This'll be a series of one shots, obviously about Felicity; basically they will be about moments when she lets her guard down. I hope you enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the 'Gemma Doyle Trilogy' characters, they belong to Libba Bray, the wonderful writer et artiste.


I look into the mirror on my dressing table. My grey eyes stare back at me fiercely; my blonde hair is unruly and wild, and my cheeks are flushed from the struggle. But I don't see any beauty reflected there, none of the loveliness that causes him to do these things. I only see an empty girl, the shell of a girl, whose eyes reflect a haunted soul. There is no grace reflected in the pale gray glass; there's just a shadow of a girl waiting for her chance to bloom, her chance to shine.


The cold winter wind dishevels my hair and stings my cheeks. I hurry towards the door and knock harshly. He ushers me in grandly, wearing a charming smile that I know is just for me. That's all he is- Charm. He's part of the charmed life that I should fit into, but somehow I don't deserve it. He smiles at me, and there's something in his perfect blue eyes that makes me wonder… But then it's gone and he smiles at me once more, whispering my name and kissing my hair. For a moment this is all I need, to be lost in his charm.


The light catches her eyes, making them sparkle like brilliant amethyst crystals. Her eyes always seem brighter when compared to her porcelain skin and dark curls. Her voice drifts across the lawn, "Fee!" She runs towards me, smiling radiantly, and I can't imagine seeing anything more beautiful.

That's it for now. Oh and just so there's no confusion the second section was about Simon, just so you know. The next one will be more like a story, it will have some dialogue, I promise. Thank for reading, please tell me how I did. Thank-yew. Ciao.