What's In A Name

author's note: okay, this thing is completely pointless. I was trying to write a sonnet for an english project and it led to this. Um, this is a colaberation of myself, two of my sisters, and my dad. It was rather interesting the . . . um suggestions we came up with before we settled on this. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to let me know what you think.

disclaimer: I do not own anything that is mentioned in this poem (I would name them, but it could give things away).

Daniel saw Vala wearing a sack

He exclaimed: "You look like Claudia Black!"

She replied: "They took my money, those blasted banks,

By the way, you look like Michael Shanks."

They go to Sam, 'cause now they're scrapping

And she looks like Amanda Tapping

Now Teal'c stands in the doorway, he won't budge

Sam cries: "Oh my gosh, it's Christopher Judge!"

Cam's in the shower with the baby powder

Claudia comes out: "Nope, that's Ben Browder."

And then they hear him sing soprano: "Aeryn Sun really brightens.

In another life, I was both John Crichton's."

Jack walks up and says: "Who killed the cat, was it Sanderson?"

They all turn and gasp: "It's Richard Dean Anderson."

Now he says with a chuckle and a voice even drier

"Nah, I'm really MacGyver."

They look in the control room, where Walter roams

And all they find is Gary Jones

They see Landry come down eating Ruffles with ridges

They follow him to his office, nah, it's just Beau Bridges

They're sorry to see Siler pay,

But that's what he gets for saying he's Dan Shea

They enter the gate room and find Janet standing on a barrel

And they say: "Hey Teryl!"

Jack pokes Daniel: "Look at the guest stars.

They're all lined up like Cingular bars."

And Chris goes: "Hey, look, she's saving a life,

No wait, that's just Shanks' wife."

They run to Hammond, screaming: "Save us!"

And all they find is Don S. Davis.

He says: "Calm down. I know the Stargate's the way to go,

But after all it's only a TV show."

THE END (or is it, stay tuned for the Atlantis Edition. It may take a while though, their names are a little harder to rhyme!) :)