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For the first time since his "coming out" Shinji woke up alone in his bed. His curious glanced around then sighed lightly. Kaoru went home to his own house that night, though it took a bit of convincing on Shinji's part.'He's got to go home eventually. Unless he plans on moving in, though that would be quite a few people in this tiny apartment...' He yawned a bit and made his way out of the room, his large t-shirt catching the breeze as he got off the bed to show his lacy thong.

The girly boy opened the door to the bathroom and did the usual routine. Coming out a few minutes later with a towel wrapped around his body. Shinji walked into his room and was met by the sight of his empty bed once more. 'Mmm...I can't believe I miss him already. I guess its because I've never felt that way about anyone else before...' He thought to himself and let out a small sigh before opening his underwear drawer.

Shinji dropped his towel and placed a bright yellow lace bra over his body then a matching lace thong. After yesterday Shinji knew he'd be wearing a lot more of them. Kaoru had been right; the sheer excitement of being walked in on turned Shinji on so much he lost all common sense. You'd have to lose common sense to do what they did.

His next step was putting on his school uniform. Finally he put a bit of makeup on and then combed his hair and then out he went to make breakfast for the other two inhabitants of the apartment. Shinji was halfway through making said breakfast when the shower started up, signaling the Asuka was up at her usual time. He stretched his arms above his head; school was getting very tiresome to go through. I mean once you save the world from utter destruction, some things tend to get boring.

Shinji glanced at the doorway as he put the plates down for Asuka and himself, knowing Misato would probably sleep in today, she had mentioned something about being off that day the night before. The girly boy smoothed out his skirt before sitting down, crossing one leg over the other and beginning to eat his breakfast. Soon enough the fiery redhead joined and they ate in silence. Shinji's mind wandered back to Kensuke and his reaction to his new style of dress and life style.

Was it really that hard to believe? Shinji was never really a "manly man" not to mention it wasn't exactly rare to see guys dressed as girls in Tokyo-3. Not to say the city was full of gay people, but after the threat of angels left many just threw caution to the wind much like Shinji had. Touji had a good idea about Kensuke being such a pervert that he couldn't believe anyone didn't like girls (maybe even other girls) but Shinji had a feeling there was more to it.

The crossdresser gathered up the plates, utensils and all of the other dishes and then put them into the sink to be washed later; more then likely by himself. Shinji grabbed his bag and headed for the door, Asuka throwing him her bag along the way. The girly boy sighed lightly but let it go, after all everything he was wearing at the moment was her's.

Asuka opened the door to reveal Kaoru standing there, his hand in the air like he was about to knock on the door. "Oh uhh...Hello Asuka-san, how are you today?"
"Shinji! You're boyfriends here!" Was Asuka's reply and walked past the former Angel with a small huff.

"What's with her?" Kaoru asked as Shinji walked over to him.

"Do you really need to ask? It's Asuka after all," Shinji replied and then hugged Kaoru around the neck. Kaoru smiled and hugged Shinji back, planting a small kiss on his cheek as he did so. He smiled up at Kaoru before making his way towards the elevator. Normally Shinji would be holding Kaoru's hand, but with both bags it was kind of hard.

Eventually all three of them made it to school; Asuka walked over to where Hikari was right after grabbing her bag. Shinji heard a small thank you from the red headed German so he didn't mind the amount of force Asuka used to get the bag away. Both boys walked over to where Touji lay half asleep. "Good morning Touji-kun," Shinji said as he stood next to the jock.

"Good morning Shinji, morning Kaoru," Touji said with lackluster, obviously very tired.

"Good morning Touji-san," The former Angel greeted and stood next to Shinji, "Tired I'm guessing?"

"What was your first clue?" Touji asked yawning.

"So no Kensuke at all?" The crossdressing boy asked his friend with a nervous look.

"Nope, none at all. I think he's absent today," Touji replied and sat up, "I still can't believe Kensuke reacted how he did. I thought I knew the guy like the back of my hand."

"Same," Shinji said quietly and they all stood in silence for a few seconds before the bell rang for everyone to get to class.

Class went normally. The teacher blathering on and on while most students either slept or IMed each other on the laptops. The students were heading towards gym now and needless to say Shinji was a bit nervous. He was by no means ashamed of his body, but with all those guys in there being ones who liked to check him out it made him a little nervous. Plus he couldn't go into the women's locker room; that was just out of the question. Shinji pulled aside the teacher before class and asked if he could use his office to change in; the teacher said it was no trouble and told Shinji to lock the door if he saw fit.

The girly boy changed into his girl's gym uniform (courtesy of Asuka) and ran outside to participate in the class. A lot of the guys came out of the locker room with disappointed looks on their faces, 'I guess they wanted to see me in just my underwear' thought Shinji with a small laugh. Kaoru was the only boy allowed to see him in his underwear.

The sport for the day was track, so all they had to do was run laps. It wasn't much to do since the teacher didn't really pay attention and most kids only walked them. Shinji was having a pleasant conversation with Kaoru as they walked until the loudspeaker went off, announcing that an assembly was to take place in 10 minutes and for every student to report to auditorium. Kaoru said that he would see Shinji there, gave him a wink and ran off. Shinji cocked his head to the side, wondering what the wink was for but shrugged it off and walked up to the steps towards the locker rooms.

The teacher was a bit late and told Shinji to just change and lock the door when he left, then to leave the keys in his mailbox for when they got back. The girly boy had pulled off his uniform and was down to his bra and thong when he suddenly heard the door open; he squealed and tried to cover himself, "Sensei I'm not done!" he yelled. Shinji turned around to glare at the teacher when he Kaoru standing there shirtless with a smirk on his face.

"Hello beautiful," Kaoru walked forward and pulled Shinji into an embrace. Shinji welcomed it at first but quickly shrugged it off.
"What're you doing? We're supposed to be in the assembly!"

"Its just about absences and being late to school. It's nothing new, they just wanted to do it since more people are skipping and such now," Kaoru informed him.

"So? You can't come in here and watch me change just because you don't want to get to the assembly on time like everyone else!"
"Oh I am by no means wanting to watch you change,"He replied with a devilish smirk and kissed Shinji passionately on the mouth. 'He just wants to have sex with me again! No way, no way, no way!' Shinji thought to himself. To have after school was one thing but he was not going to do it while everyone was still here. He was about to say this to Kaoru but the former angel slapped his ass hard and Shinji felt himself grow aroused. 'No I can't lose myself in his actions, I have to stop...mm...' Once again Kaoru smacked his ass, but this time gave a small squeeze and pushed his tongue into Shinji's mouth.

'Mmm...well I guess since no one else is coming back for awhile, plus no one is coming in here except Sensei...' Shinji lost himself in the throws of what they were doing. The girly boy pushed himself closer to Kaoru who immediately pushed him against the teacher's deck and began to grope at every inch of skin. Shinji's tongue met with Kaoru's in a hot passion, causing him to let out small moans and whimpers.

The former angel broke the kiss and stared at Shinji, "Turn around beautiful, we don't have much time and I want to pound that tight ass." Shinji stared at Kaoru and turned around, 'I'll have to ask why he just said that perverted phrase later.' Kaoru looked at the round ass in the yellow thong and licked his lips; Shinji looked at him and saw an animal in his eyes, he knew that meant it was going to be hard, not soft, this time. Kaoru smacked his ass again, causing a loud whimper, then pushed down his gym shorts to reveal his large erection,

"We have a little time, so I can prepare you a bit before I give you the real thing," Kaoru said with a grin and slowly inserted one of his fingers into Shinji, not even bothering to remove the lacy underwear. Shinji moaned lightly and shut his eyes slowly as Kaoru moved his finger in and out of the tight opening. Soon Shinji's lover added a second finger, to which Shinji gasped and choked back a whimper. "You like that my little crossdressing beauty?" He asked as he picked up speed on inserting the two digits.

"Y-Yes very much K-Kaoru-kun," Shinji let out and shuddered a bit as a third finger was added without warning. Now he couldn't hold back and began to moan and groan for each thrust inside him. At this point Shinji's rational thoughts had gone out the window; he didn't care that he was in school anymore. He didn't care that he was in his teacher's off having sex with his boyfriend. "P-Please Kaoru-kun."
"Please what Shin-hime?"

"Please put it inside me..." Shinji replied. Kaoru smirked and removed his fingers, then pulled down the thong quickly and positioned himself at Shinji's now stretched entrance.

"Are you ready?"

"Oh god yes, please Kaoru-kun, hurry!" Shinji pleaded and the former Angel slammed into him. Both boys cried out, Shinji being the louder of the two. The sounds of the office was filled with sounds of skin slapping skin as Kaoru thrust into Shinji hard and strong. Normally he waited until Shinji had adjusted to his size before going as fast as he was going, but they did not have the time. Plus Shinji did not seem all the patient at the moment.

Kaoru could feel his body begin to sweat hard as he gained strength and speed. Shinji was already drenched in sweat, making his hair drip and stick slightly to his head. "Onegai, s-s-so good K-K-Kaoru-kun!" The girly boy whimpered out as he pushed himself back with each thrust to meet them.

"You like that Shin-hime?" Kaoru asked and received a loud moan as a reply. He smirked and then began to pump Shinji's erection in time with his hard thrusts. The wet skin slapping skin began to grow in sound as Kaoru felt himself growing closer. His lover soon shouted out that he was close and then a few moments later, let out a loud orgasm. The larger boy continued to thrust into the tired crossdresser until he too felt himself start to climax. He grabbed Shinji's hips and poured his seed into the bra clad boy.

Kaoru panted loudly with Shinji and slowly pulled out of the abused hole of his lover. Said small boy laid against the desk and tried to regain his composure. Kaoru smiled weakly and slowly pulled his pants back on, "Excuse me hime, I must go change," He gave Shinji a small kiss and walked out the door. Shinji sighed and sat up,

"That's just like him, to have sex with me then just leave,"He shook his head and stood up weakly, then pulled on his thong, dried himself off and got changed into his regular uniform. He was glad he had begun crossdresssing even more now since the skirt offered a nice breeze. He found Kaoru waiting outside the office for him, dressed in his uniform as well. "Just what the hell was that all about hmmm?"

"What do you mean Shin-hime?"

"First you're horny out of nowhere, secondly that whole 'pounding my tight ass' thing."

Kaoru laughed, "Sorry, you in your gym uniform was very sexy to me, plus it was true. I did pound your tight ass."

Shinji shook his head in frustration, "Yeah yeah yeah, let's just get to the assembly." He replied and took a hold of Kaoru's hand.

The rest of the day passed normally except for a few people asking Shinji where he was during the assembly; he just blushed and said he had been there and they must have just missed him. Now the three of them were walking home from school, Asuka ahead as usual with no bag in her hand. Shinji talked happily with Kaoru about how he had missed him the night before. "So you want me to stay over every day?" The former angel asked his lover.

"W-Well yeah, I mean if you wouldn't mind Kaoru-kun," Shinji blushed.

"Not at all Shin-hime, but that's one too many people at Misato-san's place. Maybe over the weekends you could stay over at my place and on the holidays."

"Sounds good to me!" Shinji said happily and kissed Kaoru on the cheek.

Asuka, Shinji, Kaoru made it home in a few more minutes and each of them went to doing their usual things: Asuka went into her room to do whatever it was she did, Kaoru sat down and watched some TV while Shinji began to make dinner for all of them including Misato, who had yet to get back. Shinji's mind drifted back to the missing Military Otaku. Was Kensuke so pissed at what he was that he skipped class? Or was Shinji just over thinking what was going on. 'I guess when he gets back I'll try and talk to him, hopefully he'll listen.' The crossdresser thought to himself.

Shinji finished up dinner right as Misato walked through the door and they all sat down to eat. Not much was said outside of what had been going on at school or work. With NERV disbanded Misato would soon be unemployed, but the government apparently was going to pay her a hefty salary until she got a new job; she joked that she should just retire early seeing how she had earned it. Asuka replied that she had done more that the 'lazy, drunk' woman. Both women continued to yell insults at each other until Kaoru broke them up. They went back to eating dinner and seemed to get over it very quickly; 'I live with some weird women,' Shinji thought with a small smile.

Kaoru and Shinji picked up after everyone, washed the dishes and began to get ready for bed. Kaoru put on one of Shinji's old boy t-shirts and shorts while Shinji changed into an oversized t-shirt like he usually did. The both of the boys crawled into Shinji's bed and held each other close. Shinji smiled up at Kaoru, "I love you Kaoru-kun."

"I love you too Shin-hime, where did that come from?"

"I don't know, I just don't remember saying today so I wanted to just say it," Shinji smiled and kissed him lightly. Kaoru smiled at him after the kiss broke and held him closer,

"So you're not angry for earlier?"

"Nah, at first I was, but no one caught us and I really really enjoyed it," Shinji smiled sexily and winked at Kaoru. The larger boy laughed and kissed Shinji on the cheek.

"Good, now its time for bed Shin-hime," Kaoru said with a small yawn. Shinji nodded in agreement then put his head onto Kaoru's chest and closed his eyes. Tomorrow was the day he would have to talk to Kensuke and clear up the whole mess from before. He knew it wasn't going to be easy.

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