Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Beth Sullivan and CBS own them.

I'll Follow You
Written by Ashley J.
March 5, 2008

"Promise me you'll never leave me," she whispered, as he cradled her in his arms, his hands smoothing her auburn-tinged hair. Her hands gently glided across his chest like lazy waves lolling over darkened beach sand. She closed her eyes, burying her nose in the hollow of his throat, smiling and inhaling his scent, that deep, outdoorsy scent with a wisp of cologne. He let out a soft breath, a breath of utter satisfaction. Her heart beat faster in her chest at that one sensation, a sensation that made him truly and completely hers.

"I promise." His voice was throaty, airy, filled with a hint of both exhaustion and contentment. His hand traced down her body, tickling her sides with only feather light touches, until he found the curve of her hip, marked with faint white lines, evidence of their love, what it created, what it meant.

"Promise me we'll have more Katies," she said with a grin, her body reeling from his touches. She pulled herself closer to him, her head against his chest now, her eyelashes beating softly against his skin, the tiniest touch stirring him beyond belief.

"Lots more. As many as you want. As many as we can make," he chuckled, burying his face in her hair, rubbing her back as he turned her over in the bed, her body pressed against his, fitting together with his as the most perfect puzzle.

"What if someone takes me away? Like before?" Her voice was soft now, almost sad, but he planned to change that. His lips pressed against her forehead, he kissed her eyelids, her nose, her mouth, her neck. He traveled down to the valley between her breasts, kissing her there, pulling her higher and higher from the plane of reality.

"Then I'll follow you. Like before. I'll always follow you." She hummed softly as she exhaled. Her body afire from his touch. He gently rolled her onto her stomach, lying beside her in the bed, his hand tracing sensually up and down her. He started at her neck, rubbing down her silky-soft back, feeling the fine, invisible hairs prickle under his touch.

He kissed her shoulder, and she shuttered beneath him, stretching out, as his hand moved over her back, gently massaging, gently teasing.

"How soon?"

"How soon…what?" He paused for only a moment before moving to straddle her, kissing down her back. She turned to face him again, this time, her eyes serious but full of love.

"How soon?" Looking into her eyes, he knew what she meant, and he smiled, running his hand down her side, gently caressing her breast and then resting upon her flattened stomach, it also marked with pale, white lines. They were medals of honor to her, things she could never give away, something she had to show for her love of her husband and of her children. They were dear to her, lines that told beautiful stories.

A faint breeze drifted through the window, and he protected her from the chill, bending down to press his body against hers, wanting to be as close to her as possible. Closer. Closer. Closer. She moaned softly, her breath hitting his shoulder, as her hands reached out, holding his shoulders, as he pushed her closer.

She cried out against him, and his hands took hers above her head, holding them there, holding onto her and not letting go as he answered her question without words.

Minutes later, she was cradled against him just as she had been before.

"Promise?" she breathed.

"I promise."