Shego's Surprise

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Shego's Surprise

Drakken's new lair:


The furious cry echoed throughout Dr. Drakken's new lair. Comprised of equal parts of outrage and fury it thundered down the corridors like the herald of approaching doom.

Drew Lipsky, Dr. Drakken to the rest of the world, ran down the corridor following the cry of indignation to its source.

Standing by the computer station, lit up like a Possible family Christmas decoration, stood Shego; her face a mixture of horror and disgust.

"Shego what is it...what happened...Did Kim Possible find us already?"

"Do you see that?" Shego screamed at her employer. Pointing to the computer monitor

"Yes Shego, I see the monitor. What's wrong with it?"

"Not the monitor you idiot what's on the monitor!" Shego almost screamed.

"If you promise not to fry me if I get in the way I'll look at it."

"Gaah, fine!"

Shego then began to back away from the offending piece of computer equipment. She then stood in the middle of the room, her arms crossed, and a fierce scowl on her face; the very picture of an offended sidekick.

Drakken watched his employee for a few seconds. Satisfied that she wasn't going to explode with rage when his back was exposed, he turned to the monitor and began to read the plain text appearing on it.

"Well now...hmmm...well I would never think of that..." Drakken mumbled as he scanned the page that so offended Shego.

"Shego what is this nonsense anyway?" Drakken finally questioned.

"I was bored, Ok? So I started surfing the web and I found that!"

"Fan Fiction dot net, isn't that the site you use to spread all those rumors about..." Drakken's voice dropped off as he noticed Shego's expression.

"Yes that's the web site I use to ..." Shego's voice dropped off at the end, imitating Drakken's voice perfectly, with a sarcastic twist at the end.

Drakken smiled when it suddenly hit him why Shego was so upset.

"So now people are writing stories about you that you don't approve of. And it's got you in a tizzy." Drakken exclaimed in a rare moment of clarity, smiling even wider as he said it.

"Ok, one I have never been a 'tizzy'. And two, did you read that thing?"

"Yes Shego I am quite capable of understanding the written word. You're upset that someone is doing to you what you do to others. It's almost biblical in the justice of the thing" Drakken gloated.

"They accuse me of...doing...with a naked mole rat." Shego stuttered with outrage.

"And you accuse Kim Possible of being..." Drakken let his voice drop off. "I really don't see the difference. You don't suppose Kim Possible suspects you of writing all those stories about her and is getting even?"

Shego stopped and considered it for a second.

"No." She reluctantly admitted. "Kimmie fights fair, character assassination is my style not hers."

"What about the buffoon then?"

"No he might if he knew it was me but I don't think he's smart enough to figure it out. Plus Kimmie would kill him if she found out he did anything like it. Like I said Kimmie fights fair and the sidekick does whatever she says. Besides that's his pet they're writing about. He would be just as upset as if it were about the Princess."

"Well then I guess we will never know. It could just be people with an active imagination and too much time on their hands." Drakken reasoned out loud.

Shego had calmed down by now and had a pensive expression on her face.

"I don't know Dr. D, but if I do find out who's doing it, they'll find out what a charcoal briquette feels like during a barbeque."

"Do what you have to. Crisis averted them?"

"Yeah, I guess." Shego responded. She was amazed that Drakken had actually been able to calm her down without her blasting him into the far wall.

"Come Shego, nothing calms a person down like a glass of coco-moo."

"Coco-moo…. right." Shego replied, too distracted by her recent temper tantrum to make her usual snarky remarks about Drakken's favorite drink.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable's apartment late at night:

The apartment was silent. The two occupants had long since gone to bed, exhausted in mind and body after a particularly rough mission against Monkey Fist and his monkey ninjas. The apartment should have been dark as well; the only light visible should have been the various LED lights on the electronic equipment scattered around the living spaces.

The sleeping heroes however; would have been surprised to know that, in the computer room, the monitor was lighting up the small room and a naked mole rat was dancing on the keys.

Rufus had taken to surfing the web late at night, after his two humans were in bed. Most of the Everlot players didn't get on till late at night. Too late for a couple of college students with jobs to be up, but just right for a mole rat that slept most of the day away.

Rufus was smart, even smarter than his humans thought he was. You don't get to be a Tunnel Lord in one of the most complicated and popular on-line games by being just a dumb animal. He had found the Fan Fiction site some time ago and had started reading it to kill time before the fun started.

He had been disturbed when he found the stories about his female human. Like I said Rufus wasn't dumb, he knew what the stories were inferring about his human, and he didn't like it one bit. He was also less trusting than his humans. He was still basically an animal, despite being a smart one, and he knew an attack when he saw it. He also had a good idea who would do it. Only one person his humans fought had the mentality of an animal. The take no prisoners, strike when your opponent was weak, mindset of a predator.

Rufus considered his options. He was too small for a physical attack and he had no way of knowing where his intended victim was any way. He was stumped until he heard his female admonish his male with the saying, "Turn about was fair play." That was it! He could use its own means of attack against it.

Rufus planned his attack with care, doing it only late at night, when they were resting.

He was thorough, always thinking out what he would write long before he wrote it. He was sure no one would suspect him of doing it. After all he was a mole rat. And he had plenty of time to think it all out. Also he had one other reason for doing what he was doing and who he was doing it to.

Naked Mole Rats had fantasies too.


A/N Yeah, Yeah, I can hear you saying "What, a mole rat is smart enough to figure out who is attacking his humans and intelligent enough to plan an attack; using the internet?"

Rufus has been shown to be smarter that you would usually find in an animal and he is the Tunnel Lord in Everlot. If he can do that why not do this as well?