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The gay ray was actually called A Sappho Ray by Mr.Dr.P. in his story "Match Ado about Nothing" along with what happened to Ron in his story.

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The idea for this story came to me while I was surfing this site for the first time and wondering what a kigo warning was. I then wondered what Kim would think of it.

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As Ron says "You Rock!"


Kim's Internet Adventure


That was not the sound that Ron Stoppable expected when he entered the apartment that he shared with his roommate, BF/GF, and soon to be fiancé Kim Possible.

It wasn't just a laugh, it was a full on belly laugh. The kind that rumbles deep in the bellythen explodes in a great gush of merriment. It was an expression of enjoyment so immense that it just had to be released and shared with the world. Ron dropped his textbooks on the kitchen table and followed the sound of Kim's merriment to the computer room where they did their respective homework assignments.

"What's up KP?" Ron inquired," What's so funny?"

"Oh Ron," Kim replied gasping for air between giggle fits. "Have you seen this website before?"

"What is it a joke site?" Ron replied while leaning over his amused girlfriend to peer at the screen before him.

"No…No… It's much better than that!" Kim replied still giggling.

"Fan Fiction dot Net huh? Yeah I ran across it a couple of months ago. Why the monster giggle fit over it?"

"You knew about this site months ago and you didn't share with me? Why? It's priceless."

"Well," Ron began rubbing the back of his neck. "There are some stories I found on there that I thought might get you seriously tweaked."

"You mean the Kigo ones?" Kim questioned, the amusement in her voice still evident.

"Well yeah, I mean those stories have you sleeping with Shego! I know how you feel about her but other people don't. There are stories on that site that have you sleeping with everybody from me to Bonnie!"

"I like sleeping with you…." Kim began to speak, amusement dancing in her eyes.

"All right KP, I get it. I was just trying to protect you." Ron interrupted. "Apparently I was wrong about your reaction. Why doesn't it bother you anyway?"

"I guess that some people think that battling it out with a plasma powered bad guy is the equivalent of foreplay. Besides have you read some of those stories?"

"Yeah some, why?" Ron replied.

"They have me having torrid affairs with her, getting married, having her children…"

"Having her children?"Ron interrupted. 'Should I contact Professor Allen in Life Sciences and alert him that there is a new way to procreate that doesn't involve men?"

"I really thought that the story about the Jewish wedding was interesting. I was tweaked that I'm always the feminine one in the relationship. I mean why can't Shego have my baby?" Kim complained.

"Kim, do you realize what you are saying? Sick and wrong I tell you." Ron exclaims, his good humor restored by Kim's playful banter.

"Hey you didn't read the one about me being a lesbian vampire." Kim retorted.

"Ack Mind soap, Mind soap, Get the image out of my head." Ron starts to giggle himself catching Kim's playful mood.

"There are also stories that make me a pirate, assassin, Super, women or girl also a Green Lantern and other things…. You know you would like the super stories." Kim explained

"Why is that?" Ron questions.

"You're Batman." Kim answers.

"Coolio, the Ron man shoots and scores! I'd rather be the Fearless Ferret." Ron exclaims.

Kim and Ron sit down at their kitchen table and stare at each other for a couple of seconds. Then Ron starts to smile, that is followed by a chuckle from Kim. Then the dam breaks and they both collapse to the floor in a monster giggle fit that turns into a couple of full belly laughs.

"I don't believe……." Kim starts laughing again.

"I know, I know……" finishes Ron clutching his sides.

"Where do these people get those ideas anyway?" Kim gasps for air as she speaks

"Way too much time on their hands I think." Replies Ron finally getting his breathing under control. 'Wow, thanks for that KP.That test I had in calculus was a bear. I needed that."

"Come on Ron that was the last test of the semester and the end of our Sophomore Year in college. Let's get Rufus and celebrate at Bueno Nacho." Kim invited. "Then we can come back here and celebrate." Kim eyed Ron in a suggestive manner.

"Booyah, The Ronman is all about celebrating! Let me get Rufus up and we can get going!"

"Easy loverboy I have to change first. Just cool off until I get done." Kim said as she went into their bedroom to change.

Tem minutes later Kim emerges from their bedroom dressed in her teal colored top and black pants and pauses for a comment from Ron on her outfit.

"Looking good KP, as always, you look fantastic." Ron comments.

"I knew I kept you around for a reason Ron." Kim replied.

As they start for the door Ron turns to Kim.

"You know Kim; I did read a story on that site that was pretty interesting."

"Oh, what was that?" Kim asks as she puts on her shoes in preparation to leave.

"There was a story about how you and Shego were hit by a gay ray."

"Gay ray?" questions Kim.

"Well that's not way the author called it but yeah, you could call it that." Ron explained.

"Let me guess we both live happily ever after?"

"No, neither of you are attracted to each other." Ron explained again while getting ready to open the door for Kim.

"Well that is different, what happened?" asked Kim stopping just outside the open door.

"Shego captures me, turns me over to DNAmy and I let her turn me into a girl."

"Why would you let her do that?" Kim questioned.

"The author explained that I did it so we could be together, no matter what."

"Aw Ron that's sweet, would you really do that for me?" Kim smiled as she said that.

"Hey that would be tough changing teams like that. I like going to the bathroom standing up. I still remember the brain switch ." Ron commented shutting the apartment door behind them.

Kim's voice echoes down the hallway as they walk to the steps going down to the ground floor.

"Aw, wouldn't my Ronnie want to be with me forever?" Kim asks as she makes a very familiar face.

"Not the Pout Kim that's not fair!" Ron's voice comes back faintly as they descend the stairs together. "That's cheating!"

Meanwhile 200 miles away……………………………

Drakken enters his latest lair and watches Shego typing on a laptop. He walks up behind her and starts to read what she is writing.

"Another story about you and possible Shego? I s there something between you two that I need to know?"

"Please Dr.D don't make me upchuck." Replies Shego.

"Then why write all these stories between you and her?" Drakken asks.

"Dr.D how old was the Princess when we first met?" questioned Shego.

"I don't know it was down in that Professor Acari's lab when you stole the robot tick for me. She was still in high school at the time….. about fourteen, fifteen may be?" answered Drakken.

"Right, about fifteen years old and she can take on a woman six years older than her, with a lot more experience. With all these fancy powers I have and the best I can do is a draw? I should have been able to hand her her head."

"So?" Drakken asks.

"Dr,D. I not getting any younger and I 'm at my peak physically. If I can't take down the Princess down now I never will." Shego explains.

"And all those stories help how?" questioned Drakken

"I do it for the same reasons that I call her Cupcake, Princess, Pumpkin, and Kimmie.To get under her skin and make her loose focus, to give me an edge when I fight her. I mean who in their right mind would think two people fighting like the Princess and I do would think it was an excuse because we were hot for each other? That's about as dumb a thing as I have ever heard. We fight because I'm trying to put her down for the count. Anybody who believes anything else just needs help." Shego groused.

"It hasn't worked so far why continue it? After all it's been what, six years, and you haven't affected her fighting skills a bit." Drakken said reasonably.

"Because you would not believe who reads this tripe on the internet and believes it's gospel. I will use anything I can to take the Princess down and if I can destroy her reputation in the process, all the better."

"You write all this stuff yourself? I seem to remember a lot of stories out there."

"Naw, I farm a lot of them out. There are always people willing to write stories like this for a lot of reasons besides taking down Kimmie."

As Drakken strolled away Shego finishes her current project and murmured. "Where is that list of pen names I use?"

The End


I redid this story after it was pointed out to me that I made some grammatical errors, that I didn't keep the proper spacing for the fanfiction site, and that the sentence structure was a little clunky. (See feedback works)