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Hi There! This would be the first fanfiction I've ever written, though I've wanted to start writing for awhile now. This idea just kind of came to me one day while I was watching Evangelion and I'm fairly sure this is the first of its kind. I know the whole thing seems kind of rushed and I apologize for that, but I don't like it when a fic takes forever getting in.

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"I'm going to Hikari's baka!" Asuka called out to Shinji as she stood in front of the open door.

"Alright, have fun!" Shinji called back from his room as he removed his headphones from his ears. Shinji then heard the door promptly shut causing him to sigh lightly and sit up. He stood up and stretched out his back before making his way over to Misato's room and opening it up slowly. Inside was the normal disarray of clothing, food products and beer cans. Shinji laughed lightly and shook his head as he made his way over to Misato's closet door. He then pulled open the closet door to reveal Misato's many dresses, skirts and shirts along with a few drawers in which Misato kept her underwear in.

Shinji's heart beat in chest as he opened the lingerie drawer to reveal Misato's lacy undergarments. He always got nervous when he did this, though he wasn't quite sure on why. Maybe it was the possibility of being caught or maybe it was just the thrill of it all, why knew? Shinji had been doing this for awhile, every since his curiosity got the better of him one day and he went into Misato's room to try on some of her clothing. Since then, he was hooked on putting them on along with makeup and walking around the apartment like a girl. He didn't necessarily wanted to be a girl, he just seemed to like to dress in clothing; he felt pretty.

He pulled out a pair of pink lacy panties and smiled lightly at the undergarment before pulling out a matching lacy bra. He then took off his shirt, pants and boxers to reveal his naked body. He put the bra on first, reveling in the feeling of the lace against his bare chest. He then put on the panties, feeling himself become slightly aroused from the material rubbing up against his member. Shinji fished out a pair of thigh high black stockings from a drawer and put them over his smooth legs. Ever since he had first done this he had begun to shave his legs to give them a more girly look when he wore his guardian's clothing. Unfortunately he couldn't wear shorts, but it didn't affect him that much, it was worth it in the end. He also decided to grow out his hair bit more, not only for dressing up, but to give him a new look.

Next was the dress. He pulled out one of Misato's purple dresses and slid it over his head and onto his slim body. Shinji felt good. He always felt really nice when he did this and felt like his real self in women's clothing. It seemed like, though, that he was getting to do this less and less. What with the angels gone, third impact completely avoided, his father in jail, and NERV about to be disbanded, Misato had much less work as did Asuka, so they were home all the time and it wasn't like Shinji could do it while they both were home. Maybe one day he could reveal his secret, but for now he'd just have to stick with this.

He turned his attention to Misato's make-up counter, which, like most of the room, was in complete disorder. It took a lot to keep Shinji from organizing it every time he was in there, but he didn't need Misato knowing he was in there. Maybe he was being paranoid, I mean after all there was no way of her knowing he did this just because he organized some of her room, but he wasn't about to take the risk. Shinji applied some lipstick along with some light blush and mascara. He then walked over to Misato's full length mirror and looked at himself. His reflection was that of a girl. He had found out awhile ago that by doing this, he actually look pretty much like a girl except for the Adam's apple, chest and voice, but he didn't really talk when he did this. Aside from all that Shinji was a pretty girl. He had soft features and some slight curves that made the dress look pretty good on him, not to mention his hair looked a lot like Rei's style hair only a bit shorter.

He hummed to himself in a light tone as he walked out of Misato's room and went to his to get his SDAT player. He smiled lightly as he grabbed it, went back to Misato's room and laid down on her bed, placing the buds of the earphones in his ears. He pressed play and turned down the volume low enough to ear Misato's car if it came or if the door opened up. Shinji felt his eyes growing heavier as time went on and then finally fell asleep to the classical music playing in his ears.


Kaoru made his way up the steps to the Ikari/Soryu/Katsuragi residence, his hands in his pockets. Ever since Shinji had refused to kill him when he had asked and they had survived the events leading up to the would-be Third Impact he had grown closer to the former Eva pilot. Truth be told he loved the other boy with all of his heart. They were so much alike, but not to the point of agreeing on everything. Kaoru just hoped that Shinji felt the same as he did because it was getting increasingly hard not to just sweep the boy up in his arms and hold him, kiss him, and make him all his.

But for now he was merely going to hang out with Shinji, listen to music, and watch T.V, those sorts of things. Kaoru knocked lightly on the door to the apartment causing the door to open lightly. Shinji always locked the door when he left, so he was definitely home.

"Shinji?" Kaoru called out into the apartment, but no reply came. He shrugged lightly and entered the apartment even more; calling out the boy's name once more and once again got no answer. Kaoru walked over to Shinji's room and took notice that the door was open and there was no occupant inside the room. This was odd, Kaoru was so sure Shinji was home, he would never leave the door open, not to mention not fully closed. He looked over at Misato's door and noticed it was slightly open.

'Maybe he's cleaning up in there,' Kaoru concluded,' and if he's listening to his SDAT then he wouldn't have heard me calling him.' He then walked down the hall and knocked lightly on the door before opening it completely and beholding a sight he'd thought he'd never see. Shinji was in one of Misato's dressed along with stockings and had make-up on his face. This was certainly a weird sight to behold, but it also oddly turned him on to see his love dressed like an innocent girl.

"Shinji," Kaoru called out to the boy causing him to stir, look around, then look at him with wide eyes and pull his headphones out dramatically.

"K-Kaoru?!" Shinji stuttered out as he sat up with a look of complete shock on his face.

"What're you wearing?" he asked as he walked closer and stared at the other boy with a small smirk.

"Um…well…um…you see…I"
"Isn't that one of Misato's dresses?" Kaoru continued to move closer until he was inches away from the dress wearing pilot and leaned down to look at him.

"Well…er…yeah," Shinji replied ashamedly.

"Why are you wearing that?" He asked quietly with a raised eyebrow. In reply, Shinji muttered something intelligible.

"What was that?"

"I said I like doing it! I'm tired of hiding it, I like dressing as a girl, in panties and a bra and a dress and stockings, everything!" Shinji exploded as he stood up, a huge blush evident on his face. The whole scene caused Kaoru just to blink, and then smile at the blushing boy.

"Well since we're doing confessions, I have something to tell you," Kaoru wrapped an arm around Shinji's waist causing the red to deepen, "I love you Shin-chan and I think you in that dress is extremely sexy."

Shinji stuttered a bit before looking at the white-haired pilot with a look of shock and a little…wanting," A-Are you serious?"

"Oh yes, terribly. I love you with all my heart and that dress makes me want to make love to you," He nibbled on the other's ear lightly," right now," he whispered huskily.
"He loves me?!" Shinji thought in shock," Do I love him? I mean…I know there's an attraction to him from awhile ago and…I know I feel closer to him then anyone else I know, even Misato…yes, yes I love him."

"I…um…love you too Kaoru-kun," He said as he leaned into the other's light embrace," but you're really ok with me like this? I mean I look like a girl…"

"I know and it turns me on, in fact, I'd love it if you would dress like this all the time," Kaoru encouraged to Shinji.

"I'd like nothing more then to do that, but…"Shinji looked downward," I'm just scared at what others will think about me."

"Why? Other opinions shouldn't matter as long as you're happy," Kaoru replied.

"I guess, but what about my friends?" Shinji turned towards him.

"If they were really your friends then they'd accept you for who you are."

Shinji had to admit, Kaoru made a forceful argument. Who was he to care if others talked about him when he dressed like this? He was happy wearing panties and a dress, that's all that mattered.

"Plus I'm sure Misato-san would be happy to lend you some clothes and maybe Asuka-san will stop calling you hentai when she finds out you love me," Kaoru said as he licked Shinji's earlobe.

"I…ahh…guess you're right," Shinji said as he leant more into Kaoru and shut his eyes lightly, but then opened them up and looked at him," What about school?"

"What about it?"

"Do you want me to dress in the uniform as well?" Shinji asked.

"Only if you want Shin-chan, I don't want to force you into something if it makes you uncomfortable," Kaoru replied as he looked into the timid boy's eyes.

"No, no…I…I want to, I want everyone to see the real me," Shinji said as he glanced down at his dress before Kaoru lifted his chin and captured his lips in a searing kiss.

Shinji's eyes shut almost immediately and laced his arms around Kaoru's neck causing the other boy to play both arms around his hips and pulling him closer. Shinji could feel Kaoru's tongue probing for entrance into the girly dressing boy's mouth, to which he replied with a smirk beneath the kiss before opening his mouth to let the other's tongue into his wet cavern. The taller boy's hands began to caress his sides, feeling the lace of Shinji's panties through the dress; his hand then moved down to the other's backside and gave a light squeeze causing Shinji to squeak into Kaoru's mouth and jump a little.

"Not used to that huh?" Kaoru asked him with a smile before kissing his neck.

"No…ahh…but it doesn't….ahh…mean I…ahh…don't like it," Shinji replied, his eyes still shut. Waves of pleasure washed over him as Kaoru continued nipping at his neck and also began to take off his (or rather Misato's) dress. The taller one pushed the smaller down onto the Misato's futon and continued to un-do the purple dress; he was halfway done in almost no time, Shinji's bra wearing chest and abdomen exposed for the white haired boy to see.

"Beautiful," Kaoru muttered just loud enough for Shinji to hear, causing him to go pink and smile up at him.


"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Kaoru replied still smiling at the Eva pilot.

"I…love you Kaoru," Shinji said to him, looking up into his eyes. Kaoru replied by kissing his neck a little more and pushing the dress down all the way to reveal the pink panties and the tops of Shinji's stockings. He moved down the timid boy's chest, kissing random spots of skin before ending at his panties and pulling them off in one quick motion. Shinji hissed lightly as the air hit his hardened member, his eyes opening up to look at his lover. Kaoru smirked before unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his school pants to reveal his black boxers and the pitched tent in them.

Kaoru's almost drooled at the sight of the exposed boy in front of him, his red eyes traveling up and down the exposed body. He leaned down and gave a small experimental lick at Shinji's cock before taking the whole length into his mouth. The smaller boy moaned out lightly as he felt the warm mouth take him in entirely. Kaoru's head bobbed up and down as he sucked on his love's hard large member, eventually letting the full length in, deep throating Shinji.

"Eh…ahh…Kaoru-kun…more!" Shinji moaned out as he felt himself become increasingly close to a climax. Kaoru moaned lightly against the hardness causing Shinji to moan out even louder then before. Shinji knew it was almost time now and began to whimper to signal to Kaoru, who merely grunted in reply. He was pushed over the edge and came right into his lover's waiting mouth. Kaoru swallowed and leaned up, smirking at the panting boy beneath him.

"Turn over Shin-chan," He said.

"Hai Kaoru-kun," The girly boy replied before turning over to show him his butt. Kaoru brought his 3 fingers forward and placed them right in front of Shinji's face. Shinji immediately took the initiative and began to suck on the three fingers, thoroughly coating them in his saliva. Kaoru removed his fingers from Shinji's mouth and used his other hand to drop his boxers to reveal the large rod standing proudly between his pale thighs.

"Ready my little Shin-chan?" To which Shinji merely gave a small nod before feeling the first finger enter him. Shinji moaned lightly at the mix of pain and pleasure and relaxed a bit before the second finger was entered. Kaoru began to stretch the virgin hole with the two fingers, preparing him for the third finger. Shinji's eyes leaked out a small tear as he felt the last digit enter him and stretch him out. He felt the loss of contact when Kaoru pulled all three out of once; causing him to moan out in small disappointment, but then felt something warm and exceedingly large probing his newly stretched entrance.

"This'll hurt a little, but I promise it'll get better," Kaoru stated as he stood behind the waiting Eva pilot, to which Shinji gave an affirmative nod and a small plead.

"Hurry Kaoru-kun."

Kaoru chuckled lightly," Don't worry Shin-hime, you won't have to wait long." Shinji groaned along with Kaoru as the latter slid right into his virgin tight hole. Damn it, Kaoru was a lot bigger then he had originally thought.

"K-Kaoru…oh…it h-hurts!" Shinji cried out as tears began to leak from his shut eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I promise it gets better," Kaoru replied to the crying boy. Shinji gave a small nod before Kaoru pulled all the way out and then pushed all the way back into the boy again, starting a slow pace. Shinji had finally begun to adjust to the large cock in his ass and begun to enjoy the feeling of it all. Kaoru's slow pace continued much against his will; it was hard to do this slow pace instead of pounding into the boy beneath him like he wanted to so badly, but he didn't want to hurt his lover.

"Onegai, faster Kaoru-kun," Shinji moaned out, finally giving Kaoru the signal he had been waiting for and tore into him. Both boys' bodies glistened with sweat and, in Shinji's case, tears as Kaoru pounded into Shinji. The latter still felt the pain, but it was much more significant and it was overshadowed by the waves of pleasure felt from the same action. In, out, in and out, oh man, how did he ever live without this feeling?

"Harder, Kaoru, Faster!" Shinji cried out while he continued to be torn a new one.

"Shinji…ahh…so tight," Kaoru replied to the boy beneath him, then reached down and began to pump in time with the fast, hard thrusts. Shinji continued to moan, whimper, pant, and groan as both activities drew ever so close to the edge.

"Oh Kaoru-kun!" Shinji called out as he finally came, spewing his seed upon the sheets of the bed. Said climax caused the inner walls of him to clamp down upon the huge organ which launched Kaoru over into the same bliss Shinji had experienced moments ago.

"That…was…amazing," Kaoru panted out as he pulled out and brought the small body down to lie on his sweat chest.

"Yes, it was," Shinji agreed with his lover as he snuggled into the warm embrace. The two merely laid there in Misato's bed, tired and warm until they heard a familiar screech and a car door slam.

"Oh no…"

"She's home early!"


Well there it is! The first chapter of "When They're Gone."

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