Conquer Your Mind.

The chains aren't really heavy. Himiko still pulls at them them (she had done it before, when Clayman had suggested this, and she had tested the restraints thoroughly) and Clayman doesn't say a thing, just smiles at her. Himiko doesn't stop herself from glaring a little, even though she had agreed to this.

She is just of the general idea that being trapped like tht is a really, really, really bad idea. She knows that she'd be able to get the cuffs off, if she wanted – it's been a while since she's picked a lock, but she still could do it.

So Himiko finally settles down against the chair and waits.

Clayman smiles at her soft and kind, even as she takes off the jacket of her suit, rolling the cuffs of her shirt up, picking up a feather that she trails against her face.

"Relax," Clayman asks, her voice gone low and her eyes gone dark. "Let your body go and your mind will follow."

Himiko snorts, still feeling a little too trapped for her liking. "I'd like to see how you like being in chains."

To her surprise, Clayman chuckles, low and dark.

"That," she says, leaning close to her and brushing her lips against her ear, trailing the feather down her throat and over her breasts, over the thin of her shirt, so that Himiko also doesn't catch the rest. "Is an idea I'd be more than willing to try."

Despite herself, Himiko feels herself shiver and then she grins at the challenge, feeling herself relax. She can deal with it like this.

"You're on," she tells Clayman with a smirk, warm need pooling in her stomach at the rumble of Clayman's laugh.