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Que Sera, Sera's Chapter One: Starlight

Enjoying freshman year was a given for many if not the majority of college students. And Bella certainly did enjoy it. It was also nice to have been surrounded by people that didn't have preconceived notions about her. One of her main reasons for choosing to attend college over 1500 miles away from her home in Phoenix City.

As an added advantage, decent familiarity was only a few hours away in the form of her somewhat distant father, Charlie. He had been overwhelmingly happy to hear that Bella had chosen to go to school in Washington State. Since the past September, she had only been to Forks three times, and never more than a weekend. It was not too big of a deal though. Charlie came to visit her sometimes, and he always made sure to have the weekend off to devote solely to her when she did come.

They had gotten closer over the past 8 months, and Bella was grateful for it. She remembered the awkward summers of her childhood, going to Charlie's. She had enjoyed them at the time but not really been in favor of the area. It was not exciting, and it had been very different from Phoenix. Small. Wooded. It had been the heaven of a girl that was raised to ride horses and fish, but for someone who liked the noise of cities, the silence was deafening.

Seattle was wonderful though. Her classes were going well, and she was excited about the coming year. Not that she had much free time. She was going to work through the summer and try to earn a scholarship to a culinary school in the Northeast. So, there was much need to celebrate before all hell broke loose. Finals were over, so she and her friends were taking a much needed night of partying at "Starlight", the newest club in town, to drink and dance.

Bella's first time in a club had been horrible. She had felt awkward and strange, too paranoid of the various men around her and her two friends to drink a drop the whole night. Not that she was technically allowed to drink a drop. But, they had let her in, and they certainly hadn't complained.

The second time, with two male friends along for a New Year's Eve celebration, they had really cut loose. Bella did not remember clearly what happened that night. But she had drank. And she had danced, getting into the music and relaxing. She had moved freely, not caring how she looked to others. And it apparently had been attractive to many of the men around her according to her friends.

Since then, she had been able to enjoy herself with or without liquor involved. It had become a pleasure to cut look after a stressful week of school with someone serving her and then dancing the night away with random people.

She had never taken on a normal club-goer as a "partner" in any way. Most of the ones that were there and single were more interested in feeling her up than they were in having a nice dance followed by a conversation over drinks. But she still managed to have a good time with just the dancing and going home with only her friends at her side.

It was her first time at Starlight. And the reasoning for the name had become quickly apparent. The ceiling was a dark midnight blue under the glow of lights and small strings of white lights were along the tall ceiling. When a dancer looked up, it was almost like looking up into a clear night sky. The atmosphere was energetic and friendly, and there were very few occupied seats compared to the number of people in the club. That was definitely a good thing.

Her friends laughed about something, and Angela offered to by the first round. "Apple martinis, all?" The other our nodded, Luke going with her while the rest found a table. A few drinks later, and they were all on the dance floor, bodies weaving around them. They were having a good time, and Bella was in high spirits. She closed her eyes, dancing with her arms up in the air, swaying as if hypnotized to the music. She felt a hand touch her waist and smiled. She began to dance with the man behind her, only glancing to make sure he didn't look like some crazy person before getting back into the music. After a moment though, his hands reached around and started to run up her thighs, pulling her skirt up a bit.

She turned around and snorted derisively at him before pushing him away with two palms. Luke and Julie laughed at her sides, but their faces did not catch her attention. Standing at the side of the dance floor with an amused smile on his face was the most attractive man she had ever seen. She bit her lip subconsciously, almost willing him to come toward her. It seemed to work to, because his smile widened as he stepped in her direction. Bella felt her heartbeat speed up a bit.

Gorgeous. Dark hair adorned his head. It dropped to the ends and seemed to curl slightly around his ears with a boyish sort of charm. This was no boy though. He appeared to be in his mid to late twenties, which was around the age she looked. He was much taller than Carlisle. She would say around six and a half feet. Maybe a tiny bit over. His skin was a dark golden color, and his jaw was square. Her eyes ran down his body as she lightly swayed to the music. Dark jeans with tight black t-shirt. He didn't look like a body builder, but he was no chump. She could see the well defined muscles despite the 10 feet in a dark room between them. Had God made him just for her? She looked back into his eyes and wondered if they had more seriously.

His eyes were dark, smoldering even. And they were watching her move as if he could anticipate what she would do. They didn't leave her form for a second. He looked at her as if he were an old, very familiar lover. He looked at her as if she was already his, almost predatorily but not in a rapist kind of way. She vaguely noticed a group of men that had somewhat similar looks and build around him. They were talking and not really looking at him. His eyes left hers to move to the man that had just touched his shoulder. He looked back at her for a second before nodding to his friend. The rest walked toward the bar, but he continued to advance toward her. She turned away with a blush, continuing to dance.

She slowly dipped back into the music and started to dance again. She looked up at the ceiling, smiling at the small white lights bouncing off of it. It really was like dancing under the stars. She slowly closed her eyes and twirled around, not caring how she looked to the people around her, just enjoying the dancing. Eli had once commented on her dancing. He had said she looked completely "free" in the moment. He hadn't been able to explain it further, but Bella understood in a way. She did feel free when dancing. Even though she wasn't a prisoner of any sort when she wasn't. It was liberating and exhilarating and joyful.

She could feel the dark stranger coming toward her. She couldn't explain it, but it was true. She could feel him nearing her, the heat of him warming her skin to nearly uncomfortable levels, making it tingle. She felt strong hands grab her waist, pulling her back against him. His head descended to her ear, and he whispered in a deep baritone, "Mind if I dance with you?"

Bella smiled and shook her head, slightly, continuing to move with her music. She heard him inhale the smell of her. She was very happy she had showered before coming and that she hadn't been here long enough to work up too much of a sweat... She heard what she thought to be a light rumbling growl come from behind her and smiled. He moved nicely with her, but not exactly how she wanted. He was a bit too stiff. Her hands slid down her side and came to rest on top of his on her waist. Slowly, she started to move, letting him feel how she wanted him to move with her body. He picked up on his quickly.

The man gently pulled her closer to him, dancing with her in a way that rarely happened. Her head tipped back gently as they moved in rhythm to the music. The distance between their hips closed, and they danced against each other perfectly. Their bodies molding together and moving perfectly with the music. He was not insistent. And his hands stayed where they had originally been placed. His grip on her was firm yet gentle.

"You are….intoxicating." She turned around to face him and looked up into his eyes. She smiled, raising her right hand up to chest. "What is your name?" she said carefully.

"Jacob," he said with a smile. She nodded once.

"Well, Jacob, I need a drink," she said, pulling away from him slightly.

"Allow me?" Bella nodded. His hand grabbed hers, pulling her toward the bar.

After getting their drinks and finding a seat at a nearby table, he looked into her eyes. "So, you know my name. May I have the same in return?"

"Bella," she said softly. He smiled, "That is a beautiful name."

Bella smiled at him, and he leaned toward her a bit. "Do you have a boyfriend, Bella?" Bella shook her head, taking a sip of her drink. "Well… may I kiss you then?"

Bella raised an eyebrow in surprise. "You move fast, don't you, Jacob?" He had the decency to look embarrassed for a moment.

"I can't help myself. You are… something." Bella raised her eyebrows again.

"I hope that is a good thing." She paused for a moment, looking at him. What was the harm in a kiss? "Yes, you may kiss me."

Jacob smiled at her before scooting nearer to her and gently pressing his lips to hers. Bella felt her eyes close and exhaled a long breath. Her hand involuntarily raised itself to his shoulder, pulling him a little closer to her. He reacted with passion, pressing his lips more firmly against hers. Slowly, her mouth opened, their tongues gently touching each other as his arms came to wrap around her waist, pulling her even closer. She went limp in his arms.

She had not kissed many men. But she had certainly never been kissed like this. It was as if every tiny nerve in her body was tingling. Every part of her brain telling her to further it. She felt drunk on him, and she felt as if she couldn't get close enough. He pulled her into his lap, and her hands pressed against his chest as she lightly nipped his lip. His mouth moved from her lips, kissing a trail from the side of her mouth down across her neck. At the arch of it, he started to kiss again, inhaling deeply.

Bella couldn't help but tip her head back and away from him, giving him free reign. She jerked a bit when she felt a pinch on her neck, hearing his moan. But it was only matched by her own.

"JAKE!" They were jerked out of their stupor by a voice at their side. They pulled away from each other to look at the intruder, and she heard Jacob growl in annoyance. One of his friends was standing there with a very amused look on his face. His eyes looked over Bella and seemed to rest on a point between their faces before his eyes slightly widened.

"I was going to offer to get you a beer. But… I need to talk to you. Can you leave your girl here for a second?"

Jacob looked at her as if seeking permission and she smiled. "I'll be right here." He kissed her quickly on the mouth before walking away from his friend who seemed to be looking back at her and whispering quickly to a stiffening Jacob.

The dancers filled the area between her and Jacob, and he was quickly out of view. Apparently the club was pretty close to capacity. She got a glimpse of him and a nervous smile before feeling a hand on her shoulder. "Bella, we need to get out of here."

Bella looked up at Julie with a frown. "Why?" she said, pouting. She grinned. "I met this great guy. Hell of a kisser!"

Julie sighed, "Eli got a little too drunk. He passed out into a table. He's pretty out of it so we are going to take him into the hospital to make sure he doesn't have a concussion. Do you want to stay here?"

Bella shook her head, instantly concerned. "No, no, I am coming." She looked in the direction of the bar, and caught a glimpse of Jacob again. He seemed to be in a very serious discussion. She frowned. With luck, shed see him again. If he was impressed with her enough, he'd be back.

She stood up and walked out of the club with Julie, jumping into the car where Eli was in the back seat, halfway conscious. The car started to pull away, and he started complaining of his head starting to hurt badly. Bella looked out of the back window by chance and was somewhat surprised to see Jacob run into the middle of the street after the car. His hands dropped to his side as they turned the corner, and Bella didn't see him fall to his knees.

"Que Sera, Sera." She said, hopefully before starting to talk to Eli with Julie to keep him awake.

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