Chapter 33: PROM NIGHT

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Alice and Rosalie ran right into our trap. They saw the boys on their knees, and ran straight for them, not thinking for a second what they could be running into. Jane grouped them into her gaze as well, and then all five were on the ground. I had learned a few spells myself from James over the years, and had put another layer of mental "reinforcement" on the guys--I turned my attention towards Alice and Rosalie now to give them the same mental "attention." I didn't want Jane's gaze to be the only force keeping them powerless.

Jane was being a bitchy downer again though.

"Where's Bella? Go find Bella before she causes any more mischief. Don't worry about your mental reinforcements for now. I've got them all secured."

I snorted at the way she described Bella-as if she was some force to be reckoned with.

"That mousey human is afraid of her own shadow. She'll come wandering out here haphazardly soon enough." I then turned my voice in the direction of Edward for his own benefit. "And when Bella does wander out here, I have a very special present for her and her vampire boyfriend." Edward's eyes grew frantic with fear on top of his pain.

"That's right, Edward, I'm going to torture your dumb skank of a human girlfriend before I kill her, murder the rest of your family, and then steal your Aston Martin on top of it. All in the name of James. Payback's a bitch, isn't it?"

"Victoria...will you stop revealing your enitre blueprint for world domination and actually look for Bella already?" Jane shook her head. "Don't worry about mentally reinforcing Alice and Rosalie--worry about getting Bella under control. She's a loose canon."

Just then, I heard it...clink, clink, clink, clink...Those were teetering skank heels if I ever head some. And being that Bella is a teetering skank, well...


I raised my hands up sarcastically at Jane. "I told you the girl would come right to us..."

Bella suddenly appeared around the corner, her face falling at the sight of her beloved vampires being tortured on the ground.

"NO!" She began running at full speed towards her adopted family--and us. She really had no self-survival instincts whatsoever.

"Leave my family alone!" Bella tripped mid-sentence, toppling over onto her knees.

"Sorry, Bella, but I can't leave them alone. In fact, they need to be kept in the position they are now-so they can watch me torture you before I kill you."

Jane shook her head at me. "Victoria-stop with the dramatics, and disable Bella!"

Bella got back up on her feet, her face blushing a dangerous crimson. "Listen up, bitches. Don't mess with a human girl on her prom night when she's THIS close to getting laid by her hot virgin vampire boyfriend!"

Jane and I watched with some surprise as the uncoordinated, feeble human girl ran towards a pole and began spinning around on it by her arms.

"What the hell is she doing," Jane whispered. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Take that, you Dakota Fanning Lookalike Bitch," Bella shrieked as she suddenly flung her legs outward from the pole, her cheap looking whore heels heading straight for Jane's eyes.

"NOOOOO!" Jane screamed out in pure agony as Bella's heels sank into her eye sockets-effectively stopping her death gaze incapacitation of the Cullen vamps. Lucite heels--who knew they were so strong? Other than strippers and hoes that is...

My mind suddenly snapped into survival mode as I realized something. My mental spell on the Cullen brothers was still in place-they couldn't get up. But Alice and Rose were suddenly free from Jane's power--and they were heading right for me.

"BITCH! You broke one of my nails!" Rose was holding up her middle finger, with the nail jagged and torn. "You realize I can't grow this back ANY TIME SOON, right?"

Alice started in next, as I slowly retreated with a wall to my back to give me better back coverage. Alice held up her broken heel. "Victoria. You had the nerve to try to harm my family." She then shook her head threateningly. "But then you had to go and do this? Break the heel off my Jimmy Choos? And not JUST any Jimmy Choos? But my special order Grant-Silk-satin-peep-toe-Jimmy-Choos? YOU'VE CROSSED THE LINE!"

Bella started spinning on a pole near me again in a way that made me uncomfortable. Those damn hooker shoes of hers could pack quite a wallop. She started gaining momentum with her spinning-I could hear the air whoosing around her louder and louder.

I noticed a human scent close by as Bella's air whooshing brought the scent over to me. I turned around quickly, finding a frail human girl who must have happened upon the scene and was frozen behind a dumpster, hoping to not be noticed. Too late. I threw her in front of me and put hand around her neck.

"Anyone of you ladies move closer in my direction, and I break this human's neck." My voice sounded like I meant business-I knew my face looked like it meant business too. So, why were Bella, Rosalie, and Alice in hysterics? Bella wasn't even slowing down on the pole.

"You're joking, right Victoria? Lauren Mallory is the biggest twat at Forks High. I mean seriously, she tried to rub against Edward's junk during Nutrition just last week-break Lauren Mallory's neck twice for all I care."

I sighed in fustration-petty humans! I threw the girl aside and knew of another human closer to Bella's heart.

"Bella, I'm holding Jacob captive too." Before I could finish my threat, Bella's face made a fierce expression that cut me off. She was swirling at top speed on the pole as she screamed in my direction:

"You are going down, Firecrotch! No one's touching my man, my family, OR my pup friends!"

It all happened in slow motion it seemed. I saw Bella quickly swinging in my direction, her legs spreading in anticipation of striking me.I bared my teeth and began to claw in her direction. Her soft skin would be easy to puncture-I could kill her in one move. But something funny happened along the way as I attempted to kill Bella Swan. Her hair--her goddamn hair of all things, kept getting in the way. It was as hard and impenetrateable as her Lucite heels. Everytime I tried to bite or claw her, her thick, ominpresent, and HARD hair got in the way. As if she could read my mind she yelled:

"It's called Aqua Net aerosol Hairspray, Victoria. There's a reason cholas put it in their hair before they get initiated into a gang with a "beat-in!"


That's right. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had her stakes and tae kwon do to kill vampires with. But Bella Swan? She had Lucite Heels and Aqua Net Aerosol Hairspray to thank for taking down Victoria. I didn't do it alone of course--Alice and Rosalie soon helped to hold her down and dismember her and Jane. I couldn't really help with the dismembering-all I could do was stomp my Lucite heels into her here and there. But I did help with the most important part of Vampire destruction. I got the blaze going.

"Bella, we need a fire to put all her pieces into. Quick, get a blaze going!"

I looked at her in dismay--it wasn't like I was a boy scout who learned how to get a fire cracking with two sticks or anything. But then I remembered another thing. Aqua Net Aerosol Hairspray was HIGHLY flammable. I stood over Jane and Victoria's remains and sprayed Aquanet over a lighted match. With the end of Victoria, came the end of her spell on our men.

Emmett spoke first as he weakly got up to her feet. " were...amazing right now." He looked at us in complete shock-and deference. Rosalie simply shrugged her shoulders while smirking his way.

Jasper got up next, laughing softly as he stumbled over to Alice and embraced her with awe. "I knew Victoria was done for when she messed with your shoes."

I was on such a high from our little natural born killing spree, I felt like I was forgetting something... something very important...



"Bella? Bella?" Oh please tell me she's going to come for me soon-this hood over my head isn't giving me enough oxygen supply...



Something very important...shit, oh well...I'm sure it will come to me eventually...

My eyes finally landed on Edward. His clothes were torn, his hair was heaping mess on top of his head, and he was silent as he gazed at me. It made me conscious of my appearance all of the sudden. I looked down at myself. My dress was torn, I was a sweating mess, my knees were scraped. And yet, despite my appearance, I felt like I was on top of the world. That if I could take down a murderous vampire on my own and save my family and friends(wait, did I ever find out where Jake was being held captive?), how hard could it honestly be to get laid by one?

"Edward Masen Cullen. I think I've proven how much I love you tonight. How much I love your family as my own. And how much I'm willing to do to keep OUR family safe. And now...all I want to do is to get you back into your you can get into MY Volv-a..."

Edward twitched-I couldn't read the expression on his face. But his feet began moving. Towards me. His breathing was heavy as he grabbed my hand and began to guide me, very quickly, back to his Volvo. I looked back hopefully at Alice and Rosalie. But that was in vain-both couples were scurrying off to their cars as well.


Edward silently opened up his car door, and helped me into the back. This was too good. This was too good to be true. Edward silently obeying to tune up my Vulv-a? No questions asked? Without any guilt trips, worries about "souls," or concerns that his member would feel like a Big Stick Popsicle even we did the deed(silly, boy, doesn' he know I've always been a sucker for Big Sticks?)

"Bella love, we need to talk." Shit, it was too good to be true. He grabbed my hands chastely as I groaned.

"First love, you were so brave and protective out there. I'm so in love and in awe of you right now. As if I didn't put you on a high enough pedestal BEFORE you became a vampire killer..." a put-out sigh escaped my lips.

"Great. Just what I need. A higher pedestal to make it even HARDER for me to get laid by you." He gave me scolding look.

"You act like respecting you is such a horrible thing. I love you and honor you more than anyone has ever loved and respected another. Ever." His head bent over to kiss my hand in my lap. His cheek brushed my breast while his nose curiously brisked against my bud on the way down. I moaned in utter fustration.

"Edward, love and cherish me all you want, I love it. But can't you honor and go down on me at the same time? I mean seriously, in some cultures I'm sure that is the sincerest form of honor you can give a gal...!"

Edward lifted my hand and began to kiss it. Chastely. And yet watching his lips drag alone the back of my palm was driving me crazy. "Ughhh...Edward!"

He looked up innocently. "What, my love?" I just shook my head;if he didn't know what the hell he was doing, what was the point of explaining?

"Bella, I was talking to Ben tonight about some great ways to spend a prom evening..."

Curse Ben...Curse him...Hell, curse Angela too for being such a goddamn perfect example for Edward to aspire to...

"And he gave me some great ideas about helping keep in control for tonight of all nights, so that I can continue to respect and honor love."

Gag. I"m just going to gag right now. I swear I'm going to slash Ben's tires before school on Monday for giving this vampire so much frigidity encouragement.

"There was one particular exercise I think would be really helpful before we go back to dance the night away. He says it's very important for me to get beyond sexualizing your body."

"BEYOND SEXUALIZING MY BODY? How can we get beyond that Edward if you haven't even taken the body out for a sexual test drive yet?"

He put his finger on my lips, rubbing it softly in a way that was making my head crane to the side like an idiot. "Here's the exercise. Both of us take off all our clothes. And then we just talk and enjoy eachother's company--until we get over the initial curiousity of eachother's nude bodies..."

My mouth dropped open. "What?"

Edward nodded soberly. "I think that would really help us get through the rest of the night, if we try to overcome some of these...curiosities."

I quickly agreed; and before I knew it, I was pulling my dress over my head. I took a little more time getting rid of my bra and panties. He let out a low sigh as I bent down on my knees on the seat, leaning foward with my hands in front of my knees, trying to create as much cleavage as possible(unfortunately, I was no Rose in the boob department). "Okay, your turn," I said with as much doe eyed goodness as I could muster.

He nodded solemnly as he took of his jacket, loosened his tie, and began to unbutton his shirt.

"Leave, the tie on," I commanded. What can I say--a naked Edward with a loosened tie had starred in many a fantasy of mine.

He simply shrugged his shoulders and took off his shirt finally-leaving his tie in place. As I looked down on Edward's bare torso, I couldn't help but think that Edward's so beautiful, his beauty can even be translated easily into non-visual forms. To rub down on his baker dozen's pack(cause boyfriend's muscles do not end at a six pack) would be like reading braille, with the words on his abs reading, "I"m fucking hot. Yes, you want a piece of this."

As he began to slowly unbuckle his belt and zip down his pants--I couldn't help it. He was doing it in such a obliviously sexy way, it just came out. I made a weird little yelp--something that Yo Quiero Taco Bell chiquaqua would have yelped out in the throws of passion.

Edward snorted. "What was that, Bella?" It was my turn to shrug my shoulders. "I think I'm still in shock over Victoria and all that...stuff..." Good comeback, Swan, you transparent human...

But he actually bought my line. Edward nodded with concern and bent over to kiss my forehead. His hand accidentally brushed my breast as he leaned in. Odd.

He slowly slid his prom pants down and neatly laid them on the car floor. Once he finally sat back up against the car seat, I finally saw Edward--in his full glory. And what a glory it was.

"Holy shit Edward-you are flawless. You are like the perfect fusion of Michelangelo's David--and Boogie Nights' Dirk Diggler..."

Edward grimaced. "Bella! Stick to the point of the game. We are naked to get beyond sexualizing eachother. So, let's just get the looking out of the way first and then we'll talk."

He stared me up and down--I sorta just stayed focused on his awakening Diggler. And his V spot. And the lower abs too actually...

"Ahem," Edward said uncomfortably as he tried to kick me out of my lustful haze. "Why don't we talk about something now..." I just kept staring at his Diggler. "No really, Bella, let's talk now."

"Talk about what..." I murmured, my eyes never moving from his secret stash of goodness.

"Um, how about our childhoods...That's innocent and nonsexual..."

"Shoot," I said, still gawking at him. "Knock yourself out...tell me all about your childhood..."

"Okay," he said thoughtfully. "Well, I don't think I ever told you this Bella, but my first love as a human youth was horses. I rode horses all the time, it was a true passion of mine."

I looked up at him abruptly. "Really? I didn't know that." Edward on a bucking bronco. Hooootttt...Naked Edward on a bucking bronco...HOoottter...

He nodded sweetly. "Yes, I learned both the Western and English style of riding..." He let that hang in the air as his eyes looked wistful for a moment. His diggler looked wistful too, but I think that had more to do with my naked breast bobbing right in front of it than the diggler thinking about ponies and shit.

"What's the difference between Western and English styles of riding," I asked.

"I can show you if you like." He motioned his hand towards his lap--as if he wanted me to sit on it. His face was so innocent, I felt guilty for what I was thinking inside my dirty head. But he wasn't going to have to ask me twice. I leapt at the chance to straddle him skin on skin.

"Woah, easy there, Bella," Edward laughed as he positioned me farther away from Diggler. "I'm glad you told me to keep my tie on, cause it can be used as a sort of rein."


"Okay, now Bella-- for a Western riding style, you will hold the rein with one hand." He guided my hand to his neck tie. "Now hold on firmly, because it's the rein that keeps you in charge."

A very inappropriate giggle fell out of my mouth as I grabbed a hold to his tie.

"Good grip, Bella. Very firm." Another giggle escaped.

"NOW, here's where Western and English styles differs. Let's pretend I'm the horse." He began to move his pelvis in a pumping motion--my mouth fell open. "And notice my trot." Oh, I'm noticing big boy...

"Western riders hold the reins with one hand, and then SIT the trot. Okay, first spread your legs into a WIDE V shape." Two giggles and a squeal came out this time as he helped me position my legs WIDE on top of his lap. All the while, he was still pumping the ol' pelvis.

"Okay, now, lower your bum back into the saddle--or in this case, my lap- with your legs still stretched.." Edward's hands guided me as I grinded down into his lap. No more giggles were to be had, just a soft moan on my part.

"Good, Bella, you are a natural! Now...pull yourself even further down and forward into the..uh...saddle..." His hands helped me to grind forward onto his lap, my hips raising slightly as it met up with Diggler. I gasped as Edward's hands gripped onto my hips roughly.

"Gooood, love," He said with a huskier voice. "You want to try the English style now?" His face was turned down slightly watching me grind slowly into him. Edward's eyes flickered up at me, and they stared out from under his dark eyebrows. I was barely coherent enough to nod--but I managed with the thought of more riding styles to try out on my own, personal bucking bronco.

"Hold onto my tie with two hands now, Bella." Edward's voice was gradually taking on a more commanding air-and I liked it. I gripped roughly onto his tie with both hands, waiting for the next direction.

"Now, with the English style, you are going to post my trot." Edward began to pump his pelvis again; but this time, the "trot" was slow and more thorough in it's movements. Diggler was sitting straight at attention, like a huge python that was hypnotizing me with it's slithering movements. I couldn't look away.

"Now, this is how you post, love," Edward's hands getting back to directing from my hips. "Posting my trot means you are going to rise out of my lap with the stride, instead of grinding into it, okay? Let's give it a try."

Edward's pumping hips and his hands on my hips began to work in tandem. He soon found a rhythm of hip pumping while flopping me up out of his lap-and then pushing me down back hard into the lap. Edward had positioned me right against his diggler at this point; so every time he would raise me up from his lap, my core was sliding upwards against the length his cock. With each slide upward, I became more slick from the amazing friction--and Edward's hands became more forceful. Two could play that game, I thought in a daze. I began to pull on his tie harder, pushing his head downward every time I rode up against his cock, putting his lips dangerously close to my bouncing breasts.

When I reached the top of his length after several minutes of "posting the trot," I adjusted myself just slightly--causing his tip to move slightly into my entrance. Edward froze immediately, and redirected himself away from the welcoming party.

"I'm sorry," I started in. "I know you were just trying to show me your horse riding tricks, and then I took it somewhere else..." I tried to even out my breath as I began to think about Ben Cheney's ridiculous advice to get over sex by being naked. Although that really didn't sound like a Ben Cheney to propose such an exercise...hey, wait a minute...

"Where did Ben Cheney get this idea from, " I said with a probbing eye.

Edward looked at me, all innocence."He learned all about it a couples therapy center that is located right next door to your Ballet-ates Studio-- in fantastyland."

My eyes almost bugged out of their sockets as my mouth dropped. Edward gave me a sexy smirk as he flipped me over onto my back, his chest resting against my core now as he knelt on the car floor. He leaned back to the console in the front of his car and fiddled with a couple buttons, before he put his attention back on me.

"You knew? You knew all the time about the ballet-ates?"

He thought for a moment. "No, actually I believed you for a long stretch. But that was only because it was so convenient to believe you I guess." I smacked his head lightly as I began to laugh.

"I can show you the different riding styles if you'd like..." I mimicked Edward's words and shook my head in disbelief--my sweet little Edward was just as scheming as Alice when he wanted to be.

"That's What She Said," Emmett yelled from the other side of the parking lot. God, I hate vampire bionic hearing...

"Ugh, your family is damn nosey, I swear, I'm this clos-" Edward put a finger to my lips and shushed me. He lifted my legs, and then spread them slowly, smiling at me mischeviously the whole time. Once my feet reach both sides of the car windows, his hands slowly grazed up the sides of my body, and rested on my breasts. Edward began kissing the inside of my thighs, instantly causing my whole body to constrict. My legs began to tremble in anticipation. It was going to kill me to do this, but I loved the guy. So I forced myself to do the right thing:

"Edward, are you sure you want to do this? I know you always wanted to wait to make love on our wedding night..."

Edward's tongue lapping ascent up my thigh stopped and he threw a cocksure smile in my direction.

"Oh, we will make love on our wedding night, love. But this is Prom Night. Prom night is about fucking your brains out, Bella. And tonight, not only can I enjoy your bouquet, but I don't have to resist the wine either." With that, he lunged downward, his tongue flicking out at vampiric speed.



"Aw, Rose, did you hear that? Edward used his first f-bomb ever while doing sexy talk!" I shook my head, beaming with pride. "My little bro is growing up before my eyes."

Rose stopped undressing me for a second and threw a glance over to the other side of the parking. 'And look at Bella! Just a couple weeks back, she was wearing Tigger flannel and asking Edward if he wanted to "do it." Now she's spread eagle in the back of a car, with her hoe heels poking outside of both windows. It seems just like yesterday she was a totally frigid, mousey human girl..."

I snickered..."Posting the trot, what a character Edward can be..."

Rose rolled her eyes. "More like posting the twat..."


BPOV(and seriously, if you don't link the youtube video of "You shook me all night long," I'll be really disappointed in

"Gawdamnitholyshitfuckingdamnitholyjebusfuckinga-Edwardddddddddddddddddddddddddddd..." I screamed.

His head shot up from between my legs, his lower face glistening--his eyes coal black. I saw the unspoken request from his eyes. I nodded.

He positioned himself right outside of me, but paused for a breif moment. I squirmed in protest.

"Bella," he said in a low voice, "you need to help me right need to tell me if I'm hurting you in any way..." his eyes were lightening as his old fears kicked in..."I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you..."

"Shhhh," I hissed in an impatient tone, "of course Edward I'll tell you. Now hop to it..." He put his hands on my waist firmly-and then pushed himself inside of me.

The reaction time from both of us was immediate. Cold, piercing-yet so pleasurable, I gasped at all the different sensations competing for my attention. The most dominant sensation was feeling Edward's cold temperature instantly melt as I surrounded him.

"Oh, Bella," he grunted. He paused for a moment, his eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed. My mouth dropped at the sight-he looked like an angel. An angel that I was defiling. It made me grin from ear to ear.

He then made the sexiest move ever-his face still twisted in sweet torture, he began to circle his hips just slightly, making sure I was getting used to his size.

"Edward," I whimpered back, my hips responding in motion to his. He began to pump more vigorously now, finding a mid-tempo motion that was driving me crazy. I gripped on harder to him and couldn't help myself.

I knew better--all this time, I knew the drill. Let Edward take over and try to not be too...responsive. But I couldn't help myself. My hips bucked up roughly as I grunted back at him. And he lost it.

Edward froze for a good 10 seconds, just staring at me. I thought he was trying to scold me at first. But instead, a low growl came out from the bottom of his throat. And as that growl gained momentum in terms of volume, Edward grabbed tightly onto my hips--a little too tightly--and thrusted inside me with a force he hadn't shown before.

"Ohhh, ow..." I screamed out. It didn't hurt really-it was more the shock of him going from small pumps to a sharp thrust that took me by surprise.

Edward's face fell in horror as he quickly realized he what he'd done.

"Bella, I'm so sorry," he whispered as recoiled from me. Crap-time to do damage control.

"Nothing to be sorry about it, I'm fine. Get back to business, horse whisperer..."

But he wasn't having any of it. He sat there frozen on his knees, looking completely defeated. But I would not let his guilt ruin this. Not tonight. I quickly jumped up and turned on the mp3 player in his car. I hooked up my ipod, and set it on "loop" as I cued a song.

I then got my commando on.

"Edward, I know you are scared of hurting me. But I'm scared of hurting you too if you don't finish what you started. There are ways around your fears of hurting me. "I motioned to the flat, wide console of his car that was situated in between the driver and passenger seat. "Sit," I directed, as I motioned to the console. He did, but wouldn't look at me.

"Now wrap your arms around both seat head rests." He complied. I began to braille his abs. "Now, Edward, let me take charge now. You just sit back and enjoy the ride. And if you have that needs to come out, take it out on the head rests. Problem solved okay?"

I cued the player, and the familiar strums of a guitar chord came out. This was the first song on Dirty Eddie's play list, and it seemed the most appropriate song for what I was about to do.

She was a fast machine

She kept her motor clean

She was the best damn woman that I ever seen

I began to sway my hips back and forth as I winked him. His eyes began to blacken as I slid myself back onto hip lap.

"Now, Papi, let's see if I learned how to post trot and sit trot properly."

I positioned myself over him, and slid down slowly on Diggler. Edward's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he gripped the head rests violently.

Once I took him all in, I whispered into his ear, "Let's start off posting." I had no idea what that even meant still; but I lifted up off his length slowly, then pushed back down onto him hard. I paused to gauge his reaction.

"No, don't stop," he said with his eyes closed. I couldn't help but smile as I continued "posting." I began to pick up the pace more, and Edward was now meeting my movements, thrusting in time with each of my descents.

Taking more than her share

Had me fighting for air

She told me to come but I was already there

"Am I getting the hang of posting, Papi?"

He grunted back in recognition. That wasn't good enough, I smugly thought. I stopped all movement. "I said, Edward, am I getting the hang of posting?"

"YEssss...shit..." I laughed at seeing my normally overpolite Edward get annoyed with my games.



"Sweet, they are losing their virtue to AC/DC..." Jasper sputtered out. We were in the middle of some unvirtuous activity ourselves in the backseat of my Porsche.

"Who knew those sexual Rainmen had it in them, huh? They've come a long way, " I said with a proud smile on my face. I told Bella never to bet against me! I jumped onto Jasper, feeling more triumphant in my abilities than ever...



After several minutes, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Edward's head rest were getting more mangled by the moment, while Edward's moans alone were enough to send me over the edge. Time to bring home the bacon.

I leaned in and whispered, "Time for me to try to sit the trot now, Horse Whisperer..." Edward's eyes grew wide with anticipation.

I took in his length in it's entirety. I then sat still for a long moment as we stared at eachother. I began to grind even deeper into him.

"OH, Bella, I can't...handle..."

"That's the point, Edward, I want to see you not handle it." I continued to grind down on him slowly, digging as far into him as I could in a round about motion with my hips.

Edward's eyes popped; in an instant, his hands smashed both head rests, and then fell to my waist. He forcefully-but not tooo forcefully--began to grind me back and forth, deeper onto his cock.

'Cause the walls start shaking

The earth was quaking

My mind was aching

And we were making it and you -

He stopped for a brief moment, and then rushed out that he was going to come. Without warning, he started pulling a "posting" on me, moving me up and down quickly onto him in a frantic manner.

You Shook me all night long

Yeah you shook me all night long

I couldn't hold on any longer, I let out a huge wail as I felt my insides contract in ways I never knew was possible. My whole body was shaking as my outburst took flight:











"Did you hear all that screaming all the way from the high school? I think the kids are up to mishief again! That better be them yelling out at the Condom Burning Bonfire and not what I think it is!"



As Edward held me tight, we both couldn't stop from giggling.

"I told you we were perfect for eachother, Edward. In every way." He chuckled as he nodded in affirmation.

"I love you, Bella. I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect girl for me. "

I was so happy in that moment. And yet, something get bugging me. Like I was forgetting about something important...



"Bella? Anyone? Hello?"



I hugged Edward as tightly as I could. "Thanks for making all my dreams come true tonight." Dreams-I had been dreaming about this night forever. I couldn't believe that it all came together--despite some huge obstacles that came at us from every direction.

Just then, I had one concern.

"Um, Edward, do you think we should have used a condom?"

Edward laughed out loud. "Don't be absurd, Bella. I'm a vampire, you are a human. There's no way you could get pregnant."

I chuckled along with him. "Yeah, seriously, that would be one messed up kid, half vamp and human. With weird powers probably that would make her all creepy and shit to everyone!"

Edward giggled at my description.

"Well, that's one awesome advantage to having unprotected sex with a vampire. I don't have to worry about getting knocked up."

"I love you Bella Swan." Edward's loving gaze made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

"I love you, Edward." I thought for a moment. "Hey, do you mind if we go to Denny's right now? I'm so hungry I could eat like... a dozen egg omelet! I'm really craving eggs for some reason." I yawned. "And then maybe like a big 12 hour nap afterward. I'm bushed all of the sudden."


okay, that last part isn't funny unless you read Breaking