The Mystery of Tom Riddle

Summary: What if Fred and George looked at the map during the first book? Would they figure out what's going on in Hogwarts? AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JKR does!

Prologue: The Appearance of Tom Riddle

The prank needed extra precaution, so the twins looked on the map, their secret of their success. Fred and George didn't want to be in trouble for pranking Professor Snape's office. Therefore, a little handy map would help do the trick. So while making sure everyone was in their own rooms, George happened to notice on the map that Professor Quirrel was with another person in his room, someone named Tom Riddle.

"Do you think it's a student Forge?" asked George.

"I am not sure Gred? Maybe we shall investigate," replied Fred.

Prank aside, their investigation shall begin.