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You're Worth More


Nick entered the small hospital room and winced; Greg, unmoving, on the hospital bed, as pale as the surrounding sheets.

He drifted over, sitting in the chair by the bed and grabbing onto Greg's hand. He was used to a reassuring squeeze back, but not this time. Greg's hand rested limply in his and it made him want to burst into tears. But, no, he had to be strong, for him and Greg.

"Mmm…" Greg mumbled, eyes fluttering open. He sucked in a breath when he realized who was sitting next to his bed. "Nick…"

"Hey, G," the Texan answered, running his thumb soothingly over the back of Greg's hand. "How're you doin', huh?"

Greg stared at him. "Fine."

"Now, we all know that's not true," Nick said. "You say that but you're not."

Greg was silent for several minutes, and Nick began to wonder if this was a refusal to talk to him, but then Greg voiced his thoughts, voice shaky. "He's dead."


"Demetrius James," Greg replied, still staring strait ahead.

"So?" Nick asked, shocking even himself.

"I killed him, Nick. I killed him," Greg said, moving his hand out of Nick's and dropping into his lap. "I took another's life…"

"He was going kill you, Greg," Nick said.

"Yeah, look at how well my little plan turned out," Greg said, bitterly. "Dragged out of my car through the window, beaten to a pulp, and left for dead."

"Greg…" Nick whispered, leaning down to get his head right next to Greg's. "You're gonna listen to me, and you're gonna listen good, got it?" It pained him to have to speak to Greg like that, but obviously the gentle convincing of him hadn't worked.

Greg stared at him, but nodded all the same.

"You, Greg Sanders, are worth so much more than the scum that was Demetrius James; he helped in the deliberate attempts at killing three people, and succeeded once. Did you mean to kill Demetrius James?" Greg shook his head. "See? You are worth so much more than him, got it?"

Greg stared at him. "But-."

"No ifs ands or buts about it," Nick said. "Now, really, how are you doing?"

Greg was silent for several more minutes. Nick was just about to ask again, when a tear slid down Greg's cheek, his bottom lip quivering severally. "I was scared," he whispered. "I really thought I was going to die tonight, Nick."

"Oh, Greg," Nick whispered, taking Greg into his arms. "Shh…"

"And, the worst part about it, you'd never know how much I care about you…" Greg whispered. "So, I'll just go ahead and say it; I love you, Nick Stokes."

Nick smiled, hugging Greg tighter. "Love you too, G." he pulled back, kissing Greg's cheek and pushing him back towards his pillows. "You rest, now."

Greg nodded, scooting over and patting the mattress next to him. "Just until I fall asleep."

Nick smiled, getting into the hospital bed, and wrapping his arms around Greg. "Okay."


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