This is my first submission! Just in case I don't label it correctly there are chapters of this story that contain explicit sexual content between two men. If you're not into that sort of thing then discontinue reading this story since there's a lot of it in here. Please enjoy, this is a very dear plot bunny to me that I've just recently completed so I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it.

Demyx, Xigbar and all other KH members that you recognize are not mine // the plot however is!


The darkness was smothering him.

His scalding tears fell from eyes that were open but saw nothing but the darkness in front of him. He'd been here for so long now, his breathing was so muted and distressed in the smothered air, and he wanted to end it all, it would have been better to truly die than to stay here in this damned limbo any longer.

The worst part of it was that he never got to see him before he died, there had been that imposter who they claimed was Roxas, but Roxas would never hurt him like this, he would have never sent him here to the darkness. "Xigbar!" Demyx finally cried shamelessly. He had been holding it in for so long, his optimism slowly dying out as the darkness stretched before him, never ending, and unyielding. He'd been here before, once long ago before he had been dropped into the World that Never Was and met Xigbar and the other's of Organization 13. That time he had no idea where he had come from and no idea where he was going. It was different now.

Demyx desperately wished that Xigbar was with him now, or that he had at least been able to say goodbye to him before he had been struck down. They'd had such a violent fight before he left and all because Xigbar didn't think he could take care of himself! He could too! At least, that's what he thought at the time.

"Oh please…I just want to see him again, to tell him I'm sorry! I don't care where, when or how! Please…please…please…" he begged till his already feeble voice gave out, the soft whispers of the word drifting across his chapped and lonely lips. He clutched his head in his hands, gripping them together in a motion that was clearly one of prayer and supplication. "I love him…I love him!" his mind screamed as his lips formed the words he could no longer say.

There was a sudden jolt and Demyx winced as his body was wrenched in a direction it was not meant to go. It was like being dragged around by a child, a rag doll dashed against the walls and bed and floor. Pain lanced through his body, pain that he hadn't felt in so very long, true pain, his chest then exploded with a powerful feeling that caused what was left of his voice to tear through his throat in a feeble scream as a bright and blinding light erupted beneath him and then, quite suddenly, Demyx was falling, naturally, he passed out.


When Demyx awoke he found himself lying on the warm deck of a ship, surrounded by worried whispers and rowdy laughter. His eyes closed quickly in response to the bright sun and his chest ached terribly. "Oy! The boy's awake! Let's get 'im up now!" a hearty voice ordered as rough hands grabbed Demyx from all sides to help him to his feet.

"Uh…thanks…" Demyx coughed as he massaged his throat gently, his voice was rasping still and one of the crewmen handed him a glass, Demyx peered inside to see a pale amber liquid. Thinking that it was better than nothing Dem drank the stuff down and choked on it as it burned his throat the whole way to his stomach. The crew laughed and another man slapped him on his back, Demyx was propelled forward but quickly caught his balance. He blinked rapidly and rubbed his eyes to get accustomed to the bright sunlight. He had a feeling that he'd been here before.

"Little thing can't hold his ale!" someone shouted jovially from his right and sent the crowd into cheers and shouts.

"What in holy hell is going on here?" a all too familiar voice shouted with all the authority of the Superior, causing Demyx to look at the source so fast he could feel neck joints popping back in place from his fall. His face paled and the cup dropped from his hand and landed with a thump on the deck beside him. He wanted to laugh, smile, cry and sing all at the same time.

Xigbar was standing straight in front of him, dressed from top to bottom as a rakish and dashing pirate. His mind screamed at him, prodded and propelled him, but his feet would not move, his mouth would not form the shout of joy; he stood there, dumbly staring at the man he loved. He had been given a second chance? Was that why his chest ached so terribly? Curiously he put his hand on his chest and gazed at it in wonder as he felt the steady beating of his heart.

"So boy…Charlie tells me that you fell from the sky," Xigbar demanded, cutting into Demyx happiness. He looked up at Xigbar with a happy, foolhardy grin. "Well is it true? I don't have time for games!" he shouted. Demyx wasn't sure how to answer so he looked up and then back down.

"I…suppose that's true, I don't remember much before I woke up," he answered. He only remembered the crushing darkness; the feeling of nothingness as it closed in around him, suffocated him and trying to destroy him. Xigbar gave him a critical look but Demyx continued to smile. "I just wanted to say how happy I am to see you!" he blurted out. The crew that had been talking fell silent.

"What did you say boy?" Xigbar growled. Demyx realized his mistake; he'd been so dumbfounded before by his good fortune he never stopped to realize that Xigbar had absolutely no idea who he was. His face fell considerably and Xigbar was quick to notice. "It doesn't matter I suppose, if you did fall, you must have hit your head, but you look fine to me, must be the new crow's nest that Ian hired," he sighed with a roll of his eyes. "Just don't fall again and I might be willing to overlook your nonsense!" he snapped as he turned sharply on his boots and strode away.

Demyx wanted to run after him, to shake him and cry and scream. Why didn't he remember him?? It didn't make sense, none of this made sense!! Before Demyx could put his plan into action he was scruffed by one of the larger sailors and shoved towards the rigging. "Up you go boy!" he shouted. Demyx decided not to try his luck more than once today and quickly climbed up the rope as if he'd been doing it all his life. It appeared that he hadn't lost his skills that he'd gained as a Nobody. He remembered that perfectly, He was the Melodious Nocturne, he sang, he danced; he commanded water for crying out loud! He wondered if he could summon his sitar but as he alighted the crow's nest he was distracted by the beautiful expanse of ocean that lay bare before his view. He hadn't seen water in such a long time; it made him cry just a little to see it again. The azure sky above him was cloudless and never ending and the crystal clear ocean sparkled on the tips of baby waves with the sunlight raining down on them. He realized that things had gotten really crazy, really fast and that he would have to keep on his toes if he wanted to figure out what was going on around here. Happily he placed his hand over his chest again and closed his eyes as he felt his heart beat, unaware that one golden eye observed him critically from below.


Several days went by, as Demyx grew accustomed to his new life at sea. Though he rarely spoke to Xigbar his eyes always sought him out in a crowd and a silly grin would grace his face. The others of the crew were quick to notice, but prudently kept silent. They were a superstitious lot and much had already happened to them aboard Xigbar's ship, and though the captain was convinced that Demyx had simply toppled out of the crow's nest, the crew knew that he had fallen from the sky. But they happily welcomed the quirky lad with a beautiful voice and made him feel like he truly belonged with them. He would sing and play a little sitar he had found in the hold for them as they toiled endlessly on the ship during the day, and at night he would sit in his crow's nest and croon softly to the sky, enjoying the fact that he was been given the opportunity to meet such friendly and interesting people.

Late one night, as Demyx sat leisurely in the crow's nest his face was upturned towards the stars, counting as many as he could till he lost count and started again. He had never seen so many stars before and the bright moon was curiously round instead of the heart shape he was accustomed to. He hadn't taken the time to notice the things around him when Xigbar was near but now that he was alone he could hear the gentle slapping of the waves and feel the refreshing breeze that carried the scent of salt and seawater. The ache in his chest had subsided after the first few days and he was growing accustomed to the soft thumping noise it made when he concentrated on listening to it.

After another deep breath of the fresh salty air he caught a familiar scent and looked down to see Xigbar strolling along the deck, seemingly deep in thought. Demyx was content to watch him from his perch, though he really wished that they were ensconced in a bedroom somewhere making sweet love to each other. Unexpectedly images of their past loving flooded his mind and he felt himself grow hard at the memories of the bites, the nips and the rough way Xigbar demanded everything he had to give. He remembered how gentle his lover could be at the most random times and how he loved it when Xigbar whispered his name before they both fell asleep. Color flooded his cheeks and he covertly looked around to see that no one was watching him and his boyish blush. He wiggled around uncomfortably and stood to put himself into a more comfortable position. But a particularly strong wave rocked the ship and Demyx went flying from his already precarious position.

He thought for sure that he'd hit the deck again and that was a painful thought in itself. But as he bounced off the rigging he was caught by two strong arms and then promptly put down again. He opened his eyes and turned to see Xigbar standing there, looking down at him with a frown on his face. "So you like to fall from high places?" he demanded. Demyx's arousal promptly died as he looked down with shame.

"Sorry…" he murmured, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. He didn't know what to say here, he was at a loss for words and Xigbar was standing right there in front of him. "Do I…look familiar to you at all?!" he finally blurted out again, the words forcibly rebelling against his better judgment and jumping from his mouth like seasoned soldiers. Xigbar's sharp golden eye narrowed and he made a snorting sound.

"Of course not, I've never seen you before in my life!" he snapped.

"B-but!" Demyx immediately began to protest but his mouth snapped shut and he looked at Xigbar sullenly.

"What is it?" Xigbar demanded as he grabbed Demyx's arm and shook him. Xigbar did not like playing games and to put it bluntly this boy, he felt, was not to be trusted. He had an air about him, he wasn't normal, and Xigbar had seen some very strange things in his life to know. "Spit it out!" he shook Demyx harder.

"No! Xiggy stop you're hurting me!" Demyx cried as he pushed the larger man away and stumbled back into the main mast. He stood there panting, eyes large and frightened in his face and a deep sadness lay there as well, this Xigbar noted. Tears began to fall from his eyes. "This isn't right…I thought I had another chance but you don't remember me at all!" he sobbed quietly. He felt so ashamed right now, thinking that he could actually get back again with the man he loved. He didn't care at this point if this Xigbar was confused, he wasn't the Xigbar that Demyx knew.

"And then the Princess kissed the Prince…" a soft feminine voice whispered to him. Demyx stopped crying and looked up and around to see who was talking to him. "The princess kissed the prince and the spell was broken and they both lived happily ever after!" it prodded. Demyx wondered if he was going crazy but at that moment he didn't care.

Much to Xigbar's surprise Demyx launched himself at him and threw his arms around the older man's neck, his lips crashing down on Xigbar's. For a moment the world stopped, it was only him and Xigbar. He felt the reassuring pressure of the Freeshooter's lips as they parted beneath his own. Then the rapture and joy as their tongues met and played, traveling back and forth as heat blossomed between them. He was lost in the feeling, at least before another wave rocked the ship and Demy's grip loosened and he fell away.

Xigbar stared at him for the longest time in something akin to curiosity and horror. "You," he hissed menacingly and all thoughts of being happily reunited with his lover were dashed. "Don't you ever come near me again and the first port we come to you're getting off!" he barked as he turned sharply and walked away. Demyx stood there in shock, hot tears once more tracking their way down his face. It had been so beautiful for the shortest period of time and then nothing. It was all the fault of that stupid voice that had given him the idea! Where had it come from anyway and why did it trigger a feeling inside him that he'd heard it somewhere before? Anger enveloped Demyx, it was just pointless wasn't it? No matter what he did here Xiggy wouldn't be his and he'd just blown it in one kiss! As Demyx enveloped himself in misery he didn't hear the soft footsteps behind him till it was too late.

"Gotchya!" a voice rasped in his ear as a strong hand covered his mouth. Demyx tried to fight but before he could get any sort of grip on the arm around him something crashed onto his head and the world went black once more.


Xigbar returned to his room in an aura of dark humor and turbulent emotions. When that boy had kissed him he had instantly recoiled, but the sensation was one that struck him as familiar. Before he knew what he was doing they had been engaged in a passionate kiss and Xigbar was paying for it now. He kicked an open trunk in his room and shouted in frustration. Sending the boy away was the best thing to do, otherwise he might get other ideas and Xigbar must maintain order on his ship! As he changed for bed and crawled onto the elegant mattress he closed his eyes with a groan, he prayed that his erection would be gone by morning.

The dream started out innocently enough. He was walking through strange white hallways and seemed to know where he was going. They were a structure the likes of which he'd never seen before and yet they felt familiar and open. As he rounded a corner he saw the boy leaning against a certain door, fumbling with it. "You!" he shouted. Demyx cringed.

"Xiggy there you are!! I was just gonna go find you!" he smiled. It was like being removed from one's body as Xigbar dreamed he approached the young man and pinned him against the wall. "What have I told you about going into my room?" he demanded.

"Well…it depends on the situation!" Demyx immediately chirped with a dazzling smile. "And this situation called for me to meet you in bed, naked, but you didn't show up so I was coming to look for you!"

"Were you now?" he asked with some amusement as he took Demyx roughly around the waist and opened the door with his other hand. "I suppose I should make up for being late." He carted Demyx to the bed and threw him down upon it, the younger man shouted and laughed as he bounced across the large bed.

"Xiggy…" Demyx grinned as he quickly divested himself of his clothing, Xigbar grinned, apparently his lover was a closet nudist to be able to undress that quickly, but upon further inspection Xigbar's grin turned feral, Demyx was just excited. Xigbar quickly mimicked Demyx and stalked him across the bed till the younger man was beneath him. "I missed you Xiggy…" he sighed as his long, slender fingers caressed his hair.

"Missed me? We were just doing this last night…" Xigbar reminded him between the little sips he was taking from Demyx's perfect skin. He nipped him rather sharply on his collarbone and Demyx instantly shuddered and groaned.

"I know," he whispered. "But when you're away I just miss you…" he said in a matter of fact tone before Xigbar's mouth dragged lower across the sharply defined muscles of his stomach.

"You know Dem, for someone who runs away all the time, your body is perfectly toned…" he murmured against Demyx's flat navel. He dragged his teeth across the taut flesh and was awarded with a moan from Demyx, he did so love to tease him. "Such a contradiction…" he tsked lightly as his mouth finally grazed against the one part of Demyx's body he couldn't bear to part with.

"Ah!! Ah Xiggy please…please?" he begged.

"Please Xiggy what?" his voice drawled as his tongue licked lightly around the head of his erection.

"Please Xiggy will you suck me off?" Dem's voice trembled with hope and longing.

"Of course Dem," Xiggy smiled as he began to love the Melodious Nocturne with his mouth, and drew from him sounds that would be enough on their own to make him cum before he even got to the good part. His tongue traveled up and down repeatedly, the cold air causing the shaft to quiver and pulse as his hot mouth engulfed him, and caressed him. Demyx was impatient today as he erupted into Xigbar's mouth with a strangled groan. When the older man looked up Demyx was blushing and looked quite down heartened. "Impatient today?" he grinned as he swiped up what he could to prepare Demyx for the next step.

"Ah!! Xigbar!!" Demyx shouted loud enough to wake the dead.

"It's only my finger Dem…" Xigbar chided him gruffly as his finger probed and rubbed him roughly. "Now comes the fun part!" he grinned as he positioned Demyx and himself. With a quick thrust Xigbar was fully seated and Demyx was whimpering and wiggling and crying. "Don't cry!" Xigbar ordered as he leaned down to lick the tears from Demyx's eyes. "Why are you crying now?" he demanded, something about this was all quite strange.

"I had a dream last night that I never got to see you again and there was darkness everywhere and I missed you so much! It just feels so good to have you here inside me!" he managed to choke out between whimpers and cries of passion as Xigbar thrust in a steady even tempo. Xigbar grabbed Demyx roughly and kissed him so hard their teeth clashed. He kept Demyx there, drinking in his cries and tasting his passion. Finally when he erupted inside his lover he fell limply to the side and cradled Demyx almost tenderly. He wouldn't admit it but Demyx's "dream" had scared him as well. It was irrational this fear of loosing him, after all they were Nobodies, and even if they formed fragile relationships, who was to say that they'd last forever?

"Xigbar?" Demyx's voice was muffled in his shoulder and Xigbar looked down at him, realizing how strange he must be acting. "I just want you to know that I'll never forget about you!" he smiled sleepily. Xigbar chuckled in spite of himself, Demyx brought out a different side of him that he'd never show anyone else.

"Go to sleep kiddo!" he ordered, ruffling the other's already messy mane.

The dream ended at that and Xigbar jerked awake, covered in sweat and discovering that he had cum in his sleep dreaming about Demyx. What on earth was that?! He fumed for a moment but mostly he was scared, he had no idea what had just happened, was it pure chance? That dream had felt so real it was frightening. Just at that moment however the door to his cabin burst open and Ian, his first mate ran in.

"What is it?!" he snapped angrily trying to hide his embarrassment with anger.

"It's Demyx sir, he's been kidnapped!"


The darkness had returned, but it was much different this time. It wasn't the smothering, never ending darkness that Demyx had first encountered; no…in fact he was quite sure he could see a light just beyond his inky vision. As his eyes opened slowly he winced as the light invaded his eyes mercilessly.

"He's awake!" a deep voice snapped as Demyx was roughly grabbed and lifted into a sitting position. By this time his eyes had opened, but the sudden change in altitude caused his head to spin. "Well boy, I've been patient long enough, how about you tell me where Captain Xigbar heading?" The man who asked him this question was stunningly handsome. His face was well defined with a strong chin and sturdy cheekbones. His exotically shaped eyes were a deep shade of green and Demyx couldn't help but notice that his hair was the darkest shade of black he'd ever seen and slightly curly. He was darkness personified.

"Uh…what?" Demyx muttered as he rubbed his whirling head. His mouth felt full of cotton and his ears rang as he massaged his sore eyes.

"Don't play dumb with me boy!" He was grabbed and shaken again. "Tell me where Captain Xigbar is going or I swear to the Holy Mother that I'll toss your sorry ass overboard!" he growled as Demyx was slammed up against a wall.

"Ouch! Lemme go!" Demyx struggled, what was with everyone today and shaking him around? He couldn't remove his attacker's hands so he simply gave up and gave the man a very disgruntled stare. There was a stalemate for a moment as they shared a heated gaze before he was dropped. "For your information I have no idea where the hell he's going, for all I know he might have just been sailing for the hell of it!" he snapped.

"But surely he would have told his lover where he was going!" the captain was ranting as he paced his cabin. Demyx began to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

"You're kidding right? Xigbar's not my lover!" he protested, trying to sound offended when inside he was a mass of swirling and turbulent emotions.

"My men say that they saw you both kissing, that's why we grabbed you instead of his infernal first mate!" he shouted.

"Well sorry for the mistake your men made, but there is absolutely nothing between me and Xigbar!" Demyx shouted, growing angry. "Besides how did you even get onto the ship anyway? There was another man posted on the other end of the ship, he would have seen something as big as this!"

"You think I'm stupid boy? I have a paid member of my crew on that ship and my men were on a rowboat, not this you fool! As soon as Xigbar left my men grabbed you and brought you here and now you're telling me that this was a waste of time?!" he shouted into Demyx's face. With a sneer he pushed the older man back.

"It's not my fault your men are blind, so leave me out of it!" he snapped as he looked around for the door. "I'm leaving, obviously you have issues that need to be worked out and I can't help you!" he said as he finally located the portal and moved towards it.

"Where do you think you're going?" the man demanded as he stood in Demyx's way.

"Away from you, you freak!" Demyx protested as he and the man engaged in a physical struggle that landed them both on the ground.

"Cap'n Morpheus! Cap'n Xigbar's ship's been spotted! The Melodious Nocturne is headin' this way!" someone shouted as they burst into the cabin. "Oh! Sorry sir!" the man also babbled as the door slammed again. Demyx and the man named Morpheus froze; Demyx proceeded to toss the dazed man off of him and scrambled to the door.

"Hey wait!"

By that time he'd already opened it and was tearing up the stairs and onto the deck. The sky above, that had been clear the night before was heavy with grey clouds that threatened rain. In the distance he could see the large and impressive ship sailing towards them and grabbed an eyeglass from one of the men before holding it steadily to his eye. There, in tall black letters with elegant gold paint accent were the words: "Melodious Nocturne". He dropped the telescope and took a step backwards. He said he didn't remember, but part of him had to…or did he remember and this was just a way of breaking up with him without manning up to the fact that he didn't love him anymore? Anger welled inside Demyx, anger that had long been forgotten and misdirected into whines and pouts. He was sick and tired of being jerked around like someone's bitch and as soon as he saw Xigbar again he'd give that man a piece of his mind.


Meanwhile Xigbar stood on the bow of his ship and contemplated just what the hell he was doing. Normally he'd never go back for a member of the crew, especially if they were new. His philosophy was to survive no matter what and if you didn't share that philosophy then chances were that you would die in a matter of days aboard the Melodious Nocturne. Such an odd name, he suddenly thought, he hated music and no one on his crew sang…at least they hadn't till Demyx arrived. Now he could hear snatches of songs and tunes floating around his crewmembers as they raced to rescue their "little Demy" as Charlie had called him.

After his rather sordid dream Xigbar had decided that keeping Demyx close might be a plausible option since he kept having vivid dreams about him and the boy. He'd taken several naps between last night and today and each one was filled with his pants, moans and screams of pleasure. Irritated with himself he shook his head as if to physically rid himself of these thoughts. The more he thought about the kid the more familiar he became, the more he details he began to recall. Somehow he knew that Demyx's favorite thing in the world was something called a Sea Salt ice cream. What that was he had no idea and it scared him. He always prided himself on his control and yet here was this scrawny little blonde haired kid that could make him freak out at the slightest twitch of his fingers. He brought his hands up to his face and sighed. "We're getting closer Captain! What should we do?" Ian shouted up at him.

"Drop anchor! We'll wait here for a moment; I can see that Morpheus hasn't moved since we were spotted!" Xigbar snapped as he instantly became the hard ass captain. His men rushed to do his bidding and he stepped up onto a special platform that showed him towering above the bow of the ship. He used it to intimidate his enemies; he was using it now to show Demyx that he had come for him. Wait…what?!


Morpheus had grabbed Demyx moments after he had dropped the spyglass. "You little idiot who the hell do you think you are?" he snarled as he shook Demyx.

"Get your hands off of me!" Demyx shouted back as he shoved back at Morpheus. "You don't have any right at all to touch me!" he snarled. The crew circled their captain and this scrappy new comer, wondering if Captain Morpheus would be replaced. Of course, they didn't know the whole story so it was easy to see their confusion.

"Listen you little shit, this is my ship and you are going to help me get Xigbar here so I can kill him!" Morpheus shouted. Demyx was momentarily impressed with how beautiful he was when he was angry, the flair of his nostrils, and the sparks in his eyes. He reminded Demyx of Saix for a moment, but Saix was far more…insane…

"Listen, I may not like the man but I'm damn sure not going to help you kill him!" Demyx snapped from the other side of the deck.

"Then you leave me no choice!" Morpheus shouted as he grabbed his sword and unsheathed it.

"What the fuck is your problem!?" Demyx shouted at the pissed off pirate captain. He dodged in time to avoid getting stabbed but that only served to piss him off even more. With a roundhouse kick he efficiently managed to knock Morpheus away. "Look what are you-" Dodge. "Stop it you asshole!" Duck. "Enough!" Kick. "Just leave me alone!" he panted. Funny…he would have thought that his body would have been exhausted from this kind of physical strain, he'd never really been the most combative Nobody but he always stayed in shape with things like dancing (yes dancing) and some Far Eastern fighting styles.

Morpheus looked daggers at him and raised the sword one more time. Demyx now felt the need to put the stubborn bastard in his place. This man was totally irrational and how he managed to keep charge of such a large ship he had no idea. The man lunged for him one more time. "Dance Water Dance!" Demyx lifted his hand in a sweeping motion causing an unusual wave to form and splash upon the deck. That would have been the end of it but the water stayed in the forms of people and musical notes. While Demyx surveyed his handiwork with a foolhardy grin the others on the deck were cursing, praying and crossing themselves. They called Demyx a devil and a merman and all began to look at Morpheus with a mutinous glare. He had brought this thing upon them; therefore it was his right to take the blame. As the crowd gathered around him Demyx decided to ditch the drama and made a run for the edge of the ship. Vaguely he thought he heard someone shout "No!" from very, very far away but he didn't care as he was now airborne and plummeting towards the grey green ocean beneath him.

The waves were welcoming, though deterring as he battled his way towards the Melodious Nocturne. The storm that had come upon them was thundering and crying in the background and just before Demyx was able to approach the ship a strong wave overtook him and carried him father away. Gasping for breath he put everything he had back into closing the distance between him and the ship. When he finally arrived a long, thick rope was dropped down to him, but he could not seem to grasp it tight enough to climb up. Another wave came up to the ship and smashed him against the side, smearing his face in the slimy algae that coated the bottom. There was a splash next to him that he ignored till a strong arm wrapped tightly around his waist.

"Hold on to me," Xigbar's voice growled low in his throat as he swam the short distance back to the rope and wrapped his arm tightly around it. The crew pulled the, up just as another large wave crashed over their ankles. As they landed roughly on the deck Demyx found himself being pulled up to his feet by the other men of the crew. A silly grin graced his face as torrents of rain began to smatter the deck. He felt the crew slap him on the back, congratulating him from escaping from the enemy ship and then as he turned he ran into Xigbar. His smile faded as the older man glowered at him and then he winced as a vice like grip grabbed his arm. "Come with me," he ordered as he half dragged, half yanked Demyx towards his cabin. Once they were there he threw him into the room and slammed the door. "What are you? Are you a ghost, a demon? A spirit sent to punish me for something I did?" he asked. His ponytail had been pulled out and his long hair hung down his chest. Demyx squeezed his eyes shut, his anger that had swelled within his chest had been cooled by the ocean water.

"No…I'm not any of those, I'm just…" he looked away and took a deep shuddering breath. "We were Nobodies once, you and I and we…we were lovers…"

"I think I would remember that!" Xigbar instantly snapped.

"No! You obviously don't because if you did than you're avoiding me and that pisses me off, you named your ship after me!" he shouted, growing angry again. Funny, he never thought that he had such a quick temper before. "The Melodious Nocturne Xigbar that was my name! I was Demyx the Melodious Nocturne!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. "Please Xigbar you have to believe me!" he begged.

Believe him? Of course he believed him, how else would that explain the strange dreams he'd been having, and the fact that whenever Demyx looked at him a strange feeling of possession overcame him and he wanted nothing more than to touch him inappropriately. He stalked over to the younger man and grabbed him roughly, setting him against the wall while he kissed him deeply. It felt right this time, especially when Demyx's mouth parted every so slightly beneath his, softening so that Xigbar could plunder it mercilessly. He lost himself in the feelings, drowning in the unique scent that was Demyx, he smelled like clovers and tasted like something foreign, something sweet and something tangy. When he pulled away Demyx stiffened.

"No!" Demyx started crying. All the memories had rushed over him and he could have sworn that they were back at headquarters and nothing bad had happened. He wanted to feel that again.

Xigbar wasn't sure what made him stop and comply with the request, maybe it was the pleading anguish in his voice. He had such an incredible story, they'd just met and yet now Xigbar felt as if they had known each other for far longer. "What do you want me to do?" he whispered against Demyx's quivering lips.

"I just want you to love me, I love you so much, whenever I think about you now my chest hurts, I thought I could be happy if I could just be close to you but I can't Xiggy, I want you so bad…" he cried. "Don't push me away again!"'

Xigbar sighed inwardly, how'd he get stuck with this problem? But he couldn't deny that he was attracted to the tear-filled eyes that were pleading for anything he would give him. Maybe one night of this wouldn't be so bad. Xigbar bent down and gently kissed Demyx again. "Alright, just…this…once…" he whispered as he pulled Demyx against his hard body and kissed him harder. Demyx relaxed instantly and began tugging at his clothing.

The wet cloth tore easily as the two drifted towards the bed and kicked off boots and belts and shreds of clothing. Xigbar moved his kisses lower to his neck and finally stripped the last piece of clothing from his body. He braced himself above the younger man and examined him. He had the body of a god, he had to! It was perfect and smooth, not one scar marked his flesh despite his questionable history, and he was absolutely perfect. A tightly muscles stomach shivered beneath his fingertips as his hand drifted lower and gripped his arousal firmly.

Demyx groaned and his panting increased. "Xiggy…I love you Xiggy!" he kept groaning. Xigbar had never been called Xiggy in his life, he should have found it irritating, but he found it rather endearing. He growled low in his throat as his hand began to stroke over the younger man steadily, catching his pants of pleasure.

Demyx, even in his haze of overwhelming passion felt Xigbar take off the rest of his clothes, the cool air of the cabin making him shiver as he hugged himself. Little did he know that he looked so innocent and vulnerable that Xigbar grew so hard it suddenly pained him. He crawled on top of Demyx quickly and drew them tightly together.

"Open your legs and relax," Xigbar whispered softly, Demyx immediately complied and Xigbar wasted no time in sliding inside him, the rough initial thrust causing both of them to groan aloud. If he hadn't been so tight, Xigbar would have assumed this wasn't his first time. Though it had been a long time since they had touched like this ,Demyx fell back into their old rhythm so quickly that Xigbar found himself impressed that he had caught on for their first time.

Xigbar gripped his hips roughly and slammed into him again and again, not able to control it any longer. There was something, something about this that seemed right, what was it, what was he trying to reach? There was something there, just out of his grasp. When he came it was unexpected, so focused had he been, trying to grasp that elusive feeling. He felt something hot spread against his own stomach as Demyx lay there panting, face flushed and eyes scrunched closed. Xigbar fell down beside him. "Demyx, I had this feeling, I was…I can't describe it…" he murmured.

Demyx smiled at him, he could see that look in Xigbar's eyes, the look that told him that Xigbar was close to remembering who they were together. "Xigbar, I wasn't lying…we were lovers…" he smiled reaching for him.

But something was wrong; no matter how far his arms reached he couldn't grab Xigbar. "No!! What's happening!" he shouted just before the darkness came.

No…not again, was this his punishment again? He wasn't specific enough? He wanted to stay with Xigbar forever! What did he ever do to deserve this? They had just spent an incredible time together and now…now he was alone for eternity? Just as he was falling back into his despair there was another brilliant flash of light. "What the hell?" where the last words he uttered before the darkness faded away and he found himself in a new world.