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Blurry, distorted images filled my mind as a white hot pain flashed through my entire body...

'Bram chocking on his own blood'

'Bram shouting for help'


'A street address- 345 Waycrest dr. Burwell,Nebraska'...

I shot upright with lightning speed, trying to fight the burning sensation that still threatened to engulf me as I tried to open my eyes.

When what appeared to be two large hands grasped my shoulders to snap me out of my state of panic, I thrashed violently at the unseen force holding me down on what felt like bed mattress.All the while a sharp sound filling my ears. It took me a moment before I realized that the high pitched sound was coming from me.I was screaming...

"Whoa, whoa. Raven! Stop!" Came Uncle Dean's firm voice from somewhere in the distant fog, but I couldn't see, the images were still fresh in my mind, as well as Bram's pain filled screams for help.

That's when I began to panic even more.

I had to help him...I had to...I had to...

Just as my hysterics were reaching a whole new level, I felt a sharp pop on my face which caused my head to snap back and the screaming to stop.

Blinking a couple of times I could finally make out the recked hotel room I still sat in, and the two giant figures standing in it. One was Uncle Dean, who had delivered the blow, the other was dad, leaning against the door frame, a look on his face long lost emotion playing across his tired features, fear.

"You with us kiddo?" Uncle Dean asked as he sat on the edge of the shabby hotel bed. At this I quickly glanced around the room. The place was still a mess, blood and furniture everywhere, but no body.Knowing dad, he'd probably dumped it long ago. Another difference to the room was the fact that think bands of sunlight were streaming into the room through the broken blinds.

"I'm fine," I stated simply,"How long have I been out?" I asked hurriedly. They both shared a look then dad replied while walking over,

"Four hours."

"Four hours?" I half yelled, half chocked out.

Four hours watching me...Four hours wasted when we could have been looking for Bram... Four hours, because of me.

"Christ!" I shouted before either one could reply," Why aren't the two of you out there looking for Bram?" I asked throwing the blankets to the floor and standing on shaky legs. It's from the excursion, I told my self, not because your hurt.

"Whoa, take it easy there champ. Mind telling us what that was all about first?" Uncle Dean placed a hand on my shoulder, gently urging me to take my seat, but I shrugged off his hand and continued to stand.

I didn't need a brightly colored sign to tell me what he meant when he said that.

"I had a uhhh...dream,and I know where Bram is. I'll explain everything later but right now...we have to move."

I began to throw my coat on over my night shirt and went to pull on my jeans when I noticed twin sets of hazel eyes staring at me in what appeared to be horror.

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