This is a parody of all male pregnancy fics, so if you're going to get offended don't bother reading. If not, read on!

Man Babies

"Potter, I'm pregnant and the baby's yours!" Draco Malfoy announced dramatically in front of the Great Hall, looking at Harry with tears made out of crystal falling out of his mercury eyes. Everyone who happened to be in the room gasped dramatically, looking between the two rivals in shock but not at all surprised by the fact that a man announced that he was pregnant, because it happened everyday in the Wizarding world. Wizards had babies left, right and centre; it was perfectly normal.

"Gasp! How did this happen? God, why do you hate me so?" Harry announced, looking towards Dumbledore in question.

"You don't want the baby? But I thought you loved me, even though you never said that because this baby is just the result of a drunken one night stand!" the tall blonde, not blond because he was certainly a girl now that he was going to have babies, bawled.

"We might as well get together, everyone knows that people that have one night stands secretly love each other but don't want to say because they are internal rivals and can never face up to their feelings!" Harry announced and pounced on Draco, and they started kissing, when they finished kissing they carried on kissing until they stopped kissing. That was when the kissing stopped.

"Let's go and live in your parents house and have more babies!" Draco said, smiling his genuine smile which he kept saved up just for Harry, who was now the love of his life.

"Yeah like fifty of them!" the green eyed boy replied, and they walked out of the Great Hall.And they lived happily ever after and had tons of babies who were all called Marvin Thomas Harold Draconis Malfoy Potter the first, the second and so on and so forth.

The End.

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