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This story is my version of Chapter 62 (Sunako's Reunion in Hokkaido where she meets gasp the boy who called her "UGLY") Please review my work…this is my first fanfic. BTW I suck at titles so bear with me on this one. I will also try not to be OOC with my characters to keep that "wallflower feeling".


CHAPTER 1: Opening Memory's Door

"Sunako-chan! You have a letter!" Yuki burst into the living room where the other three guys and Sunako were gathered. With a smile on his cute face, he handed the letter as if it was the most reasonable thing to do, an achievement on his part – but then again, Yuki had always treated simple things as something of importance.

"Thank you," was Sunako's quick reply, snatching the letter from his hands. She ripped the envelope open and after quickly scanning the contents, she froze up, emitting a dark vibe which was immediately sensed by the people in the room. Her eyes became round circles, eyebrows knit together as she read the contents slowly this time, her body shaking madly. And with a terrible scream, which caused Yuki to burst into tears ("I'm scared!" he cried to Ranmaru who immediately comforted him), she ran out of the room, dropping the letter in the process.

Kyohei, who was silently watching the whole scene, gave an irritated sigh, "What's her problem?"

"I don't know! I didn't do anything to her. I was just a messenger!" Yuki exclaimed.

Ranmaru gave a silent chuckle, stroking Kyohei's hair gently. "Poor, Kyohei…worried about the love of your life?"

Kyohei groaned, pushing Ranmaru away. "Shut up! Why the hell should I care if she's depressed or not? All I'm worried about is if she'll start getting all weird and refuse to do any housework again."

Takenaga rubbed his chin, and being the most observant of the four, spoke up. "I think this letter is the cause of her behavior." He picked it up, folded it and placed it in his pocket. "For now let's respect her privacy and see what will happen next."


"Looks like you were right to get worried, Kyohei!" Yuki cried as he had broken yet another plate. The other three had refused to let him cook, never forgetting how awful his cooking skills were. It had been three days since the day Sunako received the letter, and she had locked herself up again, refusing to do any of her household chores.

Kyohei groaned. "I told you so!" His stomach growled. "I knew this would happen! Man, I'm hungry! When will she ever leave that room of hers and cook a decent meal?!"

Ranmaru shot him an angry look. "My cooking is way better than Yuki's! And if you still complain about a getting a decent meal, why won't you go and drag her out of her room? You're the only one who can handle her in the first place!"

Just then, the phone rang. "What?" Ranmaru spoke over the phone in a curt tone. Ranmaru paused for a moment, brushing his bangs away from his hair. His tone immediately changed into a sexier one. Kyohei groaned. He knew that meant only one thing…

"Oh! Landlady! Tell me how I can be of service to your beauty?" Ranmaru spoke cheerfully. Yuki and Kyohei stopped what they were doing, and Ranmaru turned on the speaker-phone.

"STOP SUCKING UP TO ME, IDIOT!" The three guys could hear Landlady Nakahara's loud voice over the speaker-phone. "Where's my lovely niece, Sunako-chan?" Her tone always changed when she was asking about her niece.

"She's fine, Landlady. She's resting at the moment, though."

"Oh, then I guess I'll have to settle for you then," Landlady replied in a bored tone. "Tell my niece that her friends are expecting her to go to their reunion. I bought a dress especially made for that occasion. Oh, my niece will simply be the most beautiful girl there!"

Kyohei couldn't help muttering, "More likely she'll scare the pants out of them." To which the others replied by pushing him away before the landlady heard him.

Apparently she didn't. "So remember boys, make sure she looks her best!" She gave a hearty laugh, her voice filling the whole room. "And remember: IF SHE WON'T ATTEND I'LL MAKE SURE YOUR RENT SKYROCKETS!" With that, she hung up, leaving the three speechless.

Kyohei was the one who broke the silence. "That wouldn't be hard, I guess. We can just drag her there if she resists."

Yuki sighed. "You shouldn't do that! You're always so violent with her!"

Kyohei lost his temper by this time. "Well it's her own damn fault!"

"Now, now, Kyohei. Calm down. You know this won't help the situation any." It was Takenaga who just entered the door, holding Sunako's letter in his hand.

"You knew?" accused Kyohei angrily.

Takenaga nodded, tossing the letter onto the table. "I figured as much. The Landlady confirmed my suspicions."

"Then why didn't you say anything?!" the three boys exclaimed.

Takenaga shrugged. "I said it was just a suspicion. And besides, I didn't think it would matter to the Landlady whether Sunako decided not to go."

"But it does! You know how much that witch wants us to suffer!" Kyohei muttered angrily. He was rendered speechless all of a sudden by a hard slap on the face. "Ouch! Ranmaru, what the hell did you do that for?"

Ranmaru's eyes blazed, his finger pointing angrily to all three boys who stared at him in disbelief. "I can't believe you three! You missed out one very important detail as to why Sunako-chan won't go to reunion!" Ranmaru twirled around each of the three guys, shaking his head in mock disappointment. "Takenaga, I thought you were the smart one," he chuckled then moved to Kyohei, patting him lightly on the head. "And you, I thought you knew your girlfriend so well…"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Kyohei was already ready to punch Ranmaru any moment.

"…the reason why Sunako doesn't want to go…" Ranmaru gave one last pirouette before giving his usual playboy wink. "…is because he will be there."