OK well here is my latest story...UM it's a Seiya/Usagi story to warn you guys...Umm.hope you like it!

"Usagi, detention is over." Mrs. Kimset called, from her desk. "But would you mind
coming up here to talk to me."
Usagi sighed, she had thrown a fit when she had found out that her homeroom teacher
was actually her teacher from middle school Ms. Haruna. After the teacher that had
tormented her in middle school had married and had a child she had decided to move
up to high school and teach the student there.
"Usagi I actually need to talk to you about a couple things." Usagi nodded, "I was
wondering if maybe you could baby-sit for me tomorrow night?"
Usagi looked surprised, "You, you want me to baby-sit for you?"
Mrs. Kimset smiled, "Yes I do. You know Usagi-Chan I don't hate you. Sure I wish
you could make it to class on time." she smiled, "But I actually like you."
"You do?" Usagi asked surprised.
Mrs. Kimset laughed, "Yes, I do."
"Sure I can baby-sit for you. What time do you want me to be there?" Usagi asked.
"Is about 7 OK? We are going to a dinner theater so we wont be home until a little
after 12."
Usagi nodded, "OK I can do it. Because tomorrow is Friday. Was there something
"Yes, actually. Is there something wrong Usagi-Chan?"
Usagi shook her head, "No, why would there be?"
Mrs. Kimset shrugged, "I don't know, you just have been yourself this year."
Usagi smiled, "I'm just growing up that's all. Can I go now?"
"Yes, you may go." With those words Usagi turned to leave "And Usagi try to make it
on time tomorrow."
Usagi nodded, "Yes, mam."

Usagi was deep in thought as she walked home. She had been asked several times
over the past couple months if she was OK, and she had responded in the same way
to everyone. Her parents had asked her first, then Naru-Chan and Umino-Kun, Motoki
and now Mrs. Kimset, other people to had asked her. The only people who hadn't
were any of her senshi friends. But then again Usagi didn't blame them, a lot was
going on in their lives also.
In 2 weeks it would be exactly a year since the ordeal with Galaxia, or rather Chaos.
Usagi knew all of her friends had changed dramatically, she knew secretly that
Minako-Chan and Ami-Chan still secretly mourned for Yaten-kun and Taiki-kun, everyone missed the Starlights, but not as much as the 3, wait no 2, I mean three *hell* Usagi was tired of fighting herself all the time.
Usagi reached her home in good time and throwing her book bag down by the door she yelled to her mother who was in the kitchen making dinner "I have a date with Mamo-Chan tonight!"
"OK dear." Ilene Tuskino called back to the sound of feet stomping up the stairs.

Usagi quickly changed into a red tank top, square neck shirt that came just above her belly button, with a pair of black jeans. Usagi grabbed her purse and made her way back down the stairs yelled a goodbye to her parents and was out the door already.

Usagi pushed Mamoru off her, ending their kiss, breathing hard, "What's wrong Usako?" Mamoru asked kind of upset at the sudden stop in their make-out session.
"I can't do this." Usagi said standing up.
"Can't do what?" Mamoru asked confused.
"I can't…I can't…I can't see you anymore." Usagi cried.
"What?!" Mamoru exclaimed.
"I can't be with you! In any sense." Usagi cried.
"Why not?" Mamoru asked, utterly confused.
"I realized, I mean you're a great friend and all, but that's all you are is a friend and I don't want to grow old and then look back on my life and think of what a waste is has been because I didn't spend the rest of my life with the one person that I truly loved!" Usagi cried and with that she ran out of the apartment, stopping only in a enough time to collect her things.

The next morning Usagi found herself in homeroom early even before Ami-Chan arrived. "Usagi-Chan is something wrong?" Mrs. Kimset asked.
Usagi took a seat in the front row, "Can I talk to you about something Mrs. Kimset?"
"Of course you can Usagi-Chan. What's wrong?" Mrs. Kimset's voice held true concern.
"Well it is actually guy problems."
"You can talk to me Usagi, heaven knows I have had enough of those."
"Do you believe in Destiny, Mrs. Kimset?"
"In a way yes," Mrs. Kimset's words were slow and deliberate, "But I believe your destiny is what you make it out to be. I think you write your own destiny."
"Well," Usagi paused for a moment trying to gather her thoughts, "What if everyone told you, the people who mean the world to you, what if they had always told you that the person you were dating, that it was destiny. That you were going to get married and have a daughter someday?"
"In my case I wouldn't think about what other people thought, I would have to think about what I really wanted. If I really loved this guy, or if maybe there might be a chance that there was somebody else out there for me." Mrs. Kimset replied.
"But what if, say, there was another person, but you knew that there was no chance whatsoever that you will ever see him again. And the person you were dating wanted to get married."
"I wouldn't marry the person." Mrs. Kimset looked at Usagi kindly, "I may not put all of my faith into Destiny but I do believe in true love. And if this person you aren't sure if you will ever meet again is your true love I believe that one-day you will again be reunited. Does that help you any?"
Usagi nodded, "Thank you Mrs. Kimset. I will be back, I have to use the washroom before class starts."
"Take all the time you need, dear, I know you're here." Mrs. Kimset urged.
Usagi walked slowly towards the bathroom, into a stall and she locked the door, leaning heavily against it and then sinking slowly to the ground, allowing the hot tears to roll down her cheeks. Within minutes Usagi was overcome by the sobs that had built up in her throat.
Usagi heard the tap at her door, and the familiar voice of Minako-Chan, "Are you OK in there? Do you need help?" Minako asked obviously not realizing it was Usagi in the stall.
"H-hai." Usagi said softly. "I just want to be alone right now."
"OK I understand." Minako replied softly, the tears in Usagi's throat made it hard for her to tell it was Usagi.
"Seiya," Usagi whispered quietly, "where are you right now? What are you doing…Why did you have to leave me?" And than a lot louder Usagi cried, "Why did you have to leave me Seiya?"

Fighter sat straight up in bed "Odango!" Fighter quickly dressed in the royal guard uniform, black pants and a long black sleeved shirt. Fighter immediately went on a search for his princess, Maker and Healer.
He found the 3 in the Princess' breakfast room. Fighter kneeled to his princess, "Glad to see sleeping beauty decided to get up today." Healer joked.
Fighter glared at Healer, "Princess, I request to be relieved of my duties as your royal guard."
"You what!" Maker and Healer exclaimed.
"I have to go back to Earth!"
"You what!" Maker and Healer exclaimed again.
"I need to go back to Ondago, she needs me."
"You what!" Maker and Healer exclaimed still to stunned to say anything else.
"You can't leave your duties here!" Maker exclaimed.
"No matter how much you want to go back to Earth!" Healer added. "Besides she is engaged to be married remember!"
"Baka we have been through this before!" Maker continued "She loves her Mamo-Chan!"
"Something's wrong!" Fighter defended herself, "I feel it. She is hurt, and confused, and mad all in one. I have to go back to her."
Healer shoved Fighter up against a wall; "Don't you understand it dammit! We all have duties here! A duty to protect our princess! And your not making being so far away from the people we love any easier!"
Fighter shoved Healer off of him and straightened his jacket "All I know is Odango needs me and if the Princess permits it I will be returning to Earth as soon as possible.
The Princess nodded, "As much as I would hate to see you go Fighter. You have a duty over the one you have to me to be with the one your truly love."
"Thank you princess." Fighter bowed again.
"But, as much as I would love to see you leave as soon as possible, I am afraid I must ask you to train another to take your place." The princess responded.
Fighter's heart sank; training a female child to take his place would take years. Training her from the age of 7 until she was 16 years of age. Fighter nodded, bowing once more to his princess he left the room again.

Usagi rinsed her face an headed back to class just as the bell rang, she sank into her seat avoiding Minako, Makoto and Ami's glances.
Usagi felt a wad of paper hit the back of her head and because she had been leaning forward in her chair it slid behind her back. Usagi reached back and grabbed it while Mrs. Kimset had her back turned to the class.

Hey girl!
What's up? Late again, at least Mrs. Kimset is in a good mood and didn't give you detention? We're all spending the night at Rei's you are going to be there right?

Usagi picked up her pen and wrote Minako back.
I can't come; I'm baby-sitting for Mrs. Kimset. I will talk to you later.

Usagi dropped the paper on the floor and kicked it back towards Minako, Usagi heard a pause and then the sound of crumpling paper.

"Usagi-Chan is something the matter?" Naru asked walking up to Usagi.
Usagi shrugged in response to her friend's question.
"Let me guess guy problems?" Naru asked.
Usagi looked to her friend, "How'd you know?"
"Usagi-Chan I have known you all our lives, longer than anyone. And I can read you like a book. So is something wrong with Mamoru-San?" Naru asked.
Usagi pulled her knees to her chest, "Sort of. Naru-Chan do you remember Seiya?"
"Remember him? Of course I remember him. But it's been like 6 months since he left. Why thinking about him all of a sudden?"
"I don't know I am just thinking about my life you know."
"Did you and Mamoru-San get into a fight?"
"No, not really, I mean we didn't fight…" Usagi searched for the words to explain to her friend how she felt.
"But there you have feelings for someone else. It's Seiya isn't it?" Naru asked.
"I don't know Naru-Chan! I am so confused!" Usagi cried, "I mean there is more between Mamoru and me than you think…"
"Usagi I know." Naru said quietly, "I've always known about you being Sailor Moon."
"What? How?"
"Usagi I have known you my whole life, the first time you saved me I knew." Naru replied. "But Usagi-Chan do you have feelings for Seiya?"
Usagi thought for a moment, "It would never work out, he is so far away and no one even knows where he and Maker and Healer are anyway."
"Forget about it for right now Usagi-Chan. Do you have feelings for him?" Naru insisted.
"Sort of, well yes, but…Seiya's gone!" Usagi cried.
"Usagi-Chan, I wish that I could give you some definite answers, but all I can tell you is if you and Seiya truly love each other it will all work out in the end."
"Thanks Naru-Chan, I better get going though I have class."
Naru nodded, "Bye Usagi-Chan."
"Usagi-Chan." Usagi turned at the sound of the soft, yet familiar voice.
"Setsuna, what are you doing here?" Usagi asked surprised as the tall woman walked up to her.
"I know you have been confused about Seiya. And I know that before you can have any kind of future with Mamoru-San you need to realize that you have no feelings for Seiya. I have a way to get letters to Seiya, and he can write back if he chooses."
"Thank you Setsuna!" Usagi said hugging Setsuna quickly. As the bell rang Usagi pulled away, "I have to get to class."

Usagi stared at the pink pad of paper sitting in front of her, she had just got done putting Mrs. Kimset's baby to bed and she was now going to start on the letter that Setsuna had promised to take to Seiya.
Dear Seiya,
Setsuna promised that this letter would get to you and I believe her. It's been 6 months since you left. And ever since I said goodbye to you 6 months ago this feeling that letting you leave was the biggest mistake of my life. I wish more and more everyday that you were here making me laugh and calling me Ondago.

By the time Usagi was done with the letter it was a good 2 pages long. Now if she could just get up the nerve to give it to Setsuna.

Usagi raised her finger to ring the doorbell, and then she pulled it away, and then finally for the 5th time she really rang the bell.
Haruka opened the door, "Kitten, what a surprise what are you doing here?"
"Um, I came to see Setsuna. Is she here?" Usagi stuttered.
"Yeah, she's here come in." Haruka turned around "Setsuna! Usagi's here to see you!"
"Hello Usagi-Chan." Setsuna said coming into the room. "Why don't we talk in the living room?" Setsuna asked shooting a look at Haruka.
"Yeah, yeah I get the point I'm leaving." Haruka said walking out the door and into the garage.
"I brought the letter. What does it require, I mean how do you get it to him?" Usagi asked.
"I use the gates of time and I will take it to him that way. It will get to him I promise you that."
Usagi nodded, "Thank you so much Setsuna."

"Fighter there is a woman here to see you, we found her in the gardens trying to get into the palace." One of the royal guards said coming into the training room where Fighter was training the 7-year-old who would follow in her footsteps.
"Send her in." Fighter said with a wave of her hand.
"Hello Fighter." Sailor Pluto said as she walked into the room.
"Sailor Pluto!" Fighter exclaimed, "What are you doing here? Is there something wrong on Earth?"
"Nothing is wrong on Earth. But I bring a message from Usagi-Chan. I will be back in a day if you have a reply." Sailor Pluto said handing Fighter the pink envelope.
After Sailor Pluto walked away Maker and Healer both approached Fighter, "What was she doing here?" Healer asked.
"Is something wrong on Earth?" Maker asked.
"No." Fighter replied opening the envelope and pulling out the letter.
"Who is that from?" Healer asked.
"I am guessing it is from Usagi-San." Maker replied.
Fighter didn't respond to either one, and when it was obvious that Fighter was done reading Maker ripped the paper out of Fighter's hands
Maker skipped the page… I wish more and more everyday that you were here making me laugh and calling me Ondago…Everybody keeps telling me to follow my heart, and every time I try to convince myself that my heart is with Mamoru I Realize that I am lying so much to much to myself I am beginning to believe the lies I tell myself… "Fighter you can't write back to her! It will be years before you see her again. Don't put yourself or her through that pain!"
"Class dismissed." Fighter said with a wave of her hand dismissing her student. And without another word to Maker or Healer Fighter left the room and headed to her own quarters.