A Smaller Patch of Fading Sky.

Autor is completely different to the two people that Fakir willingly – and unknowingly – gave his heart to, nothing of Mythos or Ahiru's kindness and spirit, nothing of their sweet touch or of the way they danced with him. And yet, Autor is also completely opposite of the one person that Fakir willingly and knowingly hated, nothing of Rue's darkness or of the wicked curl of her smile in his face.

Autor doesn't like ballet at all, and more often than not his nihilism means that he feels more deeply for the villains; frequently he has told Fakir that he gives too many happy endings, that stories shouldn't always end in 'happily ever after'. Both he and Ahiru glare at him when he says that, Ahiru curled over his lap or sitting by his desk, the only person that Fakir will ever trust enough to share his thoughts about the stories he writes, just in case there is actually someone out there living them.

And yet, Autor is there and he's real and a human and – Fakir always feels guilty, thinking this, but since it's Ahiru, he's sure she understands and that only makes it worse – not a duck, and his body is different than Mytho's - too thin but with little muscle definition - and if it ever hurts, it's not because of viciousness – and sometimes, Fakir thinks that would have been better - but for a mistake or carelessness.

Still, it must do.