Chapter 20: Explanations

I awoke in a familiar Spartan bedroom. The only difference was that this time flowers covered every available surface. Propped up against pillows, my right arm in a sling, I smiled lightly at my surroundings before noticing the distinct throbbing in my shoulder.

What had happened?

I could see green light and blue, leathery wings…my opponent lying prostrate in the grass.

What had I done?

There was David hurling his own light as his wings burst into flame…the pain in my shoulder. And the power… I'd felt her power draining. I'd leeched it off of her and into myself.

She hadn't moved.

I had taken a life.

I had taken a life. The knowledge spread throughout my being, it burned just behind my eyes. I had taken a life. John never said this was a to-the-death fight! This couldn't be! I was good – she was evil; it wasn't meant to happen this way!

Stray tears inched down my cheeks. How could I live with myself?

The door opened and a relieved Jack strode in to the side of my bed. I quickly tried to hide my tears with my left hand, but I wasn't fast enough.

"What's wrong? You won, you're safe!"

I shook my head as he took my face in his hands, wiping away the remaining wetness.

"Tell me," he insisted, stroking my cheek.

I sniffed loudly and shook my head again.


I closed my eyes, "I killed her!" I half shouted.

"Killed? Wait, you think…" He laughed easily until he saw my features harden. "Judy, you didn't kill her," he said seriously.

"How do you know?" A tiny hope began to grow in my chest.

"Trust me. I don't know how you did it…"

Just then John walked through the doorway, a mixture of relief and apprehension on his face. "Jack is right, we don't know how you did it."

"How I did what?" I glanced back and forth between the two men.

"You didn't kill her Judy, not in the usual sense."

"There's something other than the usual sense?"

"We are immortal, you know this."

"Of course – but what does that have to do with what I did?"

John stopped for a second, like he was searching for the right words to explain. "You…Judy, when you overcame her…We watched as your light expanded and locked you both together. Then it was like an explosion burst from your chest and she began to fade. Her wings disintegrated and you saw her lose consciousness…"

"Enough explanation! Tell me what I did!" I cried out in desperation.

"To put it simply…you made her human again."

"What? Is that even possible?"

"It is. Only one can perform the feat, though"

The comment flew over my head. "But won't they just change her again?"

"No." He sighed again, trying to make me understand. "She's been transformed beyond their scope, even if they did try to change her she wouldn't be the same."

"But how can this be? I didn't try to do anything like that, it just happened!"

"We know," John said, his face unreadable. He looked away for a second, then with a large smile said, "No need to worry about it now, you just go about getting better."

As he made his exit I turned to a sheepishly grinning Jack.

"You know something."

"Honestly, I don't. And even if I did I couldn't tell you."

I shook my head in disbelief. "We're not the CIA, and you do know something."

Jack looked at me in that sidelong way that said I needed to let it go.

"Ugh…alright!" I looked down momentarily, "So. What are you telling my parents this time?"