As the next few weeks went on, Zuko and Katara got better at making their fake love look real and she and Aang started seeming

As the next few weeks went on, Zuko and Katara got better at making their fake love look real and she and Aang started seeming more like friends to passing people. Zuko and Jin's secret had gotten along so far with nobody figuring it out, and Sokka never quite put together the clues that Katara and Zuko weren't really in love, and nobody ended up letting them in on the secret. Besides, he was much more occupied with his own blossoming love life with Toph.

Katara and Zuko were getting ready for bed one night, when Zuko seemed very uneasy.

"What's wrong?" she asked him as she got under the covers.

"Nothing's wrong, really…" He responded.

"Then… what's right?" Katara asked guessingly.

"I'm just nervous… I'm planning on asking Jin The question tomorrow." He explained. A smile stretched across Katara's face.

"That's great!" she said enthusiastically. He laughed nervously.

"I know… I just can't help but be nervous…"

"Don't worry about it." Katara assured him. "It's not like you still have to tell her you're married." She joked. Zuko laughed and soon, they went to bed.

The next day, Katara told Aang about Zuko's plans for that night.

"So… so we can finally be together?!" Aang asked rhetorically. Katara nodded anyway. Aang practically pounced on her when he kissed her and the two of them fell over onto his bed. The door opened abruptly, leaving a less shocked and more angry Sokka speechless.

"Sokka sure has great timing…" Katara said, not even for a second leaving her good mood. Sokka looked like he was about to kill somebody when he noticed that neither of them were trying to deny what they'd been doing. He slammed the door behind him.

"You think I won't tell?!" He yelled at them.

"Who should tell him?" Aang asked.

"I will." Katara answered. She turned to face a confused, yet still extremely angry Sokka. "Well, we've got a little bit of truth for you." She started.

A half hour and a hundred repetitions later, Sokka finally understood what was going on. Katara had intentionally left out the part where she snuck into Aang's bedroom and slept under his arm, but as far as she was concerned, he didn't need to know every little detail. Sokka wasn't sure whether he should be angry or happy or disappointed or what, so he ended up just trying to remain indifferent about the matter. He was, though, a little surprised when Katara ended her story with:

"Don't tell dad."

"What? Why not?" he demanded.

"This is a huge secret! And you know that dad would try to back me up if anyone said anything bad about me because I'll have been married twice…" Katara explained. "He can't know."

"Twice?" Sokka asked, shooting Aang a piercing look. Aang avoided his gaze and started to scratch the back of his neck nervously.

"Yes." Katara started sternly. "Twice. And if you continue staring down my boyfriend I'm gonna make you leave." Sokka's eyes narrowed at the word boyfriend, but turned back to Katara when she finished her sentence

"And…" He asked sarcastically.

"We both know you don't want me alone in a room with a guy I just called my boyfriend." His eyes widened with realization, then he closed them and tried to shake the thought from his mind. Aang on the other hand was turning scarlet just at the thought of what she was implying to her brother of all people.

"What about Toph?" Sokka asked in a desperate attempt to change the subject. "Can I tell her?"

"She knows." Katara told him. "She figured it out a long time ago." Sokka's jaw was hanging open. "We told her not to tell you." Katara explained.

"Okay… well, I'm leaving. Come on, Katara, let's go." Sokka said as he stood up.

"Let's go where?" Katara asked.

"I'm admitting that you were right… I don't want to leave you alone in a room with a guy you called your boyfriend." Sokka said. Aang slapped his hand to his forehead in embarrassment.


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