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Chapter 11: Real or Illusions?

The ringing sound of the rain pouring over everything in its path was heard in my ears. Was it raining? I didn't notice when it started to rain. The tiny drops of water fallen down the sky, touching every single part of my unmoved body and merciless that it seemed, damping every aspect of me. It was so cold, that tiny drops of water. But some of it, it felt so warm, running pass down my cheeks. Am I crying? Why am I crying? Was it because I'm useless? I didn't feel anything anymore. My world had ended. There was nothing else I could do except to lay helplessly on the pavement of the park. I'm alone. Alone just like when my father died. When my father died, he left a hole in my heart and it will never disappear. But now, there is another hole that is about to finish developing which reside beside my father's hole. I was like a broken toy, which held no one to interest in me. While the spinning wheel of despair in my head kept replaying at the same spot and the same time.

"Don't you want it to come back? Your desire for the usual everyday thing…"

"That's what they get for wanting quality in what they eat... who knows what extra additives are put in? The value of the food is judged by its taste, if it's good or bad… or how much there is… that enough for them. Yako, there's no mistake in that, for someone like you who eat objects and for someone like me who eat mysteries."

"On that stage, you gain the trust of that woman. As a result, it had led into an increase in your credibility as a detective. The power to capture a human's heart as a fellow human. You can be proud, Yako. That's an ability that you can share with that woman that I don't posses."

"You're thinking about Sai weren't you? It's like the louse is becoming a full-fledged members of society. Sai is aftering myself, I have no interest in him, but for now I can simply beat him again, in other words, if it comes to a fight, I have no need of calling you. If you understand, be gone, you louse, for the sake of my glorious eating habits."

"How rude… don't I treat you as such a splendid lady."

"Rejoice, Yako! For I, have created a stairs…"

"That would be disgraceful. Say that I am borrowing without returning them."

"We shall deal with that when we come to it. I have planned as much as is possible to devour the puzzle. If those plans are made in error… you may say that I have been defeated by the puzzle. Who do you think I am? I am the man who finished devouring the puzzles of the daemon world. Living in the same world with the puzzles that I have grown tired of solving and letting my brain hunger cannot be allowed. I have sent the image of the password screen to the office. Think carefully for three days… search for the true answer to it."

"Oho, that's was quick. Would you rather just tell me the password… there is no fundamental need for you to accompany me to the aircraft carrier… you are not going to refuse?"

"Ah, well. I reached the last of my savings. For the part that I lacked, I borrowed money under your name. It will not be a problem to pay it back by the end of the month."

"Don't forget, Yako. Do not forget anything. My teasing, torture, the tears you shed for Aya and HAL, you shall not forget."

The entire event that had ever happen between Neuro and me, the conversation that we both had in the past was replaying inside my head. All the memories that I have with him is far more memorable than anything that had happen in my whole life. All his torturing, abusing and his words were part of me. I happened to get use of his actions that I seemed to not surprise when he came to whereabouts for something to please him or just a small entertainment or may be preventing me from disturbing him. All that had happen to me just now was still hazy but I could not restrain myself from trembling hard. Tears were flowing down my cheeks merged with the rain. I was trembling harder and my sobbing could be heard from afar. I'm alone once more. It's not fair! It's not fair! Why? I stumble down into the wet and cold pavement with my palms put onto my face.

Godai was searching for his car key inside his drawer at his apartment that happens to be located near the Mochizuki's Research Institution. He was rather disturbed by the time Yako called him earlier, just like something was going on and he didn't know about it.

"Shit! Why everyone keeps annoying me so much?! Some of these days, that monster or that brat will pay what they are indebt here!"

But, even he knew that was impossible to be achieved. Oh, he knew it too well. With that superhuman power of Neuro that always threaten him to do his odd jobs perfectly or the ability of Yako that tends to strip open his intention and feelings without him asking, he would had failed even before he tries. That combination wasn't fair, he thought. He is watch from both sides, inside and outside. From the outside, Neuro and from the inside, Yako, it was really annoying to him. Even though it annoyed him to every little pieces of him, he kept doing what he was told, no matter how hard it is. After a few minutes searching inside the drawer, he found his car key. Ah, speaking of car key… his most beloved car was wrecked by Neuro when he was chasing after Higuchi and the only thing that Neuro brought back was its initial logo. Well, he did cry for his car lost and got angry that Neuro could buy a helicopter with his diamonds instead of repaying his car damage nor bought him a new car. Then suddenly after a few months, Neuro bought a second-hand car for him that would probably wreck after a few bumps. And yes, he was totally pissed off but he could not do anything to disagree with Neuro's decision. He could only complained but dared not to do anything that will make his life span shorter. Being thrown out of the window, being a second punching bag and a lot more, he was lucky that he did survive it. Not to mention that Neuro also like to look down on him as if he was his little pet dog and also when Neuro knew that he was afraid with high school mathematics and he could not read complicated kanji, it was the worse.

Even though Neuro always like to make fun of him or torturing him, he had accepted that if it wasn't for Neuro and Yako, his boss's murder case wouldn't be solved easily and he will live in more of the deception and denial of his lost. He will never open up his world for others because it was supposed to be a weakness in the underground organization. He wouldn't be tolerating as he would be right now if he was still a loan shark. But it had changed. They changed him from what he was.

"I will make that brat buy me a drink after we are all done with this. I wonder, what has happen to her? She didn't seem to be okay in the phone."

Half sighed; Godai quickly dashed out his apartment and went over the parking lot. There it was the half wrecked car that Neuro bought for him in exchange of his BMW luxury car. Just by looking at it, he could see the devilish smile of Neuro.

"God, why am I was so unlucky."

Godai entered the car and kept trying to start the engine but to no avail. He tried and tried but the engine wouldn't start. Cursing the car, he tried one more time and still it wouldn't as if it had broke down or something like that. He got out of the car and kicked the car few times and then tried again starting up the engine and magically it does start.

"One of these days, I will surely get a heart attack from all this work."

He quickly drove off the car and went to the park where Yako had promised him to be.

The rain wouldn't stop. It becoming heavier and heavier for each of the moment had past. It was liked; it understood what I'm going through. The pain was just too real. I could not control myself any longer. I felt like I was going to die. I felt like my soul was sucked out from my body. I felt… very empty. The silhouette of a tall, lanky and slender daemon was vanishing from my mind as I felt very silly at that time. Why am I so stupid to fall for Aisetsuya's pleeding? Why must I listen to her without any doubt in my mind? Why? You're so stupid, Yako! You're useless as ever to Neuro! At last, all you do is making trouble for him! You're nothing… nothing to stand beside him. Deep inside my heart, I felt an excruciating pain of thousands blades pinning every inch of it. The more I thought, the more painful it became. My tears were already dried. Even if I forced it, perhaps tears of blood will come out.

From afar, I could hear the sound of Godai-san's car. He had arrived just in time to hear my sobbing and witnessed my soul shattered into pieces. He came up to me very quickly, completely ignoring the heavy rain. He then shook me hard and kept asking what had happen. He looked deep inside my eyes but I avoided them. I couldn't stare his eyes because I felt that I had betrayed everyone's trust.

"Hey, I'm asking… why did you collapse in the middle of this heavy rain? Are you sick, you shitty brat? Hey, I'm asking you what's wrong. Answer me or I will be quick and kill you if you don't do so. Tell me, what's wrong…" Godai-san held me even tighter. I could see that he insisted it. But instead of thanking him, I let out some inappropriate words.

"Let go of me! A GUY LIKE YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND!!" I shouted in front of his face. Godai-san was shocked. He then let go of my body making it fell hard to the ground. It was hurt but my heart hurt ten times more. I looked at him but he kept staring at my face and I could see that he was holding back his anger.


I rolled my eyes because I never seen Godai-san was as mad as this before. The only time when he first got mad was when he got defeated by Yuki-san during our absence in the office. I looked down onto the wet and grey pavement. I began to cry again. Godai-san stood still but was looking at me and eventually bended himself to reach me.

"I don't know what's wrong but I'm sure that you want to talk about it somewhere else. Why don't we went to the office and get some hot drinks to stop this coldness? Shall we, you brat?" Godai-san smiled honestly. I looked at his honest expression. All of the things that bother me so much had gone. The only thing left within me was the trust that Godai-san emitted when he smiled. He trust me for what I am. I'm not useless neither to Neuro.

Godai-san was about to go inside his car when suddenly stopped and looked around. He seemed to be anxious. He walked back to where I was standing and asked.

"It's weird… I cannot spot him anywhere, that monster. Was it he with you? It's kinda strange that you are all alone." Godai-san asked while scratching his neck.

Neuro! Godai-san did not know what had happen. He probably did not want to know. I had to go and search for Neuro depending on myself. I hope that it was not too late…

"Ne, Godai-san. I'm sorry. I have got some urgent matter to do. I could not go to the office right now. So good bye, Godai-san and make sure that you have a bath when you get home." I ran passed by him but just before I knew it, he held my hand deliberately.

"You are going for that monster, right? Then, consider me in. It's not likely I can sit idle with you guys having all the fun. Even if I don't understand it… I will try. Besides I would bet that monster will not let me live if I don't do so what he expected me to do."

I looked at Godai-san as he got into his car. As if he was calling my name, I paced quickly and got into his car with a satisfaction of trust weaved between us. No matter how bad Neuro was, he is still our savior.

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