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"Chibi-Usa-Chan." Serenity called softly to her daughter.
"Mama?" Chibi-Usa asked looking around, attempting to see through the fog.
The 3rd deceased heiress of the Moon stepped out from the fog, "Hello my darling."
"Mama!" Chibi-Usa cried throwing her arms around her mother's neck. "I-I thought you were dead!" Chibi-Usa exclaimed in a surprised tone.
"Chibi-Usa honey I am."
"Where are we?" Chibi-Usa asked looking around her.
"We are on the Moon where I live now."
"Why can't you live with me?" Chibi-Usa asked getting tearful again. "Was it because I am back?"
Tears filled Serenity's own blue eyes as she held her daughter at arm length, "No, baby it's nothing you have ever done."
"But I bothered you when I was in the past."
"Oh baby it's not your fault." Serenity pulled her daughter tightly to her so she wouldn't see the tears rolling down her face.
"Can't I stay here with you?" Chibi-Usa begged.
"No, your father and your aunts would miss you to much."
"But they miss you!" Chibi-Usa exclaimed.
"I have 2 things you can take back with you." Serenity said changing the subject.
"Really what?"
Serenity moved into the fog and moved to get the sleeping kittens her mother had awoken from the time on the moon kingdom.
"Close your eyes and hold out your hands." Serenity called.
Serenity placed a kitten in each of Chibi-Usa's hands. One kitten was gold with black eyes and black ears, the other was light blue-green and a dark blue-green tail.
"Are they mine?" Chibi-Usa asked.
"No, one is for the new woman you will meet Tiffany and the other is for Aunt Michiru. The gold one is for Tiffany, his name is Apollo. The other one if for Aunt Michiru her name is Poseidon, Posy for short. Now I need you to hug me one last time and then go back to Earth."
Chibi-Usa's lip began to tremble again, "I don't wanna go back!"
"Give me a hug and a kiss and no more tears? OK?" Chibi-Usa clung to Serenity and gently kissed her on the cheek. "Now you hang on to Apollo and Posy."

Chibi-Usa reappeared, only her tears streaked cheeks showed the signs that she had been crying.
After handing the kittens to Tiffany and Michiru Chibi-Usa turned to her father, "Can we go home now Daddy?"
"Yes. Let's go baby."

3 years later
"I can't stand this cold anymore." Tiffany cursed under her breath, carrying her newborn daughter, Nadine, in her arms.
"Why is it always so cold here? It wasn't this cold the last time I went to the past. And it was the same month." Chibi-Usa questioned looking back and forth between her father and stepmother.
"We are trying to figure that out Chibi-Usa-Chan." Apollo said from Mamoru's shoulder. "But it doesn't seem to be going well at the moment."
"Yeah." Diana chimed in "Mom and Dad are always working now."
Mamoru ran a hand through his hair, he knew exactly what the kitten and cats were talking about. All 4 cats, Luna, Artemis, Posy and Apollo and Luna and Artemis' two kittens and Posy and Apollo's 3 kittens were living with the Shields at the time being. While all of the senshi were around the world doing the things they loved.
"At least they are all happy now." Tiffany asked picking a magazine up from a newspaper stand and paying the man.
The Kou Minako graced cover of the magazine, the article was actually all about her, and how being a model, a wife and mother all at the same time was making her so happy.
"Ami seems happy to. We don't talk all that much anymore. But I see the articles about her in the medical magazines I get. She had her daughter a month ago you know."
"When is everybody coming back?" Chibi-Usa asked. "I miss them. Especially Aunt Minako."
Mamoru smiled sadly, he felt horrible, it was mostly his fault his daughter didn't get to see her aunts much anymore. After he had announced that he and Tiffany were getting married it had upset the senshi and they had all seemed to drift apart.
"We should get home." Tiffany suggested, "The kids shouldn't be out in this cold for long."
"I could go to the past again." Chibi-Usa suggested.
Mamoru lay a hand on his daughter's shoulder, while they had to force her to leave for the past the first time she loved going now. It was her only chance to see her mother ever again.
"There isn't a reason for you to go back anymore. The battle with Chaos will be fast approaching." Mamoru responded.
"Mamoru I'm so glad your home I think we figured it out." Luna said quickly rushing out.
The group rushed inside the house after Luna, Tiffany setting the baby in the swing she loved to sit in.
"We are picking up some major energy readings from here." Luna touched the spot on the computer with her paw.
"Bad energy or good?" Mamoru asked and the question hung in the air.
"We don't know just yet." Artemis replied. "But we think that you need to call the senshi together before you go to investigate."

"Why are we all here." Makoto asked.
"It's not like we can transform." Minako added cuddling her daughter to her chest.
"You can now. I can reawaken the powers in you." Tiffany said quietly.
"What? Why did you tell us about this sooner?" Haruka exclaimed. Causing her own daughter to begin crying (AN medical science has come a long way…Yes her and Michiru are still together.)
"I wish you would stop doing that." Michiru said softly. The baby in Michiru's arm, her daughter joining her sister in wails. (Believe me there will probably be a story on this whether or not I write it…It'd be to fun to pass up!)
"What are we going to do with the kids?" Rei asked looking towards her own daughter in Chad's arms (OK probably a fic here too…)
"I say leave them with the husbands." Makoto voted.
Rei smiled evilly at Chad "I second that."
All the woman kissed their husband and daughters good-bye as they headed towards their destination. "Shouldn't we come?" Taiki asked.
"This is something the senshi need to take care of." Tiffany interrupted. "That means Mamoru I want you to stay too, with Chibi-Usa."
Mamoru looked ready to protest but didn't, "I'm coming with you." Chibi-Usa announced. "I know how to. I have already."
"Right let's go."

When the group was close to the sight Tiffany turned to them, her eyes close her hands stretched forth a golden glow appeared and in a flash of light 9 transformation sticks and a necklace appeared. With words exchanged between Tiffany and the rest of the scouts an amount of energy Tokyo hadn't seen in many years radiated around the group in dazzling colors. All the senshi stood in uniform; Tiffany's had dark red bows and dark orange ribbons.
Once transformed the group didn't have a chance to get used to being in uniform again they hurried towards the points Luna had given them. But they got no where close to the sight when they were stopped but a force.
All were brought to their knees but a strong pain in their hearts. Suddenly 10 crystals, a red orange one, a crystal, blue, orange, red, green, black, yellow, teal and purple were the rest of the colors. But suddenly in what looked like fairy dust they exploded. At this all 10 females collapsed.

"Is that my sign?" Princess Serenity asked.
Her mother and grandmother nodded, "That's your sign." Serenity hugged her grandmother and mother tightly "We will meet again."
In a ball of energy Serenity moved towards the Earth floating above her senshi, her friends she whispered these words "Dear crystal, my dear dear friend please during the Earth trials." And then she added "Protect all of Earth's people until it comes such a time when they can live again in peace on their planet."

Neo-Queen Serenity sat on her thrown. She had spent the first week of her solitude on Earth in Tokyo walking by everything she had spent time at in her life. But now she sat on her thrown she had been sitting there for almost a year now, but she didn't know. Days seemed to blur together. Her was one of her tests as the queen of Earth and the Moon. Protect the Earth without help from her senshi. The whole world was asleep under a deep freeze until such a time, as Serenity had promised. But for the time being she didn't eat, she didn't sleep she just sat in her silence. Slowly year followed year, decade followed decade and century followed century.
Slowly Neo-Queen Serenity's time alone was coming to an end. And one day the cold went away and the sun came out and the birds began chirping again but she waited, waited for her senshi to come to her. And they did come. Quietly but they came, in a row of 8, in order of their planets.
Slowly Ami and Taiki came forward, Taiki wore a knight's armor and Ami wore a deep sapphire spaghetti strap dress the sign of Mercury around the top. Neo-Queen Serenity noted all the girls had on similar dress. Ami and Taiki bowed slightly to their queen "We pledge out allegiance to you and you only my queen." The both spoke. The queen nodded with a kind smile knighting Taiki. Both arose and slip Ami standing on New-Queen Serenity's right and Taiki's. Everyone else followed, Minako and Yaten, Rei and Chad, Makoto and Ken (were back to spelling again!), Hotaru and Shingo, Setsuna and Ian. And finally Mamoru and Tiffany approached.
"My queen my name is…" Tiffany's words were slightly muffled when she knelt.
"I know who you are Tiffany." Neo-Queen Serenity replied laying a light hand on Tiffany's black hair. Mamoru kissed Serenity on the cheek before they fell into place.
Neo-Queen Serenity sat quietly watching the door expecting to see the one person she wanted most in the world to walk through the door.
"Majesty?" Taiki asked quietly.
"Yes, Taiki."
"I don't think he's coming." Taiki's words were quiet but she got the point, "We haven't seen him in years."
"Well then." Serenity said standing up. "We have a lot of work to do." While the new Queen of the earth and moon began to speak everyone listened silent. All took a defense attack when the door slammed open.
"Seiya." Serenity's words were almost silent. In long strides Seiya walked past all the senshi and their husbands until he stood right in front of her. "What took you so long?" Serenity asked restraining herself from throwing her arms around him.
"I had to get these." Seiya held up a packet of pink and once white, now yellowed with age, envelopes in his left hand. "And I had to get this." In his right he held a replica of the simple diamond engagement ring. "That's if you'll have it."
Serenity smiled with tears in her eyes, she threw her arms around his neck kissing him on the lips. As Seiya slipped the ring on her left finger he kissed her softly all over her face.
Crystal Tokyo would start now, as Serenity set positions for each of her senshi, with Seiya at her side she was sure they would be able to get through anything.

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