Chapter Five

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Jessica's POV

When I opened the 70-year-old yearbook, it sent a cloud of dust that choked me for a moment. I was reminiscing over all the memories from high school. The pages of the yearbook were yellowed with time. some of the corners were bent because I loved the pictures on that page. I saw the great friends I made, Lauren, Mike, Ben, and Angela.

In addition, of course Bella. She was dead of course. She died in a plane crash with her beautiful husband—Edward Cullen. I was so mad when she told me she was engaged to him. I even spread the rumor that she was pregnant. I regretted when I found out she died.


I was making myself a sandwich with ham and cheese, the low fat, low carb kind of stuff. I had to watch my weight! While I waited I flipped through the mail, my eyes landed on a fancy envelope addressed to pour family, it probably some sort of family reunion thing. I was about to call Lauren, to catch up on the local gossip, when the doorbell rang. I ran to get it; peeking out the curtain, I saw an old Chevy truck. What was Bella doing her, she never visited, and we weren't even that close.

She came to the front door and knocked. her face a slight nervous edge to it. When I opened the door and greeted her she welcomed me with another nervous smile.

"Hey Jess. How are you doing?" She asked hesitantly.

"I'm good. So… what are you doing here?" I asked. Maybe it was something good to pass on to Lauren. I let her closing the door behind me; we went to the living room.

"How do I say this." She said quietly, as if to herself. "Jess, have you received a fancy envelope?"

"Yeah… why?" I asked. How did she know? Therefore, it wasn't an invitation to family reunion. If it's not that then what is it?

"Well… me and Edward are…en…eng…engaged. He proposed a couple of days ago." She stuttered.

What the hell!! Her and Edward were getting married. They were so young! There was something more to the story. No one got married at eighteen unless there was something else. Lauren was going to flip at the news of Bella and Edward's engagement and pregnancy.

"Oh!" I ran to the kitchen to get the fancy envelope. I was careful not to tear the pretty paper. When I opened the invitation, I was sitting in front of Bella.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Cullen.

August 13, 2008 4 p.m.

At the Cullen residence.

"I can't believe your getting married. OMG!" I squealed, jumping up to hug Bella ecstatically. She returned the hug with much less enthusiasm. Let me see the ring!"

"Wow" I breathed. The ring was huge! However, I kinda expected it, since the Cullen's were insanely rich. "Where did he get that? LA or something?"

"No. It was his mother's…his birth mother's," she admitted.

The second she closed the door to her hideous truck; I called Lauren to tell her the news. She completely flipped. She totally agreed on my idea that the reason that they were getting married because Bella was pregnant. When I called Mike, he already knew. Unlike Lauren, he didn't agree on the whole Bella being pregnant. Even my mom agreed.

I found out the next day that the little rumor got out. Bella was very angry with me for spreading it.

End of Flashback

The day of her wedding was hectic. Just about the whole town was invited. The wedding and the reception were both held at the Cullen's huge mansion. Bella looked very pretty in her wedding dress. And Edward…. There was not a single word in the English language to describe him. Gorgeous didn't even cover it.

All the Cullen's looked amazing. It was weird that Edward had his brother marry him, I mean the y cold easily afford a Minster. It was even known tat Emmett had proposed to Rosalie and Jasper to Alice. Another weird thing was Alice planned the entire wedding! Moreover, it was beautiful.

Lauren and I left after an intense argument with Bella about the rumor I started. As it turned out she wasn't pregnant, they were in love. How could that be? It was suppose to be me, Jessica, there in Bella's place to marry Edward Cullen.

When I woke that morning, both of my parents were sullen. They asked me to sit down. Then they told me the plane that the plane Edward and Bella were on crashed killing the both of them. Her funeral was held a week later. All the kids from La Push accept that Jacob kid Bella had known. For some reason the Cullens weren't there, considering she was part of their family.

I ended up marrying a fellow classmate of mine Steven. Our daughter now lived in the small town of Cape, Colorado. She was going to visit Forks with my granddaughter Rachel.

Rachel looked just like me. Unlike her mother, who was blonde with blue eyes—taking on Steven's looks, she had very curly brown hair. I loved it when she visited. She was going to visit in a week. She was going to tell me how her high school life was going.

I closed the yearbook and several yellowed, old pictures fell out. Bella and Edward on their wedding day. She looked almost as beautiful as he did. They would have been the most beautiful couple if they were still alive.

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