Chapter One: Memories

Alice, Edward and me sat in the car, heading to our new school. Today was my second first day of high school. Everybody else had been through several times.

It has been seventy years since Edward changed me. I could still remember the agony of the transformation and Edward's tortured face as he watched me. My power, similar to Edward's, was the ability to tap into the deepest secrets of someone's mind. Carlisle had many theories, the one that made the most sense, was my aversion to blood in my human life. The other was my choosing of what I'm today No wonder the Volturi wanted me. They had lain off after I made it clear that I had no intentions of joining them. But it still bothered them, that the Cullens were bigger than they were. My self-control was well developed, better than most of the Cullens. Jasper had improved; he was almost as good as Carlisle.

Charlie and Renée were dead; Charlie from a heart attack and Renée from a car accident, Phil went with her. I could clearly remember both funerals, especially the look on Charlie's face when they laid Renée to rest; he had never found anyone else to be with.

And most sadly, Jacob was dead too. A matter of fact all the La Push werewolves were dead. A surprise attack from the coven in Denali wiped them out, sixty years ago. Carlisle vowed to never talk to Tanya and the rest ever again. I could remember Alice's vision.

We were sitting in the living room of a house we had bought a couple of months ago. Rosalie was upstairs with Esme trying on clothes they'd bought the other day. Carlisle working a night shifts at a nearby hospital. Emmett and Jasper wrestling outside in the night. Finally Alice, Edward and I were in the living room watching the news. Edward and me were sitting on the couch, Alice standing up leaning on the nearby wall. And then suddenly Alice fell, which was unusual considering her grace; with a glazed look her pained face. It was a face I knew all to well.

"Alice what did you see?" Edward jumped up and taking her to the couch. In a split second everybody else was there.

" They killed the pack…" she mumbled, her words fading at the end. Jacob, I thought, he's dead. Who the hell killed them?

"Who, killed the pack, Alice," Edward glanced at me. Even thought I hated the pack for what they were but I couldn't help feel sorry for them.

"Who" Jasper took Alice's hand, his face level with hers.

"Tanya's coven. They were still mad at the pack for taking down Laurent. So they attacked. They were all killed. It was a surprise, they were outnumbered, unprepared..." A low hiss came from Edward, beside me.

"How dare they do that? They had no right to." Edward yelled looking to Carlisle for answers."

"In other news, a group of teenagers were killed yesterday morning in Washington," sounded the TV. Everybody froze for a second then looked at the TV, waiting for the reporter to continue. "Ten teenager's, Sam Uley, Jacob Black, Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Jared Deer, Paul Johnson, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Brady Colt, and Collin Quil. They ranged from fourteen to twenty. They were killed in a freak accident on the Quileute Indian Reservation in La Push, Washington. The exact cause of death is unknown, but the bodies of the teens were brutally mangled. The cause of death is most likely from the severe trauma the teens suffered. The police are none other suspecting a mass murder. No leads or suspects in the case have been found yet nor a reason for the murders. The cause accident hasn't been confirmed either. The funerals of the teen's are being held next week." The newswomen started reporting on the growing tensions between Iran and Israel. Everyone in the room was silent.

I would never forget that day when my former best friend was killed. Soon after we heard the story on the evening news, Charlie called to notify Edward and I of Jacob's death. He was heartbroken; Jake had been like a son, he never had. I called Billy to offer my commiseration and to tell him I was truly sorry for choosing my path in life; becoming a vampire. Edward said it was right to attend the funeral, so we did. Several of the Quileute reservation members were angered when we arrived at the funeral. They seemed to blame it on the Cullens since the coven that had killed their loved ones as we were their friends or use to be.

Soon after the funeral, we headed up to Denali to deal with them. We killed them all, with out sustaining any injuries ourselves. It was an easy fight, like the wolves we made it a surprise attack.

We drove on to the main road. The town of Cope, Colorado was a little bigger than Forks, but still very similar. Chilly dampness but not as rainy and green as Forks was.

The welcome sign of our new high school loomed in the distance. The student parking lot was full of older cars, ours being the nicest of them all. Again just like Forks. Students turned when they saw Edward's flashy, fast car drive in. he pulled in by Rosalie who was standing next to her car with Jasper, Emmett. Edward chuckled at the thoughts of fellow students as we pulled in while whispering some of their thoughts I my ear.

Wow! I wish my parents would get me a car like that. They're rich.

"You see the blonde Kevin." asked some with red spiky hair that kid nudged his friend Kevin in the ribs. Kevin looked over and he stopped in his tracks, almost falling on the ice. She must be new. We should show her around, maybe get her to go on a date with us.

Holy crap! Who the hell are they? They must be the kids of that rich family that bought that huge house outside of town.

Those must be the kids my dad was talking about. He said they were filthy rich. I wonder why they're here. He also said all the kids are adopted; their father works at the hospital.

"So are they frightened of us yet Edward?" Jasper asked in a barely audible voice.

Wow! Where the hell did they come from? They must be new.

Dibs on the blonde.

Dibs on the brunettes. I'm asking one of them out today or I'll miss my chance.

"No, but they are exceptionally stunned as usual. You better watch Alice," he looked at some kid eyeing Alice with a speculative look. "And Emmett you better watch Rosalie."

"What about me?" I said looking at Edward questionably.

"Oh, I'm hearing some of the same thoughts. But I'll fix that problem." He leaned in slipping his arms around me and kissing me full on the lips, pressing my back to the body of the car. I could hear many hisses from the guys walking past us. Emmett took Rosalie's hand and started walking to the school, along with the other humans.

Eww! That's disgusting. I thought they were siblings.

Damn she taken. I knew I never had a chance.

"Crap. Did you see that Leah?" asked Rachela girl with curly brown hair—to her best friend who was walking beside her. "The kid with the reddish-brown hair is taken. Is that his girlfriend? Wow, she's lucky. Well, darn but my mom said they all live together that are downright bizarre. Damn he was cute."

"So what about the one with the curly brown hair?" Leah asked

"No, he's taken too." Megan told Leah with a disappointed look towards Edward and I.

Hey, I wonder about the other blonde one?" asked Leah again hearing Edward's whispers of the nearby thoughts, Jasper kissed Alice on the cheek and put his arm around her waist, leading her to the building. "Ugg" she said to her friend, annoyed. "Looks like he's taken too. He just kissed the girl with the spiky black hair."

Edward laughed at the freshman's thoughts. Taking my hand he followed Emmett and Rosalie and Jasper and Alice to the foremost building of the school.