...Sasuke couldn't say anything, because he succumbed to that fatal sharingan just after he heard his brother's words, his eyes fluttering closed, looking more willing to dream than the boy probably really was. If this had been a game of cat and mouse, then he would have just fallen; Unsuspecting prey to a deranged and depraved predator...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I wish you wouldn't look at me like that, Sasuke.." Itachi's voice was soft, yet so demanding, even though he knew his brother had no control at the moment; He had made sure of that himself. Still, those rounded, coal-black eyes staring vacantly, half lidded, like the lifeless eyes of a corpse or a beautifully crafted doll made of breakable glass, they disturbed the elder Uchiha in the way they gazed up, watching him without fail, and without a single flicker of movement. They stared up, and focused only on Itachi, watching every disgusting, evil, twisted, filthy thing he did. The only reason Itachi bothered speaking his inner-most thoughts aloud was to test Sasuke's unconscious reactions; Experimentation. The boy always wanted to see what Itachi kept hidden inside, but when it came right down to it, he was lucky Itachi hid these things from him, or else the impurity and pain of such torment would reforge the boy into something so much worse than even his demented elder. He wouldn't remember this, so it would do little harm.

The half-slumbering Sasuke squirmed slightly in his sleep, much as he would as he adjusted himself between his sheets, and his mind was filled with bright and happy things. He made a tiny groan, the noise of a sleeping child not wishing to be disturbed, yet he spoke up in response to his brother's words, regardless; cold, glassy eyes still staring from beneath half-shut, and immensely heavy eyelids. "Like what.. Nii-san?" His tiny voice was so lifeless while he was under this spell, but ironically enough he still was so attentive to his elder brother, even when hypnotized, and befuddled, and that much was obvious from the fact that Itachi could hear the faintest hint of curiosity in the younger boy's voice. Gaping jaws of a predator moved in for the kill, tasting the sweet pulse of the weakened innocent he threatened to consume. The elder Uchiha brother brushed his lips over his small sibling's delicate neck, letting the heat of his breath spill over the soft, and tender flesh; Sasuke shivered, unknowingly bound to be taken advantage of. Not yet content to squeeze the life out of his prey, the larger form played with the weaker, elder sibling moving his mouth up, barely yet touching that skin that begged to be marred; He only allowed his vicious maw to touch his brother again once he was near the boy's ear, causing Sasuke's ivory skin to ripple with chills; Delectable.

"Your looking at me like... Like I disgust you, Sasuke." And akin to a blood-thirsty big cat, Itachi's voice came out in a low purr, though beyond the show of his twisted nature, he sounded utterly guilty. Considering what he was about to do, he really should have felt guilty.

With a gasp Sasuke sat up in his bed, eyes flaring red, and wide, his body reacting to what he felt as he roused from the disturbing horrors of his own unconscious mind. The image of Itachi, taking advantage of his small, child-like form, the thought of himself so helpless in Itachi's grasp, and under his twisted control, his sharingan eyes couldn't help but prepare for a fight.

His body was beaded with cold sweat, and he slipped his white haori from his shoulders, giving his porcelain skin access to the open air, hoping that the warm rush of it would serve to dry out his unnerved perspiration. He glanced around the darkness of the hotel room, catching his breath, and sighing with an irritation that was constantly growing and never faltering. It wasn't because he had yet to catch up to his brother, but rather, he was frustrated with himself.

Pushing his blanket back he allowed the heat collected against his skin to radiate away, freed all too suddenly, but there was a certain burn that was not going away anytime soon. Again his body was reacting to what he felt as he roused from the disturbing horrors of his own unconscious mind. The image of Itachi, taking advantage of his small, child-like form, the thought of himself so helpless in Itachi's grasp, and under his twisted control, his neglected sex couldn't help but prepare for the unfelt sensation of intimate contact. Meagerly Sasuke's delicate fingers stroked across the purple tie around his waist, the only thing standing in between soft, dutiful fingers, and a hapless urge. He denied himself this simple indulgence, however, pulling his tempted hand away from the sash.

Clearly his lifelong obsession had mounted into something more disturbing than the reason for Sasuke's vengeful mission. Thoughts of Itachi had evolved into matters of forbidden perversion. He would have to spill that man's blood soon, or he feared he would give up his lust for crimson in exchange for a flow of a completely different sort. He couldn't allow himself such weakness, Itachi had to die.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"What was your answer, Sasuke?" The elder may have been overtaken by his younger sibling, but even as he laid on his back with his brother looming dangerously above, he held control in devious ways only Uchiha Itachi was capable of thinking up. He clutched at his brother's wrist, having halted a punch that was meant to connect with his face, and now he squeezed, threatening to break through brittle bone. It was a blind attempt, all he really longed for was to hear Sasuke's pained moaning as he left delicate finger-shaped bruises on that pale skin. Absently, the fingers of Itachi's free hand moved to ghost across the bared skin of Sasuke's thigh, and this motion only brought forth a more sharp and biting glare of hatred from the crimson eyes staring down at the elder Uchiha sibling. Despite the way Sasuke reacted to this mentally, however, his neglected frame rebelled, and he shivered quite visibly, and obviously.

"I'll tell you... If you give me your word that I can plunge my kunai into your chest afterwards, and you have to mean what you say, Itachi.." The younger male's voice was cold, and unforgiving, though Itachi just smiled up malevolently; A twisted, insane expression. Sasuke only thought he had his brother in checkmate, when the truth was, Itachi still had a few good tricks up his sleeve. He purred almost sweetly in response to his brother, teasing Sasuke eternally with the fact that seemed so true; Big brother always was a step ahead of a foolish little sibling.

"Now, Sasuke... ... ...Hadn't you rather me show you what those dreams you keep having are about?"

The younger boy faltered in his grip, eyes gleaming slightly in surprise; He hadn't meant for it to be that obvious, but this was something he never expected to slide off of his brother's venomous tongue, no matter how tricky he tended to be with that one small muscle. He had tried to stop his chain reaction, but he just couldn't; Now his cheeks had flushed a pale pink color as he stared down aghast, his lips parted to speak, hesitating, though not on purpose. Itachi bristled at this expression, and he bit his lip, moving beneath his brother again in an attempt to shift the weight to a more comfortable position. Sasuke could have sworn he felt Itachi push his hips upward in the most obvious and suggestive fashion. The younger sibling spoke in a low growl, frustrated, but obviously curious, taking the bait in a most predictable manner.

"You... Know about the dreams?"

Itachi smirked a vile, evil smirk indeed, loving it when a plan comes together, and to his little brother's words he nodded nonchalantly, as if he had better things to be doing right now than allowing his younger brother hold him against the ground threateningly. Sasuke sighed, solemn, but clearly loathing defeat. Even after all these years, he pouted just the same, and Itachi ate it up.

"..Show me.." Sasuke's voice came out serious, but tinged with uncertainty, and his breathing hitched nervously as Itachi smiled, closing his ruby eyes, and allowing his thick black lashes to graze his cheeks momentarily. When he opened them back he had summoned up his mangekyou sharingan, ready to consume his younger brother if given half a chance.

Sasuke hadn't been comfortable allowing himself to be held within the sharingan while he was a child, and he trusted his brother with his life; Now that he was pitted against his brother, and had sworn he would be the end of Itachi's life, he was a reasonable threat to Itachi. Itachi had good reason to trick Sasuke, and take advantage of the boy's need for the truth, then turn around and end his life with ease.

Sasuke just hoped this wasn't a trick, because he had to know the purpose of his persistent nightly horrors, and if they were, in fact, based on truth. Reluctantly his ruby eyes gazed down to meet Itachi's own red stare, and Sasuke gave himself over, at Itachi's mercy, and all for the sake of enlightenment.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-Our games are at an end-