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Pairings: eventually their will be pairings but not for a long time the pairings will be S/B and C/A i want to focus on Bella and her relationships with the characters first though.

Chapter One:

The engine of the motorcycle roared through the streets of the "Burb" part of LA as the blonde haired, chain smoking, profanity over-using, knight in black leather armour straddled it like a horse.

"Ponce thinks I need him, I can't fight crime on my own without getting all troublesome" he mumbled irately

Ok one time he got pulled in by that one handed Texan but he made up for it in the end. Another endless tiff between the two soulful vamps had sent Spike back onto the streets to be the champion he was, not some blue goddess's pet or ponces little lap dog. No! He was a rogue warrior out to help the helpless at the street level, not from the top of some uber evil law firm.

Suddenly he was snapped out of his thoughts as he sensed a nest of vampires nearby and they were having a hell of a party.

The house was quite easy to find, trashed beyond belief with the stench of death coming from the inside. He snuck through the back door to find two vampires feeding off what was left of a woman who was sprawled across the kitchen table.

"Evan, Adderly come lookie what I've found" called a gruff voice from up the stair-case of the two story house.

"Coming" called the male vampire, Spike sneaked behind them and dusted them through their backs like a silent assassin.

Spike began to make his way stealthily up the staircase when when he heard a piercing scream followed by a exclamation of "HOLY SHIT, THE WITCH HAS GONE MAD!!"

He reached the landing and came face to face with the four vampires who looked even more white then usual.

"Hello boys" he smirked before vamping out and quickly disposing of all the vampires before they could be snapped out of their horrified trances.

He made his way towards the bedroom where he heard the screaming from and opened it to find a young girls room, with a young girl sitting the centre of it with red sparks flying around her vacantly looking towards him.

"Poppet are you ok? I'm here to help you" he said quietly and quite nervously approaching the young witch.

As if she knew who he was the young girl smiled and the sparks disappeared

"I knew you'd save me" she almost whispered before fainting

Spike shook the young girl "Wake up little one, we have to get out of here before the rest of the nest returns and feeds me sunshine for breakfast"

Her eyes flittered open and she grabbed his arm shaking uncontrollably.

He wrapped his arms around the young girl "Listen poppet we have to get to my bike before they get back here, you have to get a hold of yourself!"

She stopped shaking and followed him down the stairs before they passed the kitchen he quickly covered her eyes to spare her the horror of her mangled parents.

As they finally made it outside the house they came face to face with an ugly looking vamp all dressed in biker gear who quickly launched himself at the girl.

Before Spike could stop him the vamp closed in on the girl and then was suddenly thrown back at least 10 feet. Highly confused Spike rushed forward to finish off the, even more confused vampire and then made his way back to the girl.

"What the hell was that poppet?" he asked only receiving a blank stare in response

He grabbed her hand and dragged her to his bike and quickly sped off towards his apartment so he could work out what to do with this girl with strange powers and even stranger strength.

When they arrived he saw she had been crying, so he offered her a handkerchief uneasily.

"I'm sorry pet, I wish I could've saved your parents" he said uncomfortably

The girl finally looked up at him and spoke "They weren't my parents… wont let them take me to foster care will you Spike?" she said pleadingly using extreme puppy dog eyes

"Well I have to contact the police pet wait……how'd you know my name?" he asked worriedly beginning to wonder exactly what he had gotten himself into.

"I had a premonition before the nest came, you were gonna look after me and the angel is gonna help you with all the mumbo jumbo to make it possible" she said quickly

"The Angel??……Oh bugger not the poof" growled Spike

"I know you can be my guardian Spike your the champion, and we'll be the best of friends I can even help you with you slaying, I'm a witch you know" she said quickly before lowering her voice

"And I think the slayers dead because I've been called…….I'm trying to avoid a watcher …I don't like being told what to do" she said quietly

Spike's heart ached at the mention of Buffy and memories of her brief but painful death resurfaced before he quickly buried them deep again.

"Well that explains your throwing of that Vamp a hundred feet, but poppet your not The Slayer you're A slayer there was an apocalypse and Red did some hocus pocus now all potentials are slayers." explained Spike as concisely as possible.

"Oh then I wont get a watcher?" she asked happily

"No and I think your witch thing Is putting off the slayer radar because they haven't come to train you yet."

"That's good I'd much rather stay with you Spike" she grinned adorably naively

"It's not as simple as that poppet, there's legal issues and I'm kinda dead" he sighed

"The Angel helps with that……..You're the only one I have! And my vision saw us being a family" she frowned frustratedly

Spike sighed defeated and looked at the helpless…….well kind of helpless young girl. He always had and would be a sucker for a pretty face and a damsel in distress.

"Ok tomorrow we'll go see the great poof cause I see a kindred spirit in you we're both are alone in this world…….why not be alone together eh poppet" he smiled

The girl squealed and launched into a hug "You're the best Spikey and by the way my names Annabella"

He laughed and joked "I dunno you look like a poppet to me"

The little one rolled her eyes and "Ok Spike" yawning, completely drained from the day she had endured.

"You need to sleep pet, its been an exhausting night hasn't it……take the bed just through the doors there and i'll sleep on the couch"

She smiled gratefully "I am sleepy, goodnight Spikey" she said before surprisingly kissing his cheek and heading into the bedroom

Spike listened carefully until her heartbeat slowed and she was in a deep sleep and collapsed on the couch with a sigh.

What had he bloody gotten himself into!