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We worked at our relationship… worked at it enough to become comfortable and so happy with each other we wanted to bring him into the world. We were happy before Bella showed up, and I want us to work to be happy for far after she's gone." At this, Jenny turned her hands in his, and placed his larges palms on her baby bump.

"For the vast majority of the population… we choose who we love. I chose you a long time ago, and I am still choosing you today. We need you."

Jacob looked up from her stomach to her eyes and nodded with tears in his eyes. "I swear it. I will do my best to always choose you." With that final promise, Jenny leaned in and kissed her husband softly on the mouth for the first time since the news of Embry and Bella broke.

Que Sera, Sera's Chapter 22: The Counterpart

The rest of Jared and Kim's wedding day ran smoothly. Jacob and Jenny had went to the reception and had a great time. They didn't speak to Embry or Bella, but Jacob planned to talk with him that night as everyone was leaving. He didn't feel comfortable keeping it from him any longer. Plus, it would be good to have some sort of answer to why he was behaving so irrationally.

It seemed to make sense, his loving Bella. He now knew he shared half of his DNA with Embry. Logically, if Bella was the best genetic match for his brother, she would be a better one for him as well. Still, he berated himself for how he had acted and resolved to fix it. If he could.

As everyone started to leave that evening, Jacob became nervous. He knew Embry wouldn't just accept the information and his apology. On top of that, if he was honest with himself, he wouldn't accept it as well as he believed Embry would, if the tables were turned.

He had just offered to go get Jenny some punch when she shook her head and nudged him.

"It looks like they are about to leave. You had better go do this now if you are wanting to talk to him tonight."

Jacob nodded and stood, surprised when Jenny rose with him, taking his hand.

"I want to introduce myself to Bella again. I'll talk to her while you speak with Embry," she said softly. He looked at her warily, but nodded again, walking with her across the room. They came up to Embry and Bella as they were saying their goodnights to Sam and Emily.

Jacob cleared his throat, causing Embry to turn around as Sam stared over his shoulder and nodded.

"Yes?" Embry asked. Bella turned as well from her conversation with Emily, but she couldn't bring herself to look Jacob or Jenny in the eyes.

"Embry… do you mind if we talk? It is important."

Embry looked at Bella and then at Jenny before back to Bella. Bella smiled and nodded, squeezing his hand.

"We will go outside," Embry said. He leaned down and kissed Bella on the cheek before leading Jacob out .

Bella looked back to where Sam and Emily had been standing to see they had left and were across the room. She turned to look back at Jenny.

Jenny smiled at her, even if it was a little forced. "Hi, Bella. I'm Jenny," she said, quietly, reaching out a hand.

"Hello," Bella replied, shaking it cautiously. Jenny had not seemed very friendly earlier. "Uhm… congratulations on the baby."

Jenny nodded, looking down at her stomach for a moment before back up at Bella. "Thank you. Do you mind… can we talk?"

Bella swallowed but nodded, and the two walked together to a table, sitting down across from each other.

Jenny folded her hands on the table and looked down at them before up at Bella. "I… I was rude today. During the ceremony? I want to apologize for that. I know that none of this is your fault."

Bella frowned, silent, and tried to imagine why Jenny would have looked at her so angrily. Then, she had to admit, she understood. A woman's husband had offered to leave her, while pregnant, to be with another woman. Admittedly, Bella had no interest in Jacob anymore, but… she could understand Jenny being angry, threatened, and taking it out on her.

"I… I think I understand. I want to assure you, though, I don't want Jacob. I am not trying to ruin your marriage."

Jenny looked ashamed, nodding. "I know that. It's just… Jake and I were so happy. Then, the next thing I know, he is saying he's leaving me for someone else. I know it is his fault and that you never asked him to leave, but it still hurt. I took it out on you, and I am sorry for that. I understand if you hate me," she whispered.

Bella shook her head. "I don't hate you, and I forgive you for earlier. I really do wish you as much happiness as possible with the person you love. I don't know if we will ever be great friends; I am not sure if I will ever want to speak with Jacob again. He, well, he quite possibly hurt me more than he has hurt you. I know that seems crazy, but… anyway… I don't want you to feel like you have to avoid me, and I don't want you to feel threatened by me being around."

"I don't really know all that is going on outside of just Jacob and I, but… well, we talked. We're going to try to make it work. He is trying to make some sort of peace with Embry right now. Despite all that's happened, I do want us be friends some day. You are right, though, I don't know if it is possible right now."

Bella nodded and the two stood at the same time. "Good luck with your pregnancy and with Jacob," she said, sticking her hand out again.

Jenny shook it, "And you with Embry. I hope you find everything you want in him." They smiled kindly to eachother and then parted ways, Bella going to get punch as Jenny walked outside of the tent and onto the sand.

Embry walked outside with Jacob and led him to the tree line. Once he reached it, he spun, and calmly yet forcefully spoke. "What do you want?"

Jacob looked at his feet, trying to imagine how this was going to play out. Blank.

"I wanted to tell you a few things," he replied. Embry twitched a hand with a "go on" motion and waited.

"Well, Embry, first… Jenny and I have decided to make things work between us. I thought you would like to know that."

"Giving up now that you have successfully eavesdropped on my private conversation with Bella?," Embry snarled, shaking minutely.

Jacob forced himself to stay calm. "Partly, yes. I realize how serious the two of you are, and I am ready to admit that you imprinted on her. There was something else I was wanting to tell you though."

"Besides the obvious? That you imprinted on her, too?" Embry said sarcastically.

Once again, Jacob forced himself to stay calm. There were more important things than fighting with Embry tonight. "No. I think that part of me, of my wolf side, recognized her as a better genetic match for me, though."

"Better than me? Well, if that were so, I wouldn't have imprinted on her, would I have?" Embry continued, glaring while he tried to keep from phasing.

"No. I am not a better match for her. She is a better match for me than anyone I have met before, including Jenny."

"How does that make any sense?" Embry said, feeling as if he was losing his ability to stay cool.

Jacob frowned. "It will be easier if we phase so I can show you," he said, quietly. "I… I just want to warn you, though, it will make you angry."

Embry looked at him, trying to gauge if he was trying to bait him into something. Finally, he nodded. Together, they stripped off their clothes; the time for embarrassment was years in their past. They phased, and immediately, Embry was assaulted with Jacob's memory of a conversation with Billy Black.

"Your mom decided to take the girls and visit her parents for a week one summer to give me some space. She had been gone for two days when the reservation had a big barbecue. I got really drunk that night and woke up the next morning in," Billy hesitated before releasing a breath and continuing, "Mariah Call's bed. We both agreed it was a mistake, and I left immediately."

Embry looked at Jacob in surprise, and felt as if he knew what was coming next. Was the biggest question he had ever had about to be answered?

"And Ms. Call?" Jacob said hollowly.

"Your mom spoke to her the week after our affair. Mariah left to stay at the Makah reservation with some cousins. She returned with Embry."

"Is he…" Jacob started. Billy raised his hand to silence him.

"I think so. Honestly, I do. Mariah never told me. She respected your mother too much. She raised Embry alone, as you know, and he has no idea who his father is. It is… well, I don't see how it could be anyone different. He's just a month younger than you."

Embry shook his head in confusion, staring at who he now knew to be his brother.

"Why… why didn't he ever tell me?" Embry asked, his voice breaking.

Jacob looked at his paws. "He told me that my mom asked him to stay away from yours, and he did. He said he didn't want to risk his happiness with his family?"

"AND WHAT ABOUT MY HAPPINESS?"Embry roared. Jacob stepped back, and Embry growled before sitting down, his front paws shaking with anger. "What do you think this means when it comes to Bella?" he said, forcing his voice to be quiet.

"I… I think it proves that we are half brothers. We share DNA, so… Bella must be half of a genetic match for me. It caused the feelings…" Embry growled, and Jacob backtracked, speaking quickly.

"I am not saying it excuses my behavior. I…I did wrong. I am just saying that that might be the reason behind it. Behind me thinking that at least."

Embry was silent and finally nodded before phasing back. Jacob quickly followed suit, and they both put their suits back on. "I need to think about this, Jake. I'll talk to you later. Goodbye." Embry moved past Jacob and left him in the woods. He wanted to leave. He was done with the pack and reservation crap for the night. He just wanted to get Bella and go home.

He walked back to the tent and passed Jenny without speaking. Once inside, he quickly found Bella, drinking some punch as she sat at a table with Quil and Claire. "Bella… I need to get out of here. Are you ready?" Bella and Quil looked up at him with concern while Claire continued to eat her cake.

"Sure. Are you okay?"

Embry shook his head. "No. I don't want to talk about it right now, though. Can we get out of here?"

Bella nodded and stood. Cautiously, she took Embry's vibrating hand, waving goodbye to Quil as they headed out. On the way out of the tent, they passed Jacob and Jenny. Bella glared at Jacob, sure that it was his fault.

For once, Embry did not drive. He simply handed the keys to Bella and walked to his side of the car, getting in. "Can I stay at your place tonight? I want to get off of the fucking reservation for a few days," he snapped, immediately feeling bad for sounding so angry.

Bella simply nodded and turned on the car, starting the drive. Finally, she did the only thing that Embry really wanted at the moment, and reached out, taking her hand in his as she started the drive back to Port Angeles.

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