Bella's pov

"Wake up Bella, Wake up !" Melody said while trying to get me off the bed.

" We're going to be late if you don't wake the hell up Bells !" shaking me around.

" It's like she's dead" Jessica said from across the room.

"Ok ok, I am awake" I said finally getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom.

" God Bella, it took me forever to wake you up" Melody said shouting.

Sometimes Melody reminds me of Alice. I just started to brush my teeth, when Melody started yelling again. Does she ever stop, I thought to myself.

" Bella, what is taking you so damn long in the bathroom" Melody started banging on the bathroom's door.

" I'm coming" I tried to say while brushing my teeth.

I finished taking a shower and got dressed in what Melody left out for me to wear. I was wearing a flower patterned halter cami with a cute denim skinny Capri, and my shoes are American Eagle Mille Bow Ballet flats. To complete the outfit, a cute border print bag and orange hoop earrings. My hair was nice and straight with a black headband on.

" Bella are you done yet, everyone is waiting for you ?"Melody said while she had my sidekick in her hand texting someone.

"Who are you texting ?" I asked.

She looked at me and smiled.

"You look amazing Bells, come on everyone is waiting" She left the room, not telling me who she was texting. I decided to let it go for now.

I followed Melody out the door. We got off the elevator and I saw Alice talking non-stop while Edward just stood there.

As I came in to view, everyone turned to look at me. Alice came running to me, hugging me and saying I looked great, Edward just smiled and led the girls out to the limo. I followed behind while Alice was taking about how we all are going to have so much fun.

" I'm sure we will Alice" I smiled and went in the limo.

Everyone did small talk while Edward and I kept quite. We have finally arrived at the Cullen household. All the girls gasped from how Huge and beautiful it is.

"You haven't seen anything yet" Alice said while giggling at there reactions. I just smiled and found Edward staring at me. Why was he staring, did I have something on my face? He realised I was staring back at him questionably and looked away. We all got out of the car as we where greeted by the rest of the Cullens.

" I'm so happy for you to join us today" Esme said hugging each and every one of us. Maybe today is going to turn out alright, I thought while giving Esme a hug.