.

"Just go," Sophie said pushing Andie out of the house. "She'll be alright. Have fun."

Rolling her eyes, Andie turned to face Chase. He smiled at her and she returned it. Chase pulled her close and pressed his lips against hers gently, and then he took her hand in his and pulled her toward his car. She climbed in and Andie felt like everything was back to normal. She knew it was when Chase got in the car and took her hand in his.

"Okay so what are we going to see?" Chase asked.

"Um—I have no idea." Andie said. "Hold on I'll find out."

Taking out her phone, Andie called the theater and listened to all the different movie choices they had.

"Okay, we've got Leatherheads, The Ruins, Nim's Island, 21, Stop-Loss, Superhero Movie, Meet The Browns, Never Back Down, and Shutter." Andie repeated each one outloud to Chase as she heard them.

"Which one do you want to see?" He asked once she'd hung up the phone.

"The Ruins looks like it could be good but it looks like it could be stupid too." Andie said slowly. "Plus I read the book and if they mess it up then I might actually be pissed."

Chase chuckled.

"What do you wanna see Chase?" Andie asked.

"I was thinking about Never Back Down." Chase replied shrugging.

"Yea I been thinking about that one too," Andie said nodding. "I heard it was good."

"So Never Back Down?" Chase asked.

"Yes, Never Back Down. "Andie nodded smiling.

Chase smiled and squeezed her hand. On the way to the theater they talked about any and everything. But the entire ride, they held hands and Andie had to work kinda hard to keep from grinning like crazy.

When they got to the theater Andie hopped out and when Chase made it around the car to her, he pulled her close to him and she leaned against him as they walked up to the ticket booth. Chase bought the tickets and inside he bought popcorn, M&Ms, and drinks. The theater was packed but Andie and Chase managed to find seats almost dead center. Andie held the popcorn so she could curl up in Chase's side and he could put his arm around her.

"Andie," Chase whispered as the previews began.

"Yea?" She whispered back.

"I love you," He kissed the top of her head.

Andie smiled and wiggled so that she was snuggled even deeper in his side.

"I love you too Chase,"

Andie actually enjoyed the movie. The fighting scenes, in her opinion were the best part but all around the movie was entertaining. And after all was that why people went to theater? To be entertained.

"Did you like it?" Andie asked Chase as they left the theater hand in hand.

"Eh, it was okay." Chase said shrugging.

Andie threw her hands up and rolled her eyes.

"There is no pleasing you is there?" She asked.

Chase smiled innocently at her and shrugged.

"So what do you want to do now?" He asked. "I can take you back to Sophie's if you like."

Andie shook her head and wrapped her arms around Chase's stomach.

"I wanna stay with you." She muttered.

Chase chuckled and wrapped his arms around her. Together they walked across the street to the park. They walked along the path until they got to a bench. Chase sat down and pulled Andie onto his lap. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes as Chase began to rock slightly. Andie interlaced her left hand with his right and began to hum slightly,

"What cha singing?" Chase asked gently.

"Nothing." Andie replied quickly.

"Oh come on Andie," Chase whined. "I know you can sing,"

"What does that have to do with anything?" Andie asked.

"I wanna hear you sing again." Chase said smiling.

"Not today. "Andie shook her head. "I don't want to."

Chase sighed and rested his cheek on Andie's forehead.

"You're pouting." Andie said smiling. "I can tell. Stop it."

Chase laughed and instantly put his lip right. Andie had a knack for being able to tell when he was pouting without even looking at him. But none the less he pulled her a little closer and treasured the fact that he was actually holding Andie once again. She was his girl again and Chase wasn't going to give that up any time soon. No matter what happen he was going to protect Andie and stay her boyfriend.

"What cha thinking about?" Andie asked.

Chase looked down to see her looking up at him. He smiled down at her and kissed her gently.

"I was thinking about you." He replied once they pulled apart.

Andie nodded slightly before burying her face in the crook of his neck. Chase kissed her temple and was about to tilt her face up to kiss her lips when his phone began to ring. Andie wiggled a little so he could get it out his pocket and she looked up at him curiously as he pressed the answering button and held the phone up to his ear.

"Yes Alex?" Chase asked.

"Is Andie with you?" Alex asked.

"Depends," Chase replied. "What do you want with Andie?"

Andie's ear perked up at the mention of her name and she sat up a little straighter on Chase's lap.

"Come on man, give her the phone." Alex said. "I wanna talk to her."

"But the question is do I want you to talk to her?" Chase teased.

Andie rolled her eyes and hit Chase in the stomach before grabbing the phone from him.

"Hi Alex." She said holding the phone up to her ear. "You wanted to talk to me?"

"Hi Andie! Yea, I was thinking that we'd do it tonight." Alex said excitedly.

"Tonight?" Andie asked in surprised.

"Yea, he's going out tonight and won't be back for a while." Alex said. "That'll give us time to get in and set everything up."

"How do you know this?" Andie asked.

"I just do," Alex said. "Do you think everyone can be ready in about an hour?"

"An hour?" Andie nearly yelled. "Everyone?"

She heard Alex laugh.

"Yes an hour and yes everyone." He said. "We've got to do it tonight or have to wait another month."

Andie paused.

"Okay," She said slowly. "If we're at your house in an hour then we're doing it."

"Okay, see you in an hour." Alex said. "Oh and tell everyone to wear all black."

After they hung up Andie handed Chase back his phone and stood from his lap.

"What's going on in an hour?" Chase asked pocketing his phone.

"Come on we gotta go get everyone and go to your house." Andie said taking his hands in hers and pulling Chase to his feet.

"Why?" Chase asked. "Andie what's going on in an hour?"

"We're getting back at Tuck and Billy." Andie said quietly.

She didn't have to turn around to know that Chase's face had lit up.

"We gotta call Moose, Smiles, Cable, Hair, and Monster and go get them." Andie said as they climbed into Chase's car. "Then we gotta go get Missy, Sophie, Fly, and Kido."

"We need everyone?" Chase asked starting up the truck.

"That's what Alex said." Andie nodded.

She pulled out her phone and dialed Moose's number. After two rings he picked up,

"Hey Andie what's up?"

"Moose I need you to call Cable, Smiles, Hair, and Monster and tell them to dress in all black and come to your house." Andie said.

"Um, why?" Moose asked.

"Because we're all heading out to Chase's house." Andie answered.

"And what are we going to do once we get there?" Moose asked.

"We're going to get back at Tuck and Billy." Andie replied. "Now call Cable, Hair, Smiles, and Monster and tell them to dress in black and get to your house. We'll be there in like thirty minutes."

"Okay." Moose replied excitedly. "See you soon."

Andie hung up and sat back in her seat. She was excited but nervous at the same time. What if Tuck and Billy caught them? Tuck was crazy and Andie wouldn't be able to deal with him hurting Chase again.

When they pulled up to Sophie's house both of them jumped out of the car and ran up to the front door. They didn't have all that much time, Maria opened the door and Andie thanked her before taking Chase's hand and pulling him up the stairs toward Sophie's room. She knocked on her door and soon Sophie appeared,

"Hey guys." She said. "What's up?"

"Come on guys, get dressed in all black." Andie said rushing into the room.

"Why?" Kido asked.

"Cause." Andie replied. "We're heading to Chase's house."

"D, what's going on?" Missy asked.

"Tonight is the night we get back at Billy and Tuck." Andie replied. "Now come on and get dressed in all black, we still gotta go get the guys."

As the girls got dressed Andie couldn't sit still. This was freaking nerve racking! How were they supposed to get in, set up and be out of there by the time Tuck and Billy got back? And whose house were they doing it at? Andie changed into a pair of baggy black pants, a black t-shirt and a black hoodie. She kept on Missy's black pimp hat though.

"Alright we gotta go." Chase said glancing down at his watch.

They followed him back out to his truck and they all climbed in. Half way to Moose's house, Andie's phone rang.

"Is everyone there? "Andie asked.

"Yea we're all here and we're all dressed in black like you said." Moose replied. "But Andie what are we doing?"

"Sorry Moose, I can't tell you that." Andie said smiling. "Alex asked me to keep it a secret."

"Fine." Moose huffed.

"Don't worry we're pulling up to your house right now." Andie said.

She and Moose hung up just as Chase stopped in front of his house. Moose, Hair, Monster, Smiles, and Cable were coming out the door and the girls made room for them in the truck.

"Okay," Chase said once everyone was inside. "Now to my house."

Alex was sitting on the front porch when Chase pulled up. He had Chase's laptop sitting next to him and about ten trash bags full of stuff around him, he too was in all black.

"What's with all the stuff?" Chase asked as they got out the SUV.

"Stuff we're going to need." Alex replied.

"So are you going to tell them the plan or should I?" Andie asked sitting next to Alex.

"I guess I should." Alex said slowly. "Okay guys, we all know that Tuck and Billy are the biggest assholes on this—."

"—Alex," Chase warned. "Language."

"—assholes—." Alex hissed. "—on this planet right? And not to mention they think they're hot stuff, making videos about how they think Chase hit Andie and that's the reason she was in the hospital. Tuck and two of his friends jumped Chase a while back and it was totally an unfair fight. Plus we all know that Tuck has the hots for Andie—."

Andie's eyes widened and she hit Alex in the back of his head.

"—for Andie and that's the main reason he's all on Chase's case. Now as far as Billy goes I hear he's trying to beat up Moose because he's with Sophie. And homeboy is like six two while Moose is like four eight—."

This time Moose hit Alex in the back of his head.

"Moose is like four eight. So I think they both need to be taught a lesson. How are we going to do that you ask?" Alex turned Chase's laptop so that they could all see the screen. "Tonight Tuck and Billy are going to the Dragon, my friend Andrew is Billy's little brother David's best friend and he was told this. So I figured we go to Tuck's house and have a little fun with some pictures."

Alex hit a button on the computer and a picture of the girl from The Grudge popped up on the screen.

"I'm not following." Missy said.

"Okay how about this picture?" Alex hit another button and a mutant from the Hills Have Eyes appeared on the screen.

"Nope, sorry." Moose said shaking his head.

"God you guys are slow. "Andie said smiling.

"What are we doing?" Kido asked.

"We're going to scare them." Alex huffed.

From one of the many trash bags he pulled out a fake spider. From his pocket Alex pulled a remote control, he turned the laptop back to him as he did so. He put the spider on the porch and moved the joy stick a bit on the control while pressing a button the keyboard. The spider scurried across the porch and onto Chase's shoe. Alex turned the computer screen back to the group and they could all see that the spider must have had a camera on it, cause they were getting a close up of Chase's shoe.

"Oh that is cool." Cable said.

"I've got a whole bunch of stuff." Alex said glancing at his watch. "But now we've got to go or it will all have to wait another month."

Smiling, Andie picked up two of the trash bags and headed back to Chase's SUV, everyone else followed. On the ride over to Tuck's house, Alex explained how exactly they were going to set everything up and how he planned to catch it all on tape.

They stopped about three blocks away from Tuck's house and arrived just in time to see Tuck and Billy drive away. Their car packed with the 410 members.

"That means the house is empty." Andie muttered.

"Exactly." Alex said, he looked at his watch once more. "We've got about ten minutes until the sun sets."

"So we're going to wait?" Moose asked.

"What else can we do?" Alex asked. "It's too light out and that's why I had everyone dress in black, we'll be harder to see."

It was freakishly quiet in the SUV and Andie didn't think she could take it. They had been so talkative on the way there. Now none of them had anything to say. She hadn't noticed until now that Chase was holding tight to her hand.

"Okay," Alex said looking around. "It's dark enough, you guys ready?"

"Let do this." Andie said opening her door.

Everyone else hopped out the car as well and they were all surprisingly quiet as they crept over to the house.

"Alex." Andie whispered as they ducked down in the bushes underneath a window. "How are we getting in?"

"Leave it to me," Chase muttered.

Andie followed him as he ran around to the back of the house.

"Keep an eye for me?" Chase asked as he sunk to his knees in front of the door. Andie nodded and began to look around, she'd never actually been in Tuck's backyard before. She'd been inside his house once and only once, but at least he wouldn't be here this time. Andie hadn't been watching Chase and all too soon she heard a tiny click and the back door was swinging wide open.

"You're a criminal." Andie whispered to Chase as the crew all filed in.

"Shut it." Chase said grinning.

Andie was the last one inside and before she closed the door she stuck her head out and looked around once more. Just to make sure that they were alone.

Two and a half hours later the crew filed out of the house and returned to their hiding spot in the bushes. All of them were having a hard time controlling their laughter, Alex had Chase's laptop sitting in his lap and Andie was looking over his shoulder. They had set two camera spiders loose in the house after they got done—um—setting up everything. Andie had control of one, Alex the other and they were just testing them out.

"Are the pictures ready?" Chase asked.

"Yea, why?" Alex replied.

"Because here comes Tuck and Billy."

Everyone suddenly had control of their laughter and they all ducked down as to blend in even more than they already were, Alex turned so that the light from the laptop would be facing the back of the house and not the front.

There was the slamming of car doors and they heard Tuck and Billy laughing as they headed up to Tuck's house. Andie leaned back against Chase as she watched them. All too soon Tuck and Billy disappeared into the house and Andie scrambled to move behind Alex so she could steer her spider.

"Cable you ready?" Andie whispered.

"Yep." Cable nodded.

Andie steered her spider so she could fully see Tuck, he was reaching for the light switch.

"Cut the power." Andie whispered.

There was a snip and Andie thought she saw sparks from the corner of her eye but she hoped she hadn't. Tuck flipped the switch but the lights didn't come on,

"What the fuck?" They heard him mutter.

"Power outage man." Billy replied.

Andie watched as Alex's spider scrambled from under the couch and across the room.

"Oh shit man did you see that?" Billy asked.

"See what?" Tuck replied.

"Something just crawled across the floor dude." Billy replied.

"Man you're seeing things."

Andie smirked as she made her spider shoot across the floor and run over Tuck's foot. She already on her way to another hiding spot when Tuck kicked his foot out.

"See?" Billy said. "There's something down there."

"Let's find some flashlights before we start saying there are things on the floor." Tuck said.

"Cable, on three I need those wires to be hotwired together." Alex said quietly.

"Alright, alright. "Cable muttered. "Moose come here man I need your hands."

Moose crawled across the ground and held the wires for Cable while he searched his pockets for the right pair of pliers.

"Three." Alex whispered.

"Hold on man." Cable said.

"Two," Alex continued.

"Little man wait a minute!" Cable sounded frantic.

"Cable!" Andie whispered furiously.

"One," Alex whispered.

"Moose," Sophie said suddenly. "Drop the wires!"

"Sparks!" Cable nearly yelled.

There was a slight fizz sound and Alex mashed down on a button on the computer while bright sparks shot from the wires Cable has just fused back together. The lights shot on in Tuck's house but the only one that stayed on was 3-D picture that showed The Grudge girl crawling up the wall. Andie quickly steered her spider down the hall and it caught sight of Tuck and Billy just as the two of them let out very high pitched screams.

"Got them!" Andie nearly yelled.

"Moose are you okay?" Kido asked.

"Yea," Moose said.

Andie turned and saw that the hems on his sleeves were smoking slightly.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yea, it's all good." Moose nodded.

"Chase you ready?" Alex asked, his eyes still glued to the screen.

"Yea I'm ready." Chase said.

Andie looked back to see him pull of the ugliest masks she'd ever seen over his head and move so that he was directly under the window.

"Andie we gotta run them back into the living room." Alex said.

"Okay," Andie steered her spider toward Tuck who looked down and his eyes widened.

"Oh shit man do you see that big ass spider!"

Tuck didn't wait to hear Billy's answer, he turned and shot off down the hall and back into the living room. At every door the two tried to go in Alex made sure a scary 3-D picture popped up.

"Now Chase!" Alex ordered as his spider followed Billy.

Chase stood and banged on the window. Andie and Alex both caught sight of Tuck and Billy stopping dead in their tracks.

"Missy!" Andie whispered. "Now!"

Missy nodded, she ripped open a package of fake blood and tossed at the window just as Chase pretended to snatch out his own eyeball.

"Oh shit!"

Alex and Andie watched as Tuck and Billy both tried to run. They were standing on a carpet and as they ran the carpet ran up and they went nowhere. It was like a cartoon and the two spiders caught it all on tape. They also caught sight of Tuck and Billy pushing each other out of the way to try and make it up the stairs.

"Andie let's get our men out of there." Alex said.

Andie nodded and steered her spider toward the whole in the back door that Smiles had drilled just for the spiders.

"Let's go!" Alex said snapping the laptop closed as his spider crawled and sat on his shoulder. Andie picked hers up and held it in both hands.

Chase went first and opened the doors to the SUV. Then one by one they all sprinted to the truck. Andie was the last one and once she was in the passenger seat next to Chase, she slammed her door shut and he sped away.

"We gotta post that!" Missy yelled.

"Alex can you do it now?" Andie asked.

"Doing it." Alex replied typing on Chase's laptop. "Andie let me see your spider."

Andie passed it back to the thirteen year old and watched as he stuck a cord in its stomach and began to type again.

"It's up," Alex said after ten minutes. "Just posted it on Youtube under a newly created account."

"Thanks Alex." Andie said smiling.

They dropped all the guys back off at Moose's and then headed back to Sophie's.

"Guys I gotta go home." Andie told the girls sadly.

"Oh it's okay," Sophie said. "School starts again the day after tomorrow anyway."

So Chase waited for Andie as she ran inside to get her things. On the way to her house Alex fell asleep. One spider was still sitting on his shoulder, the other cupped in his hands.

"Too much excitement for him." Chase said glancing back at him in his rearview mirror.

"Probably." Andie said nodding.

She yawned and Chase smiled.

"Too much excitement for you as well." He teased.

"Yep," Andie nodded. "I'm so tired right now."

"Well guess what?" Chase asked.

"What?" Andie whispered.

"You're home."

Andie frowned and sat up,

"Huh will you look at that." She muttered as Chase pulled to a stop in front of her house. "I am home."

Chase chuckled and climbed out of the car as Andie did. He walked her up to the front door and hugged her tightly. Then he put a finger under chin and tilted her head up to kiss her very passionately on the lips. They had just gotten really into the kiss when a yelling voice made them break apart.

"Chase! Chase! Stop sucking her face off and come on! Mom and dad just called your phone!"

Sighing, Chase laid his head on Andie's shoulder.

"But I don't wanna leave." He muttered giving her shoulder and tender kiss.

Andie laughed.

"Sorry but you gotta," She said.

Chase groaned and Andie cupped his face with her hands. She stood on her tip toes and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Now go home," Andie said. "Maybe we can hang out tomorrow."

Chase smiled at her,

"Chase!" Alex yelled.

"I'm coming!" Chase yelled back.

He kissed Andie's forehead.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He said. "I love you."

"I love you too." Andie replied.

She watched Chase walk down to his car and climb back in. Then she unlocked her door and headed inside. Leaning against the locked door, Andie took a deep breath. It had been a good day.

On Monday Chase picked Andie up for school like he used to. They talked about everything and when they got MSA the crew was waiting for them in the parking lot. Moose hugged Andie tightly when he saw her and she was slightly confused about it but didn't question him.

As they walked down the halls toward Andie's locker, Chase pulled her closer and Andie leaned into his side. They were stared at the entire time they walked down the hall but neither of them cared.

"I can't wait to see the look on Taylor's face." Missy said smiling.

"It should be very um, interesting." Andie said quietly.

"Don't let her get to you." Chase muttered kissing Andie's temple.

"I won't." Andie replied. "I'm done with Taylor."

"That's good to hear." Moose said smiling.

Andie smiled at him and they finally reached her locker. She took out her books for all her morning classes before slamming it shut and letting Chase pull her back into his side.

"You still coming to class with me?" She asked him.

"Yea," Chase nodded.

Andie smiled slightly feeling extremely better, she didn't want to have to go to English alone. Not yet anyway.

"Ms. West." Mr. Valentine said the moment he saw her. "Can you come up to my desk please?"

Andie detached herself from Chase and walked over to her teachers' desk.

"Yes Mr. Valentine?" She asked.

"Andie, I have signed you up for a writing competition. I take my writing team every year to the national competition and I would like for you to go with us this year" Mr. Valentine said. "You have a natural talent for the subject and I think you could go places."

Andie stared at him.

"We meet every Thursday after school for an hour." Mr. Valentine said picking up a sheet of paper off his desk and handing it to her. "Will you come?"

"I—um—yea." Andie said slowly. "I'll see if I can."

Mr. Valentine nodded and Andie made her way back over to Chase.

"What did he want?" Chase asked.

Andie handed him the sheet of paper. Chase looked it over and smiled widely.

"You should go," He said.

"What?" Andie asked.

"I said you should go." Chase repeated. "I think you'd be great in it."

"But—Chase come on, a writing competition?" Andie asked. "My stuff isn't good enough for that sort of thing."

"I beg to differ babe." Chase said. "I was in here when you read your last piece."

Andie's eyes widened. Chase had been in the room the last time she read a paragraph outloud.

"I think you should do it," He said. "But whatever you choose I'll support."

Andie nodded thanks to him and followed him over to their desk as the bell rang.

"Okay class." Mr. Valentine said. "You know what to do, today I want it to be about something that frightens you."

Andie took out a pin and paper and set to work almost instantly. Chase smiled as he watched her. It was one of the only times he could because Andie got so absorbed in her writing that she didn't pay attention to her surroundings.

Ten minutes later, Mr. Valentine called Andie up to read hers. She hadn't wanted to but she didn't think Chase would not let her do it. So, glancing around at the class and avoiding a pair of glaring ice blue eyes, Andie took a deep breath and looked down at her paper.

"A flash of bright lighting, like sparks from two hot wires being connected causes my house to light up. A clap of rumbling thunder like the sounds of drums being beaten causes my windows to rattle as if they were possessed by snakes. My old house is covered in darkness's cloak. There's nothing but pure, pitch black darkness and I'm scared to move. Shivering, I push my back up the rough wall until my legs are a straight shaky mess. Orbs dart from place to place, searching, waiting for a fraction of light to calm my spinning head. I need to get to safety, my room, my bed. I'm safe in my bed. Getting to there is a terribly mission that I'm not prepared to take. Darkness has taken my sight. One wrong turn and its large hands could reach out and steal me away from my family, my friends, the one I love. But thinking about them gives me some sort of courage and helps my spirit to stay strong. Orbs disappear and long limbs begin to move fast, around a sharp turn, up a long creaky staircase and down a stretched hallway. Oak wood hits a wall and my limbs that are touching the ground bend. I jump! Landing on something soft and fluffy, I swim up to the head before covering myself in my own cloak of safety. I know that if I can't see him, he can't see me. If I can't see the boogeyman and his friends, they can't take me away from my family, my friends, the one I love."

Andie looked up from her paper and back at Mr. Valentine who was smiling.

"Very good Andie, as usual."

She smiled slightly before returning to her seat. Chase leaned over and kissed her cheek,

"Now do you see why you need to do it?" He whispered in her ear.

Andie felt her cheeks heat up and she buried her face in her folded arms on the table.

By the time they made it to lunch, Andie knew everything was the way it had been. She and Chase were happy, she wasn't off in dance class, she still had her friends and she was ready to kick Taylor and her friends' asses.

"Yo D." Missy said suddenly. "Heads up. Cable get the camera out."

She nodded behind Andie and instantly Andie was on her feet. Turning she came face to face with Taylor, but Chase's arm never left from being wrapped around her waist.

"Hey Taylor." Andie said calmly, from the corner of her eye she saw Cable start to record them.

"What the hell did you do?" Taylor asked.

"What?" Andie asked.

"No better yet how did you do it?" Taylor demanded.

"Do what?" Andie asked.

"Convince Chase to go back out with you?" Taylor nearly yelled.

Andie looked down at Chase was resting his head on her hip and smirking up at Taylor.

"Um I don't know." Andie shrugged. "It happened on New Years Eve—Day—Eve—whatever it happened around that time."

Taylor looked furious and she nodded to Candace who stepped forward with a cruel smile on her face.

"Gonna get your bodyguard to try and beat me up?" Andie asked smirking.

Before Taylor could say anything, Missy, Fly, Kido and Sophie all stood on either side of Andie.

"We still out number you." Lindsey said smirking.

"And?" Andie replied. "Just because you out number us doesn't mean that you won't get your ass kicked."

Chase chuckled slightly.

"I think I know how you did it." Taylor said.

Andie looked at her. She had that same look in her eye when she had shown Andie the website.

"How'd she do it Taylor?" Madison asked.

"She gave it up once again." Taylor said smirking. "She let Chase fuck her just so she could say that she was his girlfriend again."

Andie's fists balled up at her side, she felt Chase's hand tighten on her waist. But she didn't care, Taylor was really asking for it.

"You know Andie," Taylor said sweetly. "You're mother must be so proud of you. Oh wait a moment, that's right you don't have a mother. Where is she Andie? Where's your mother? On the corner selling herself and crack just to put food on the table huh?"

Andie wasn't sure what happened exactly after that. All she knew was that suddenly she was ripping herself out of Chase's grip and flying at Taylor, her fists cocked back and her eyes flaring with anger. She tackled Taylor to the ground and punched her hard in the face, her next punch got her in the eye and the next one hit Taylor in her forehead. Andie wasn't the pulling hair type but today she's make an exception, she wrapped her hand in Taylor's hair and pulled as hard as she could earning a scream from Taylor. People in the gathering crowd were screaming, Missy and Chase were cheering her on, Candace yelled something and suddenly a searing pain went through the top of Andie's head.

Candace had grabbed a hold of her hair and yanked. Andie didn't scream though, she didn't even get the chance to turn around and punch her because Missy had her. She had been aching to kick someone's ass and she wasn't about to miss that chance. So soon her and Candace were rolling around on the ground. Andie hadn't noticed that Taylor had stood, but when she turned back to face her she realized that was a huge mistake.


Andie's head actually snapped to the side and pain seared through her right cheek.

"That was a big mistake!" Andie heard Moose yell.

Andie turned her head to look at Taylor who was smirking at her. Andie tackled Taylor around the middle like Tyler had taught her and started to punch Taylor as hard as she could in the stomach.

But all too soon strong arms were wrapping around her waist and pulling her off of Taylor. Andie however managed to punch her one last time in the face before she pulled away from her completely.

"Andie that's enough." A voice was suddenly whispering in her ear.

"No, Blake!" Andie yelled struggling against him. "I ain't finished beating her ass!"

"Andie!" Blake said holding tight to her. "That's enough!"

As Andie still struggled against him she noticed that she and Missy had not been the only ones fighting. The courtyard was full of students and teachers, the students were cheering while the teachers looked angry. It was taking four teachers to pull Missy off of Candace. Andie also noticed that three teachers were surrounding a group of girls fighting.

"Kick there asses Sophie!" Moose yelled from his spot a top a table.

Andie's eyes widened. Sophie was fighting? Very soon the teachers were able to pull the girls apart, Sophie had been fighting Madison and Lindsey. If Andie hadn't been so angry she would have clapped but she still wanted to finish kicking Taylor's ass. It then occurred to her that Fly and Kido were fighting as well, they were taking on Catherine, Brittney, and Courtney.

Cable was still in the front row recording, from the wide smile that Andie saw on his face told her that he caught everything that happened. Chase and Andie locked eyes, he looked concerned, excited, and proud at the same time. Moose's hands were running through his hair, his hat long gone.

Once they got all the girls separated and no one was fighting Blake decided that Taylor and her friends would wait in the office while he delt with Andie and the crew. On the walk to his office Chase pulled Andie closed and began to inspect her extra carefully. Her knuckles were bruised, her scalp was hurting like crazy and he cheek was sore but other than that Andie was fine. It was Taylor who got her ass beat. From the looks of it, Taylor and her friends got beat up while the MSA crew girls' barely had any scratches on them.

"Sit down." Blake ordered. "All of you."

Andie plopped herself down in the chair directly across from Blake, it was then that she noticed Brandy was standing in the corner.

"Hi Brandy!" Andie said happily.

"Hey girl," Brandy said smiling. "Looks like you whooped somebody's ass."

"Brandy." Blake said quietly. "You're not helping."

Brandy smirked but closed her mouth.

"Andie," Blake began. "Would you like to explain what happen?"

"Yes I would." Andie said sitting up.

And so she told him, she told him everything that happened word for word.

"And if you want proof Cable has it on video." Andie said.

"That's not necessary." Blake said. "You do know I'm going to have to suspend you right? All of you?"

All the girls nodded.

"Sarah's going to kill me but yea I know." Andie said. "For how long?"

"A week," Blake said. "I'll suspend you all for a week. Does anyone need to go to the nurses' office?"

"I think that would be Taylor and her friends who do." Chase said smiling.

Andie saw the corners of Blake's lips twitch.

"Right, well all of you go get your stuff and go straight to the office. Andie you hang back."

Chase smiled and leaned against the wall, once everyone had left he closed the door and sat down next to his girlfriend.

"I really shouldn't be saying this," Blake began. "But good for you Andie, Taylor's had it coming for a long time now."

"Yes she has." Andie said nodding. "Can I go get my stuff now?"

Blake smiled and nodded.

"Oh and Andie." She turned to look at him. "You're a very good fighter."

Andie laughed and walked with Chase out of the office. They took their time as they made their way to her locker. Andie was inspecting her injuries,

"Nothing serious." She said softly, picking at her knuckles.

"Stop that," Chase said the moment he saw what she was doing.

When Andie had all her stuff, Chase walked with her back to the office. Andie took a seat next to Sophie,

"Who knew Sophie could fight?" Andie teased.

"Hey they were talking shit." Sophie said.

"So you take both of them?" Andie laughed.

"Yea," Sophie nodded.

"How bout you Missy?" Andie asked. "How'd you do?"

"Man she kicked Candace's ass." Cable said, he must have been re watching the video.

"Well that's good." Andie sighed sitting back.

"Yo Andie when you want me to upload this?" Cable asked.

"Whenever." Andie shrugged.

"Tonight." Chase said.

Andie shrugged once more, she found that she incredibly tired at the moment. Maybe all the angry had made her sleepy or something. Or maybe being able to get all her anger out had made her sleepy. Either way she was ready to go to bed and was glad she was being sent home early.

"Andie West, you're free to go." Ms. Sparrow said. "You're to head straight home, your guardian is at work and can't get off but Director Collins has give you permission to leave."

Andie nodded and stood, she hugged everyone especially the girls and thanked them for having her back.

"We always got your back D," Missy said smiling.

"I'll see you guys later." Andie said before leaving the office.

She wasn't ten steps away when familiar arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her close.

"I know I'm not supposed to be praising you about this." Chase whispered in her ear. "But you did good baby."

Andie laughed.

"Thank you, Tyler didn't spend all those years torturing me for nothing." She said.

Chase smiled and rested his head on her shoulder. Andie leaned the side of her head against his and closed her yes. Everything was going to go back to normal now. Once she was not suspended any more and back in MSA everything would be like it was. She wouldn't have to worry about Taylor again and she could be happy with Chase forever. There would be no more drama.

"Hey look." Chase said nudging her slightly.

Andie opened her eyes and looked in front of them. They were looking in at a glass case of trophies. But the glare was showing them their reflections. She and Chase were standing so close that their bodies in the glass reflection had merged together slightly so that they were half and half. The face in the glass was half of Chase's and half of Andie's. Both of them smiled,

"We are one."

Oh my god. I'm finished. I can't freaking believe it. Guys I think I might actually cry—naw I'm not gonna cry but I'm extremely sad. I can't believe it went by so freaking fast! Now on the bright side of that, the sequel will be coming very soon. So don't worry there will be more Step Up 2 stories from me. Once again I have to thank everyone who has stuck with me through the whole story! I gotta thank you guys for sticking it out through all the drama and the pain. I love all you guys! You guys rock so much lol.

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