"And that's how your mother and father met!" Jareth told his grandchildren who were currently piled on their older brother's bed.

"GRANDPA!!! That story was mushy!!" the twins Dante and Toby complained before they jumped their little sister. Tulla started making such a fuss that Jareth gently plucked the six year old from her nine year old brothers and set her in his lap. However her older sister Sarah came to her rescue by clapping the twins down onto the bed, she was quite strong for eleven.

"I thought it was a great story grandpa!" she told him before she looked at her older brother Myde for conformation. Myde, the oldest at thirteen was staring out the window dreamily before popping back into reality.

"It was great! I liked the part about mom being a pirate!" he added just make sure that his grandfather knew that he had been paying attention. Jareth smiled indulgently, he couldn't help it.

"So it was all Auntie Tabbi's magic that helped mommy find daddy right?" Dante finally asked when he and Toby were done wrestling.

"That's right, she knew more than I how much your mother and father loved each other!" Jareth agreed as he bounced little Tulla on his knee. "She of course came back after a few years and has been here in the castle ever since!"

"Until she goes on one of her adventures!" Sarah pouted. "Auntie Tabbi said she'd take me on one someday but she keeps telling me I'm not old enough!" she sighed.

"She's just waiting for you to grow up just a few years more then you can go on all the adventures that you want!" Myde told his sister. The children then made such an uproar that Jareth had to shout to get them under control again.

"Now, now it's time for bed, in with all of you!" he ordered as the twins scrambled for their bed as Sarah leapt to her bed across from Myde's. Myde himself straightened the covers on his bed before climbing in and Jareth put little Tulla into a small bed that was shapped like a birds nest before cover covering her up. "Goodnight children, and sweet dreams, I'll see you all tomorrow!" he said before kissing each of the children and closing the door. As he passed a window to his suite he looked out to see a light go out in the master suite in the tallest tower. He smiled, it was going to be their anniversary soon and they had been very busy with preparations, they deserved a night together.


Meanwhile mindless giggling was coming from the large bed in the master suite as Xigbar danced attention onto his mate's throat. "Xiggy stop it!" Demyx laughed. Xigbar pulled back and smirked at his lover. He had hardly changed a bit, he aged generously, his face occasionally interrupted by a laugh line or small wrinkle. His once angular and sharp body now a bit soft and filled out, but he was still slim and fit. Xigbar supposed that four pregnancies (one with twins) would do that do one's body, but even if Demyx had gained a hundred pounds he'd still love him. His hair was longer now, more like his father's had been all those years ago, but Demyx kept it pulled back most of the time. Tonight thought it was spread on the pillow behind him as Xigbar lunged for his throat again.

Demyx squealed and wrestled with him, turning him over and pinning him down, his lover hadn't aged a bit and he was so jealous! Well that's not true, Xigbar did have more grey hair than he did when they first met, and he did have a few wrinkles here and there when he smiled. He was still handsome though. "Wanna fuck now?" he demanded cheekily. Xigbar laughed and tugged Demyx down onto his already raging member, with no lubricant there was a shout of pain and a shudder from them both as he put himself inside. "Ooohhhh…Xiggy…mmmm" Demyx's vocabulary when in the throws of passion hadn't evolved much, but Xigbar found that that was quite alright with him. He slowly slid Demyx up and down his shaft groaning the whole time. "Yes….yes!! Yes!!" Demyx groaned out loud and came with a shudder, seconds before his lover did the same, he collapsed on top of Xigbar and giggled again as he rolled them over. Their sessions these days were never long, but after their anniversary Demyx knew the tempo would pick up again, they were both so tired from the preparations though they were lucky to roll around for a few moments before passing out.

They lay there for a moment facing each other and cuddling when Xigbar kissed his forehead. "Tobi is coming back tomorrow to visit!" he said softly. "I arranged for some roses to be given to her, after all if it wasn't for her…" he let it drop.

"We owe her a lot, Sarah's been telling me how she wants to go on adventures with her…" he sighed. "I don't know if I want her to go though…"

"We can always ask Sora and Riku to accompany Sarah and Tobi," Xigbar suggested. "You know how much they love the children!" he added.

"Yes that's true, well their kids get along so well with ours, well maybe not Myde, but he's getting better!" Demyx added of his eldest child.

"Yes he is, the twins though, goodness what a nightmare!" Xigbar sighed. "I caught them trying to tie Nanny up the other day but before I could help her she whacked them what for…I don't think they'll be trying that again!" he laughed.

"Nanny is so happy with the children, I think Tulla is her favorite," Demyx yawned, his voice floating to more of a whisper. Xigbar decided it was a good time to stop the conversation so he kissed his mate and snuggled close to him.

"I love you!" he murmured

"I love you too!"

And so they continued to love one another through their lives and even into their next ones for everyone knows that true love has no boundaries.