IM with a Twilight Obsessor

woweegyrlXD: hey

alicesawyoucoming: hi

woweegyrlXD: wut r u doing?

alicesawyoucoming: reading

woweegyrlXD: still?

alicesawyoucoming: of course

woweegyrlXD: what is it even about anyways

alicesawyoucoming: vampires

woweegyrlXD: i hate sci-fi

alicesawyoucoming: sci-fi?

woweegyrlXD: u kno, science fiction. just a bunch of fake suspence and stuff

alicesawyoucoming: Edward is not fake

woweegyrlXD: edward? o yeaaaaaa that freaky vampire who everyone is like in love with i think hes just gayy

alicesawyoucoming: :(

alicesawyoucoming: EDWARD IS NOT GAY

woweegyrlXD: hahaha

alicesawyoucoming: ...

woweegyrlXD: whats so great about him anyways?

alicesawyoucoming: whats NOT great about him? hes sweet, and kind, and loveable, and cute, and selfless...

woweegyrlXD: hahaha sounds pretty fictional to me wayy too good to be true

alicesawyoucoming: he is real

woweegyrlXD: vampires dont exist

alicesawyoucoming: WTE?!?!?!

woweegyrlXD: wte?

alicesawyoucoming: what the edward

woweegyrlXD: ...

alicesawyoucoming: how dare you say that? edward is NOT gay, he IS real, and vampires DO exist. if they didnt exist, how do you explain snow?

woweegyrlXD: climate lol

alicesawyoucoming: nope, its when a bunch of vampires come near. they are cold so they change the climate. thats why it hardly snows where the sun is, since vampires dont come out during the day since it would upset the Volturi and give away their secret

woweegyrlXD: youve lost your mind

alicesawyoucoming: edward can find it for me. and you are WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

woweegyrlXD: in the phone book, would i look under 'therapists'?

alicesawyoucoming: --

alicesawyoucoming: vampires DO exist. you could have some classes with some and not even know it

woweegyrlXD: lol nope because no one has died yet ;) annnnnnd vampires do not exist

alicesawyoucoming: they could have been vegetarians...and VAMPIRES DO EXIST HOW DARE YOU THINK LIKE THAT! twitch

woweegyrlXD: why did you twitch?

alicesawyoucoming: in New Moon, Bella told Edward "How dare you think like that!" when he was thinking about killing himself by provoking the Volturi

woweegyrlXD: you can quote that? thats sad. put the book down, seriously

alicesawyoucoming: i can quote that page

woweegyrlXD: wow

alicesawyoucoming: are you done ripping on vampires? i want to hurry up with this page already jacobs in it and i hate him

woweegyrlXD: ...i love Jacob

alicesawyoucoming: YOU DO NOT

woweegyrlXD: i do. hes sweet, and selfless, and loveable...


woweegyrlXD: ive heard enough about him cute little wolfie...

alicesawyoucoming: HES EMO!!! WHAT NOW?!?!?

woweegyrlXD: what?

alicesawyoucoming: he cuts his wrist. but you cant tell since he heals so fast

woweegyrlXD: how do you know that?

alicesawyoucoming: and he licks his butt, since hes a dog technically

woweegyrlXD: ...

woweegyrlXD has signed off.

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