Chapter One

He hated her. And he hated that he hated her. She seemed to consume his thoughts. Timothy McGee didn't hate anyone. He might dislike people on occasion, consider them a bit rude or thoughtless. No one else guessed at what they had done. In fact the rest of the team thought he disliked her, which he did.

But it hadn't stopped him fucking her.

And he even hated that word but there was no better description for the violent joining of bodies. There had been no talk or attempt at love or even kindness. She disliked him, didn't even consider him at all. And he hated her for it.

When they had finished, their bodies still heaving trying to regain their breath she had simply raised an eyebrow, smoothed down her skirt, buttoned up her shirt, wiped her mouth and walked away. He could have screamed his frustration.

She had left him naked wearing nothing but his shoes, his boxers in a puddle around his ankles, his pants and shirt strewn across the room. He was leaning shaking against the wall while she seemed almost untouched by his efforts. He didn't know when he had last felt that vulnerable.

It was the eyes. She had just looked at him, looked through him. She had been mildly curious but she didn't even seem to consider it unusual that he wanted her. It was as if he had been provided purely for her occasional use and no further involvement from her was required.

He could still smell her all over him and wondered how the others could not tell what he had done. They had fucked hard and furious up against the wall in the corner of the tiny fourth corridor unused storeroom. She must be wearing bruises from where he had gripped her so hard, pounding deep into her, frantic with need as she raked her nails up his bare back and she had buried her sharp teeth into the firm flesh at the nape of his neck.

His thoughts raged at him. How could he be attracted to someone he didn't even like? And he was attracted. Just watching her sneer at something on the other side of the room made him hard and his long fingers twitched to feel inside her, hot and wet. He wanted to curl his fingers up and into her and feel her buck and cry beneath him.

He wanted to show her that he was not the pathetic lap dog that she seemed to think he was. That he had value. And yet rather than impress her with his skills as an investigator he was overwhelmed with a need to slap her so hard across the face it bloomed blush and then with her eyes flashing pull her to him and make her scream his name.

But she didn't. She wouldn't.

She was driving him mad. He had already had one shower at work today. Tony had laughingly made a comment about the new girl making him sweat. He had even said that the new girl must be giving him a 'hard time'. Tony had no idea.

He avoided the lab knowing that Abby would take one look at his flushed face and know something was up. The languid feeling he usually associated with the aftermath of having sex with someone he cared about was missing. Perhaps that was why no one could tell. All that would be written on his face was frustration, confusion and anxiety.

Frustration with himself and with her. How dare she treat someone like that? Why was he attracted to someone that treated him like that?

Confusion at how intense his orgasm had been. His knees were still trembling an hour later. He felt like he had buried himself in her, straining and using every inch of himself to give her more to show her what he could do. Why? Why her? Why did he care?

Anxiety swirled around him. How was he supposed to work with her now? Would she say anything? If someone asked him he couldn't even explain it to himself. They couldn't possibly do it again, could they? She didn't even seem like she wanted to. His heart was chilled by the look she gave him as she walked off, silent.

She had come to assist with a case, a temporary placement. She had hit it off with everyone except him. He had tried but she had re buffed his friendly advances, ignored his offer to get her a coffee, and turned her back on him on more than one occasion. It hadn't gone unnoticed but it wasn't affecting the case and besides it was him. Everyone got on with good old McGee sooner or later. It seemed that Gibbs decided to let the team dynamic settle itself.

McGee had felt a quiet anger grow inside him at this unnecessary treatment and he had picked a slow time to speak to her in private. He hoped that asking her to at least be civil to him during work hours would show that he noticed her treatment of him. He hoped that if they could not be friends then at least they could be useful colleagues to each other. He had followed her hoping for a private moment, but they were passed by a person here and a person there and she seemed to lead him further into the building.

An instant later she seemed to have disappeared. Tim had stuck his head into the unused store room, one that was being stripped in readiness for the re modeling and found himself pulled inside.
She smirked coolly up and him and pushed him against the closed door.
'Are you following me, McGee?
He had hesitated, worrying that his answer might make the already rocky relationship worse but she already had her hand on his crotch and was working him through the fabric of his suit.
His face must have showed his surprise as she leaned into him
'What don't you like that my sneaky McGee?'

His growing erection would have denied any answer he wanted to give and he stared at her wide eyed, plastered against the door a small groan gathering in the back of his throat.

'Why don't you show me what you're made of, Timothy?'

It was the use of his name that did it. She had rubbed herself against him and had slipped her hand through his fly and was now expertly, firmly stroking his hot flesh now turned soft velvet over hard steel. The whisper of his name in his ear accompanied by the tip of her tongue running over his ear lobe was enough that he thrust into her hand. She had laughed cruelly and working off his belt with her other hand had then slicked her thumb across the newly moist tip of his cock.

It was then that the slow burning anger that he had felt towards her exploded into a hot serge of emotion resulting in him stepping out of his pants, locking the door and pushing her against the far wall. She had grinned gleefully as he had wrapped his arms around her and shoved her up against the wall. He didn't care if he hurt her he shamefully remembered later. He had never had sex angry before. And she seemed to love it. She was already wet when he felt her hot flesh with his fingers and parted her. She grunted and shut her eyes against looking at him as he thrust deep into her. He was so hard, he ached and he felt like he could have kept her in that position without the use of his hands, simply keeping her impaled on his cock. It had felt like they were already instantly in the middle of a lengthy sex session as they were both so excited, so wild and aching for each other they were thrashing on each other, thrusting wildly, clutching at anything and everything in their quest for more.

And then it was over and she had walked silently away.

And he hated her for it.

Well so what do you think of that? Bit of a different style for me so curious to know. Four chapters in total, two more already written.