Hello, I'm new here! My freakin' odd pairing for now is NeuroXYako. Here is a fanfic about how Neuro tends to show his feeling towards Yako. The pronoun "I" is Yako. Hope you guys enjoy.


It was raining heavily in the evening. I was running towards the little office that Neuro and I established a year ago.

"I am late…I am late! He will surely kill me this time!" scream my little heart. I quickly dashed up the stairs and hope that Neuro would have some pity towards me as if he had one. My hands were trembling with fear when I tried to open as if his claw hand will penetrate through my head.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry that I'm late! Please don't kill me, Neuro!" as I opened the door. Through my relieve, Neuro was not in the office. But I felt a little odd because he usually sits at his enormous chair behind his desk, twitching his hands and will attack me if I arrive late. And today, he was nowhere to be found.

"Neuro… Neuro… I'm here now. Where are you?" I called him. Feeling a little guilty towards the lanky man, I tried to call his cell phone and all I got was only the voicemail. Did he really felt angry with me, always forcing him to wait for me to get his meal? I looked around his desk to find anything such as a specific note that will tell me what he wanted me to do but there's none. I walked towards Akane-chan and asked her whether Neuro had left me a job but Akane-chan responded "No".

I felt much worse and tried to calm myself but my feet kept walking rapidly around the tiny office. Then the door was knocked and I found myself running towards the door just to open it. But to my dismay, it was Godai-san.

"Hey, where is the monster? I thought that he will be sitting at his chair and twitching his hands and his eyes looked down upon us. Where did he go, little brat?" complained Godai-san with his drenched clothes. I quickly gave him a towel to dry himself up.

"I don't know. When I first arrived, Neuro was nowhere to be found. I keep wondering where he had gone to. He didn't leave a note." I looked at Neuro's empty chair.

With an almost whispered voice, I spoke, "Did something really happen to him when he was alone? Ne, Godai-san, do you think something really bad happen to Neuro?" I looked deep inside Godai-san's eyes and wished that he could give me some answers. Godai-san heaved a heavy sighed and tucked his hand in his pocket.

"How the hell I should know? Didn't he always be with you? But still I feel a little weird when he is not even in the office. Where the hack that bastard gone thought?"

I felt very in dismay as I looked outside the window. My heart whispered, "Neuro…where are you?"