Troy Bolton Must Die


He was the biggest player in the school.

Shows Troy kissing Taylor romantically………………..

Shows Troy kissing Sharpay passionately ……………………….

Shows Troy kissing Kelsi romantically ………………….

His friends tried to tell him

Chad: Dude, they are going to find out, and besides Taylor is to sweet to get hurt.

Jason: Yea Kelsi is too. She doesn't deserve to get hurt.

Zeke: Even Sharpay doesn't deserve to be in this situation.

Troy: Guys they are not going to find out.

Chad: Fine, but when they do, it is your funeral.

But what happens when they find out

Shows Sharpay looking for a book

Taylor: Hi, can I help you out?

Sharpay: Yea, I am trying to find a book on basketball.

Taylor: Ok, but can I ask you why?

Sharpay: O, I am dating Troy Bolton, so I need to know all there is to basketball

Taylor: Sorry, did you say Troy Bolton because I am dating Troy Bolton.

Shows Kelsi coming around the corner

Kelsi: You better be talking about another Troy Bolton, because I am dating Troy Bolton!!!

Sharpay and Taylor together: WHAT!?!

Will they get revenge?

Sharpay: I just wish we could get back at him.

Taylor: Yea, like break his heart the way he broke ours.

Shows Gabriella walk pass them

Kelsi: And I think I know how.

Will Gabriella go along with the plan?

Taylor: We need your help.

Gabi: No you don't understand.

Sharpay: Please he broke our heart, now we need your help to break his.

Gabi: No you don't understand, I have a history with Troy.

Kelsi: Like what?

Gabi: Long story short...we haven't talked in 2 years.

Kelsi: Even the more reason to help us.

Gabi: fine...

Will the plan work?

Troy: Gabi, I haven't liked anyone like this ever until i met you.

Gabi: I know me too.

Shows Troy and Gabi leaning in...

Gabi: But, I can't kiss you right now.

Shows Gabi leaving a confused Troy, with a devilish smile on her face

What if she starts falling for him?

Troy: Hey, you wanted to see me?

Gabi: Yea, so I could do this.

Shows Gabi and Troy kissing

Troy: Will you be my girlfriend?
Gabi: Um………………………

Will the other three get in the way of Gabi's happiness?

Sharpay: Don't fall for him!

Taylor: He will break your heart!

Kelsi: He is just telling what you want you to hear.

Gabi: I don't know, I think Troy has really changed.

Sharpay: Fine you go ahead and ruin the plan but you will regret it!

Will Troy and Gabi be together?

Shows Troy and Gabi leaning in.

Or will his world come crashes down?

Troy: You guys wanted to break my heart, guess what you did…………

Gabi: Wait I do love you.

Troy: Save it. I never want to see you again!

Find out in Troy Bolton Must Die...