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We all left the school after the song, and Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rose jumped into the Jeep and drove off laughing at something Emmett had said. I sighed, everything was back to normal.

I turned to walk with Edward to the Volvo, and before I could object, he raced to open my door for me.

I smiled at my sweet boyfriend, who was grinning down at me. I walked to the door, stuck one foot in the Volvo, but before I climbed all the way in, I kissed his cheek lovingly.

I climbed in, and he shut my door, and before I could blink, he was in the driver's seat beside me. He put the key in the ignition, and started the car. We drove off with our hands intertwined.

When we arrived at the Cullen household, Edward gracefully raced to open my door before I could, and I rolled my eyes and let him. He opened the door, and helped me out, not letting my hand go as we walked to the front door.

When we were at the door, before my hand could reach for the handle, Alice had swung the door open, and was dragging me inside, speaking of dancing and dresses... Basically she was informing me that she was about to release complete and utter torture apon me.

Edward chuckled at the look on my face, and went in the living room to reunite and embrace his 'adoptive' mother and father.

I heard a yelp and Esme's cries as she embraced her son. He might as well be.

"Bella, can I show you your dress?" Alice asked quietly, for once in her life. I smiled down at my pixie+sister-like best friend.

"Sure Alice." I said, smiling. Hey, at least I didn't have to go shopping for this one!

She took me by the hand, and led me up spirals of stairs to her pink room.

She led me to the bed, where lay the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen, I was speechless for a few minutes, I recovered, "Alice, you shouldn't have." I whispered, running my fingertips over the beautiful fabric of the dress.

"But I wanted to, and you know me." She said, and I turned away from the dress, to see her grinning. I hugged her tightly, and she laughed, hugging me back just as tightly.

"You're the bestest best friend ever." I whispered, causing her to giggle.

"Yeah, well you're the bestest sista-in law/bestfriend ever." She giggled, I then pulled away wondering what she meant.

"What do you-"

"Shush, Edward's about to call for us." She said, and then started to walk in the direction of the door. I recovered, and stopped her grinning.

I walked a few feet ahead of her and leant forward to whisper in her ear, but instead I yelled, "RACE YOU!" I disappeared from the room, probably leaving her in a daze as to what had just happened, and how she hadn't saw that.

I practically heard the lightbulb go off in her head, "HEY!" I ran down the stairs at full vampire speed, her at my heals, laughing loudly, and crashed into a hard chest.

It was Edward, "Edward, save me?" I whispered, pouting, and using my big eyes to dazzle him.

"...Sure?" He asked, dazed for a few seconds before We were knocked to the ground by Alice.

"Look," Emmett boomed, "it's a Bella Sandwich!" He laughed.

I rolled my eyes, pushing Alice off of me, and running to the living room. Edward, Emmett, and Alice silently followed.

I said hi to Esme and Carlisle, and sat down on the loveseat. Edward sat beside me, pulling me into his lap, kissing my forehead, while Emmett sat on the floor and Alice sat behind Rosalie, braiding her blonde hair.

"So, Edward, now that everyone's here would you like to explain to us what happened?" Carlisle asked.

Edward sighed, "You all were there for the fight," Edward started, and I flinched. Just thinking about it hurt.


I told them about Aro's first visit. I was about to start to tell them the next story, when Emmett interupted, "How were you in the fire then all of a sudden in a dungeon? I'm confused!" He added, frustratedly.

Jasper smirked, "Surprising..." He sarcastically remarked.

"Jasper..." Esme warned.

"Sorry, Esme."

I rolled my eyes, acting like no one had said anything, and responded to Emmett's question, "Aro came to me one night, and told me of a vampire who had an extrordinary power. She could make the most realistic illusions... You could feel them, you and others could see them... Aro told me that while you guys were distracted, one of the other vampires used their power to transport me to the dungeon." I said, and felt Bella shiver in my arms. I kissed her head, and she relaxed.

"What was up with those ashes? Did that vamp use those "illusion" things to make it seem like there were ashes." Emmett asked.

I smirked, "No, they just burned a deer and put transported it to where I was, as they transported me to the Volturi."

"Oh," He said, then grinned sheepishly.

"What did they take you away for?" I heard Bella mumble into my chest.

"They needed my power in a fight against a vampire army. They needed to know what the leader was thinking the whole time that they would speak to him."

"This went on for three months?" Carlisle asked.

"No, the first month I was there, they kept me in the dungeon."

I heard Bella's growl and I leant down to whisper in her ear, "Calm down, love."

Jasper sent a wave of calm through the room, and I nodded my head towards him in thanks. He shrugged.


The next day, nothing important happened at school, except I knew Esme and Carlisle got a call about two teenagers of theirs being caught fooling around in a janitor's closet. I'm kinda glad Alice took me away immediately, now I don't have to watch Edward's tortured face as his mother scolds him, asking him about his morals... As I said, when we were home, Alice pulled me into her room, and started to get me ready for the End-Of-The-Year School Dance.

She and Rosalie did my make-up and hair, which probably took two hours.

But those were two hours I'll never get back. At least I live for eternity, right?

When they were done they smiled triumphantly, "Look in the mirror, Bella!" Alice said, happily clapping her hands, and jumping up and down.

I looked in the mirror, and I gasped.

I was beautiful.

I mean, I'd always had that vampire beauty, but I knew that I was nothing compared to Rosalie, Alice, or Esme.

"Thanks guys!" I said, jumping up from the chair, and hugging them tightly, not too tightly, though. Didn't want to hurt little Emmett Jr., or that's what I like to call him or her. It drives Rose crazy. We don't know what gender it is, but I think it will be a boy, and Alice thinks it will be a girl.

They hugged back, and for three more hours I helped the other two get ready. Alice had picked a fun pink party dress that looked amazing on her. Rosalie had picked a sexy red dress that looked just as amazing.

We put on our dresses, glanced in the mirror, and walked down the stairs to meet our men.

Rosalie made her entrance, walking down the stair, swinging her hips seductively while she watched Emmett. I rolled my eyes at her, while Emmett wolf whistled.

Alice made her long entrance. I decided to shake things up a bit. I took my heals off, and ran from my hiding place to the stairs (The heals under an arm), when I was at the edge of the top of the stairs, I jumped, doing a flip mid-air, and landed in Edward's arms.

"Nice entrance Bella." Emmett boomed.

Edward laughed along with the guys while Rose and Alice whined, "Bella..."

"What? I just wanted to shake things up a bit." I laughed.

Rose grinned, while Alice fumed, "You've got to admit, Alice, it was sort of funny." She said.

Alice rolled her eyes, but grinned, "Yeah, I guess so."

Edward put me on my feet, and I put my heals on.

Edward's breath left him as he took the sight of me in. As did mine from me when I finally got to take a good look at him.

He took my hand in his, and kissed it softly, "You are so beautiful." He whispered against my skin.

I smiled, "You're extremely irresistable right now." I moved so that my lips were at his ear, I nipped at it gently, and hissed, "You can't imagine how hard it is to not take you into our room and finish what we started in the janitor's closet." I grinned as he shivered.

"Than maybe you should give in."

"I want to, so bad." I whispered, grabbing his hand and pulling him outside, and into the Volvo.

When we got out, Edward opened the door for me. Since everybody was already inside, he used vampire speed.

We walked in through the main entrance, and it was like dejavu. Everything seemed to look exactly the same as it did at the prom. The emotions ran through me at full speed, and I looked at Edward to see if he was feeling the same way.

He had been looking around, too, and when he felt my gaze on him, he turned to look at me with a loving look on his face. There also was longing, so when I nodded at him meaningfully, his mind was in the same place, so he understood.

"The Janitor's closet?"


When we were finished, I fixed my hair, and make-up, knowing that Alice would be pissed if she found me looking like I'd just been fooling around with Edward in the Janitor's Closet... Well... I wouldn't object to that accusation.

We walked back into the Gym. We hadn't bothered attempting to tame Edward's mane. I didn't want to, anyways, it made him look even more sexy than he already is.

I pushed that thought away, and saw Alice skipping towards me, Rosalie walking silently behind her. She was smiling, and when she got to me, she grabbed my hand, turning to Edward, "You wouldn't mind if I stole her away for a moment, would you, my dear brother?" She pouted, and I rolled my eyes.

Edward grinned, and mocked contemplating. He tapped his chin for a few seconds, but then answered a simple "No."

Rosalie and I laughed, and Alice her tongue out at him, "Too bad." She said, "I'm taking her anyway."

Edward scowled, and I gave him one more kiss as I was dragged to the middle of the floor with my (I might as well call them) sisters.

We danced goofily until the music stopped, giggling, and taking turns to pretend to flirt with eachother, laughing hysterically afterwards. Alice had just gone, and it was Rosalie's turn. She contemplated for a second, before giggling.

"You guys have the sexiest asses I have ever seen." She said, grinning, and smacked our butts. We all giggled, but the giggles stopped ubruptly when I felt two hands on my hips.

"Get your hands the hell off of me, you perv! I have a boyfriend!" Rosalie screeched, and I heard Emmett's booming laugh.

"I heard he's extremely sexy and that he has a nice big-"

"Emmett!" I scolded, covering my ears up childishly, attempting to keep the disturbing mental images out of my mind. I was so glad that it was actually working.

"What?! I was just gonna say nice big Jeep!" We all laughed at his joke, the sound of Edward's laugh alerting his presence to me.

"Hello, love." He whispered, turning me around, his hands on my hips. His breath blew into my face as he spoke, dazzling me momentarily.

When I finally recovered, I whispered back, looking up into his beautiful, golden eyes, "Hey, Edward." He grinned, chuckling softly at me. Probably laughing at the fact that it took me so long. I glared at him, and decided to get revenge. "It's over, Edward. I'm so sorry, but you had to laugh at me, so..." I trailed off, and started to walk away.

I heard his growl, and felt his hand at my wrist, "You won't be going anywhere." He growled. It was sexy.

I grinned, "Why so confident, Mr. Cullen? I can go wherever the hell I want to!" I retorted, expecting him to pull me tight against his body, and kiss me fiercely.

But instead, his hand dropped from mine. My eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. Was he mad at me?! Is he believing me, and wanting me to leave?!

I turned around to see an insecure looking Edward staring at the ground, a broken look on his face. He thought I was serious! My heart wrenching painfully at the sight of my love in pain. I walked back to him, putting my hands firmly on the sides of his pale face, "Edward, I didn't mean it at all. I'm sorry. I was just trying to get you back for laughing at me." I whispered, and moved my lips to his. He responded well, kissing me back just as urgently and lovingly. When we broke away, he grinned a mischeivious smile.

"I know you were, so was I." He whispered, looking into my eyes. I heard snickering, and peered behind Edward to see Rose, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper laughing.

I looked straight into Jasper's eyes, and said one word, "Lightning." His eyes widened, and he stopped laughing.

I turned my glare to Alice, "Closet." She gasped, her giggling stopped ubruptly.

Emmett, "Jeep." He put his hands up in a defensive pose.

Rosalie, "M3." She narrowed her eyes at me, but nodded anyway.

I turned my piercing glare into, the one that was most in trouble, Edward's eyes, thinking only for a second. I grinned, "Edward, you get no sex for two weeks." His eyes became frightened. I could hear our family laughing hysterically.

"Good one, Bella!" Rosalie laughed.

"Nice." Jasper chuckled.

"Guess you shouldn't have done that, bro." Emmett grinned, shrugging when he saw Edward glare at him, "It's your fault." Edward turned his eyes to look at Alice, pleading her silently. I was confused. What the hell?

Alice closed her eyes for a few seconds, then opened them, "She's not gonna give in." She said. She'd obviously looked into the future to see if I was gonna give in. That must've been what Edward was asking her. What an ass!

I glared furiously at Edward, "You're lucky that I love you, or... UGH!" I started to stomp away, but not hard enough to break the shoes I was wearing. Alice wouldn't have been happy... I shiver just thinking about it...

Edward grabbed me by the waist and twirled me around so that I was smushed up against him, so close that our noses were touching. He grinned, nuzzling his nose on mine, and whispered in the cutest voice, "I love you, too." Before kissing my lips lightly.

We all jumped when we heard the music turn on. I smiled at the Avril Lavigne song, I knew it well. Edward smiled, and whispered, his breath whooshing over my face, "Care to dance?" He whispered, though he knew I would say know. He pouted, seeing the look on my face.

"Fine." And he started to dance me around the room, me giggling softly and him chuckling.

I look away
Then I look back at you
You try to say
The things that you can't undo
If I had my way
I'd never get over you
It ain't the day
I pray that we make it through

I smiled, closing my eyes, singing along. Singing to my Edward. My beautiful Edward.

Make it through the fall
Make it through it all

And I knew that we would. Opening my eyes, I pecked him on the lips lightly. He grinned softly, and we continued to dance.

And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you
I don't want to talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just want to cry in front of you
I don't want to talk about it

Cuz I'm in love with you

I looked lovingly into his eyes, and I knew that he knew it too. This story was our story put into a song. We beamed at eachother for a few seconds before the singing continued.

You're the only one,
I'd be with till the end
When I come undone
You bring me back again
Back under the stars
Back into your arms

"I love you." I whispered, staring into his eyes.

"I love you, too, my Bella."

And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you
I don't want to talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just want to cry in front of you
I don't want to talk about it
Cuz I'm in Love With you

Wanna know who you are
Wanna know where to start
I wanna know what this means

Wanna know how you feel
Wanna know what is real
I wanna know everything, everything

I smiled, remembering when I found out about Edward and his family. About his past... Everything. Remembering the first time we kissed. The 'I love you's'...

And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you
I don't want to talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just want to cry in front of you
I don't want to talk about it

And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you
I don't want to talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just want to cry in front of you
I don't want to talk about it
Cuz I'm in Love With you

Edward dipped me down as I sang the last lyrics to him. I let my head fall back, giggling...

I'm in love with you
Cuz i'm in love with you
I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you

He pulled me into his arms, kissing my lips softly before murmering, "I sure hope so..." I giggled, and we danced into the night, forgetting all about the people around us.

For once, I was greatful for Jacob Black not being on time that day in the meadow...