So, Hikaru has kinda known for a long while he has issues. You just don't go through puberty with a ghost by your side without developing some, in more ways than just paranoia. Nothing – really, nothing – kills a boner faster than thinking about jerking off with Sai looking at you, and either wondering what are you doing or why you're doing it wrong.

But Hikaru feels guilty about blaming his current dilemma on Sai. It doesn't sound fair to do so when Sai isn't there to defend himself anymore, and it feels cruel. Besides, even without that he was never quite interested in... well. The idea of sex as a whole.

Until quite suddenly he was and his body decided that he was years late upon the whole thing. No, not his body.

It had to be. Uh... certainly not go. Nor videogames. Nor TV. Nor the way Touya looked behind the other side of the goban, as if he was about to start chewing on his lower lip in concentration and he never did. CERTAINLY not that. Then. Uh.

"RAMEN." Hikaru beams as he stands up from the futon, ignoring the groan of 'dear god why' from. Okay not going there. "It was that weird ramen I had! It said it was shrimp but I'm sure it was something else that--"

And then there's a quite strong tug that makes him stumble down upon the futon and almost on top of Touya, though that would've suited the jerk just fine. Or so thinks Hikaru until he notices that Touya is glaring at him and that they're both very much naked.

Oh yeah. Going back to the issues.

"Can you do this later?" Touya asks him in the tone of voice that holds No Arguments Whatsoever Or Else, and Hikaru guesses that he's totally, absolutely screwed for the way his brain kind of shortwires at the glare. He's kinda sure you're not supposed to get hot by that. "I'd actually like to sleep now."

Touya doesn't even stop to listen to his revelation – okay, that's probably good – nor his answer as he just rolls over, and Hikaru kind of stares for a few moments at the way his hair graces the back of Touya's neck and hey, Touya has a tiny beauty mark on the back of his neck and is that a hi-- OHMYGOD IT IS.

Hikaru feels a shudder and he can't quite stop himself from pressing against Touya's back, kissing that tiny spot, feeling Touya both shudder and sigh and say something about unreasonable and insatiable and a hell of a lot of things that he doesn'te quite care for the moment.

The ramen. Totally the ramen's fault.

His mom might be right on the whole eating more vegetables thing.

Or perhaps not. Who knows.