Chapter 10: Pizza, Chips and Mobile Phones

Chapter 10: Pizza, Chips and Mobile Phones

Gwen could hear ringing in her ears, and was wondering if this is why she was supposed to be eating properly. Then she recognized the sound, not as ringing in her ears, but as ringing in her pocket.

My mobile, she thought, and glanced around for Owen. He wasn't anywhere to be seen, so she cautiously reached into her pocket and got out her phone. She answered it without looking at the display.


"Gwen? Hey, it's Tosh. How are you doing?"

"Hi Tosh, I'm all right." Gwen could feel another bout of lightheadedness coming on, and it made her babble. "Don't worry, Owen's taking care of the food."

"What? Owen? Gwen, what's the matter, you don't sound so good."

"No, no, I'm just fine…my head is a little light feeling, but other than that, I'm going on along just great."

"Gwen, have you been drinking?" Tosh's suspicious and worried voice crackled a little over the line. Owen took the phone from her, frowning fiercely.

"I told you not to move, I don't want you rolling off the table."

"Gwen? Gwen! Owen, can you hear me? What's wrong with Gwen?" Tosh shrieked and Owen looked at the phone, before putting it to his ear.

"Tosh, is that you?" He asked.

"Oh thank god! Owen, what the hell is going on? Is Gwen all right? She sounds like she's been drinking. She can't be drinking in her condition!"

"Don't you think I would know that?" he snapped, then shifted to hold the phone between his ear and shoulder as he helped Gwen sit up and handed her a glass of water. "Drink that." he told her sternly, and she was just dizzy enough from sitting up to comply without an argument.

"Owen! WHAT IS GOING ON?" Tosh demanded, sounding more like Jack than Owen had ever heard her.

"Oh yeah, you see, our darling mummy-to-be decided that she would throw up twice today on a completely empty stomach. She's now feeling the effects of malnutrition."

"How did you know? I mean, do you know where her flat is?" Tosh asked.

"We're not at her flat," he grumbled, "We're still at work. I hadn't left yet, and it seemed neither did Miss Gwen here." He could hear scrabbling around in the background.

"Hold on, I'm going to come back in. We need to get Gwen home, and she needs to eat."

"I can take care of this Tosh, I don't need your help."

"I don't care if you need it, I'm coming in for Gwen. She needs it."

"Tosh, don't both-" He started to tell her, but then she cut the connection, and Owen swore under his breath. That's all he needed. A malnourished girlfriend, and her brand new best mate to come and cluck over her. Owen started when he realized that he was referring to her as his girlfriend again, and hurriedly set the phone aside. Gwen handed him back the empty glass.

"Good girl, now, I want you to try and eat some of this." He handed her a slice of pizza, and Gwen recoiled.

"Owen, I can't eat right now." Her refusal irked him, and he demanded,

"Why not?"

"Because just looking at that is going to make me sick again." She pulled a face, and pushed away the plate. Owen sighed.

"Very well then, what will you eat?"

"I think I'd like some chips." She said half-heartedly. Owen almost protested, (chips were hardly a healthy thing for a young mother-to-be to be eating when what she needed was proteins) but then he saw how drained she looked, and picked up her mobile, hitting the redial button.


"Tosh, if you're coming in anyway, find somewhere to get Gwen some chips. She's decided that the pizza would make her sick. When you get here, she's going to eat and then I'm taking her home." Then he hung up, confident that Tosh would understand that she was not invited to help escort Gwen back to her flat.