Chapter 17

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Bella heading towards the down-town LA cemetery that she had division over tonight still fuming about the way Spike continued to treat her like a child. Even when they first met she had been through enough to stamp the childhood right out of her!

Of course she loved that he cared but sometimes he could be a tad overbearing and taking a creepy college guy to a high school house party was not her idea of fun. Connor and Bella had forged a bit of a love hate relationship over the years. They had easily slipped into the bickering brother and sister territory but deep down would do anything for each other.

Bella kicked some rocks and wandered around the creepy old cemetery almost begging for a baby vamp or sire to come her way. She'd been patrolling for nearly an hour and absolutely NOTHING!

"Hereee vampy vampy" she whistled mockingly

Suddenly she heard a blood curdling scream over by the mausoleums and dashed towards it hoping that finally she would get some action.

A blonde woman was pinned down by a male vampire who was practically drooling over her neck.

Bella yanked him off her and slammed the vamp against the wall of one of the buildings as hard as she could.

He fell to the ground and as he got up she dusted him as quickly as possible and spun round to help the woman up.

*Bella's point of view"

I helped the tiny blonde woman off the ground dreading the next part of this…the conversation. This usually went down one of two ways, they either freaked out and ran away or asked a million questions. I silently prayed to the goddesses tonight I was getting the first option.

"Are you ok Ma'am" I asked as politely as I could wondering how freaked out she would be and helping her up onto her feet. She barely reached my shoulders….lucky thing I was here to save her!

She arched an eyebrow at me "Ma'am…well it's official I'm an old maid"

I grimaced damn she was going to be a chatty one…

"I didn't know we'd assigned Slayers to LA yet? I assumed I was the only one here" she said

"HA! I'm not a part of your little Slayer crew, and don't intend to be" I replied starting to panic slightly.

She frowned and stiffened "Excuse me? You mean to tell me you haven't been inducted yet"

"Listen…Ma'am I know you little Slayer's have your way of doing things but I'm not your ordinary slayer and I don't take orders." I replied smugly putting the woman in her place…pshh Slayer's coming into my town trying to induct me! NO FFING WAY

Her eyes narrowed angrily "Don't you know who I am!"

I rolled my eyes and mentally started preparing for a fight with this Slayer robot.

"Don't know and quite frankly don't care" I laughed as obnoxiously as I could

"So, how about you say thanks for saving my butt before and you finish your LA visit and forgot all about me?" I added trying to get this slayer off my case, last thing I needed was those nutcases after me.

She crossed her arms and frowned "Number one, I could've dusted that Vamp myself, number two I am too young to be a Ma'am and number three I am Buffy the lead slayer and you will listen to me!"

I nearly choked on the bottle of water I was drinking ….Holy shit

"Umm Buffy? As in the original slayer…..Holy shit"

"Yes the one and the same! Now are you going to explain to me how you learnt to patrol and fight like that without our support?" she asked as she regained her composure.

"Errr um…maybe it would be better if you saw them?" I stammered completely taken off guard.

Buffy was here…In LA….and I had been a completely rude bitch to her.

"Follow me please" I said in as nice of a tone as I could muster

The older slayer looked at me suspiciously and texted something on her phone and then said "Ok little miss attitude, let's go"

Well, this was not exactly how I saw my night panning out but was far more interesting. I texted Connor and told him just to meet me back at the house and led Buffy towards my home.

"So how long are you in LA?" I asked her

"That would be classified information, I need to know everything about you actually and how you and whoever has been teaching you how to slay has kept you undetected for so long" she sighed

I rolled my eyes internally wow this woman was boring and all business.

"You will see once we get to my house." I smirked knowing there was going to be a hell of a show at home tonight.