Disclaimer: I do not own the "Twilight" saga, nor it's characters. Nor am I claiming to. Those belong to the extraordinarily talented Stephenie Meyers. I am merely writing this fic as a form of entertainment and am making no monetary gain.

Summary: Five times Edward Cullen's existence has changed since meeting the mysterious Bella Swan. ExB

Rating: T

Warnings: Kissing, vampiric thoughts, and the transformation into a vampire

Pairing: Edward/Bella

Title: Seasons

Author: fyd818

Part 1/5

Dedication: To saphiretwin369, who encouraged me to write more "Twilight" fic. Thank you!

Author's note: This is only my second foray into the world of "Twilight" fanfiction, so please be patient with me. While I have read the books a lot, I still am a little uncertain on my feet in writing in the "Twilight" universe. But I promise to try to do a good job! Thank you so much for checking this fic out, and I hope you enjoy!



Part One

-First Glance-

The thoughts of the other students press against my mind. Each clamors for attention, though I ignore them all as a unit. It has taken me many – perhaps too many – years to perfect this ability, to ignore the constant barrage of thoughts that plague me when I'm in public. There is a bright side to this ability of mine, however. Between Alice and myself, we can usually catch any trouble that might stumble our way.

However, not even Alice with her Sight could have seen this.

The good thing about small-town high schools was the anonymous façades my family can maintain. The bad thing about small-town high schools is newcomers get attention long before they show up.

In this case: one Bella Swan.

Every male mind in my vicinity had been thinking about this Isabella creature all day long. I caught fleeting glimpses every now and then through someone's mind: dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. For a startled moment, I thought she might be one of us: a vampire. She was certainly pale enough to be one. Even though she sat at a table full of humans, I wondered. If she was able to keep her control that well with all that temptation only inches away (and was it wrong of me to hope she would take care of Jessica Stanley?), she was certainly more practiced than me. Perhaps she's as old as Carlisle? I wondered.

But just as soon as the thought crossed my mind, a vision exploded in my sister's mind. The new student, Isabella – no, wait, Bella – in my inescapable grasp, my mouth at her neck as I drew her very young, fragile life away.

Not a vampire. A human girl, dangerous to me in a way I had only imagined before.

More shaken than I'd admit even to Alice, I left the cafeteria for my next class. My sister's vision ran around and around in my head. It – she haunted me, with those large dark eyes, her lovely mouth opened in a silent scream.

A giggled whisper floated around the room. My mind dimly registered it as a minor nuisance as I returned my attention to the clock. I knew I needed to talk to Carlisle about this. He would know what to do. If the new student would cause me problems, she would cause my family problems. A murder and/or disappearance in the small town of Forks, Washington, would be very noticeable.

It hit me then, with my very next breath. The Scent.

My mind didn't pause to process what in particular it smelled like, or where it was coming from. In the span of a blink, all my years of patience and training became inconsequential. I was no longer a slightly-eccentric high school kid, as anxious as everyone else to get out of class so I could go home. Suddenly I was a vampire again, pure and simple. I was a dark murderer, thirsty for this blood: nothing like I'd ever dreamed, everything I'd ever wanted.

Then, just as quickly, my rational side took firm hold again. I firmly told myself to stay in my seat even as my head swiveled to face the aisle to see what demon had been summoned to haunt me in the middle of this content life my family had managed to build for ourselves.

The new student stood frozen in the black lock of my stare. In her dark eyes I saw my reflection, a picture that frightened myself: an expression twisted in a mask of such hate, such revulsion, it seared into me like a brand. For a moment her expression resembled that in Alice's vision as she stared at me, one hand out to brace herself on a table from where she'd tripped.

I subconsciously held my breath and forced myself to look away. Terror swept through me; something I'd not felt in too long. My flight instinct screamed to life. It encouraged me to run, to get away before I did something incredibly stupid.

But I had no excuse. It would call too much attention if I left now, as all eyes were turned in my direction as the new student sat next to me.

I held my breath and clenched my hands around the edge of the table, careful not to squeeze too hard. The next hour would be torture – I didn't know if I was strong enough to resist the urge to feed. To satiate my thirst, to partake of this perfection which called so sweetly to me.

I turned my tortured gaze back to the clock on the wall, begging the time to move faster. I needed to escape!

Bella Swan was going to be the death of me. I knew she would be.

But, despite her sweet, sweet blood, she was so interesting. . .

I clung to that, and watched those hands on the clock pass with eternal slowness.

-End Part One-