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Fall away is a beautiful song by the amazing band 'the fray'.

You swear you recall nothing at all
That could make you come back down
You made up your mind to leave it all behind
Now you're forced to fight it out

You fall away from your past
But it's following you

You left something undone, it's now your rerun
It's the one you can't erase
You should have made it right, so you wouldn't have to fight
To put a smile back on your face

You fall away from your past
But it's following you
You fall away

Something I've done that I can't outrun
Maybe you should wait maybe you should run
But there's something you've said that can't be undone

And you fall away from your past
But It's following you

You fall away
It's following you

(2004, written by Stade/King)

Chapter 1

"Hey, Wy, are you sure your dad will lend you his car when he hears that you had an accident with your own?" Ray asked as they walked the rest of the way to the Manor.

Wyatt shook his head. "Two things – number one, I won't tell him I had an accident. I can pay for the fixing and then it will look like nothing had ever happened and number two, my dad is away this weekend. He and some friends went over to Orange County to the automobile fair."

Ray nodded. "Well, okay then."

"He will buy Chris something at the fair," Wyatt winked. He knew it was a surprise for his brother and he had promised his father to not tell him anything, but Ray wouldn't care.

"Really? What do you buy someone at an automobile fair?"

"A car, Ray, a car."

"Oh, so the little geek is going to destabilize the streets now?"

"Chris is a good driver. And I got a car when I was 17 too. Well, I got mom's car, but anyway."

"A good driver? I thought he failed the test two times?"

Wyatt glared at his friend. "Let's just get the car."

Wyatt had moved out of the Manor two years ago to live with his friends while attending college and working at his mom's restaurant. Well it was his restaurant now, but for the 20-year-old, his mom would always be the owner.

He could remember the day clearly, when he packed the last of his stuff. Chris was sitting on his bed watching his brother and asking from time to time if Wyatt was sure he wanted to leave. Of course, he hadn't been sure. He and Chris were the official heirs of the Charmed Ones now. That meant that they were attacked by demons every now and then. The evil beings might not be powerful enough to harm them yet but it still was a constant threat. Wyatt had to admit he felt bad leaving his brother to defend himself and his father against the demonic attacks in the Manor.

Moreover, Chris and Leo often argued. It had gotten better over the years and now it sometimes seemed like they got along perfectly. But every so often, one little thing emerged and turned into an immense argument.

Chris was now 17, the same age Wyatt had been when Piper died and only now the blonde brother noticed how young he really had been when he had taken over most of his mother's jobs.

Chris could be responsible. He was already working on his portfolio for the institute of art, which he wanted to attend after his high school graduation. It was pretty hard to be accepted there but Wyatt didn't doubt that his brother was talented enough.

Plus Chris had kept out of trouble…well, really bad trouble ... for the last two years. Leo always said that it was Sonya who helped him to stay on the right side. He was right with that suggestion probably.

And that exactly was the problem now. Sonya had dumped Chris two weeks ago and since then the teenager seemed to be lost. The first few days, he only locked himself in his room, playing really loud music and painting one angry picture after the other. Then he started to get angry at everything and everyone. He searched for people to blame all the time. And now, he was mainly blaming himself which led to him being in a rather self-destructive mood.

Wyatt felt very bad for his brother as he had been in this situation before. Well, a few times actually. Over the last two years he had at least 3 girlfriends and hundreds of dates, before he decided that he didn't had enough time for a girlfriend and that was why it never worked out.

He wasn't home enough to get affected by Chris' mood, anyway. Between working and school, there was not much time left to spend quality time with his brother. Of course, they still shared a special bond but Wyatt had a feeling that they were becoming strangers to one another. Chris always needed the time with his brother, he sought help from him. The 20-year-old felt like he was abandoning him. But most important, Chris felt like he was abandoned. And he let Wyatt feel it.

Ray looked at his best friend's parents' house suspiciously. All the lights were on and they could hear music.

"Seems like your little brother is giving a little party while your dad's away," he said.

Wyatt frowned. "Obviously."

The two young men walked to the front door. Wyatt used his key and let them in.

A little party was an understatement.

There were at least 15 people in the hallway and dining room. The conservatory was crowded with maybe a dozen kids and the seats in the living room were all taken.

Some girls came down the stairs when the older boys passed.

"Okay," Wyatt stressed. "Ray, I need to kill my baby brother."

"Don't worry. Remember our highschool parties."

Wyatt shook his head. He found Matt Snider leaning against the kitchen door talking to some girl. Matt was Chris' best friend for the last two years now.

"Hey, Matt, any idea where Chris could be?" Wyatt asked. He was pissed. He may not live in the Manor anymore, but he knew exactly that Leo hold him responsible for everything that happened. After all, he could have checked on his brother.

"Hi, Wyatt! Ehm... no. Last time, I saw him he was in the conservatory, though."

Wyatt nodded and turned around expecting Ray to still be behind him, but he was wrong. The black-haired man was now dancing with one of the girls.

The 20-year-old witch rolled his eyes and went to the conservatory. He raised his hands making a little movement with his hands and everyone around him froze.

"Hey, what's going on?" he could hear his brother asking. Chris appeared between the frozen bodies of his friends. "Wyatt? Why did you do that?"

"Why did I do that? I couldn't find you in our own home!" Wyatt exclaimed. "What is this all about?"

"I'm giving a little party," the brunette Halliwell answered, shrugging.

"A little party? Do you have any idea how many kids are here?"

"Not exactly."

"And what about the alcohol?"

"Don't worry, I didn't steal it. I bought it legally in a store," Chris replied a matter-of-factly.

"What? How?"

The 17-year-old flipped his fingers and golden stars surrounded him. When the lights settled, a man in his 30s was standing before him.

Wyatt's eyes widened. "Okay. You bought alcohol, which is against the law and gave it to your also under-aged friends. I won't even mention the personal gain."

Chris changed back and shrugged. "Then, don't do it. Listen, Wy, we do so much for magic now magic could do something for us."

"That is not only a really lame excuse, but absolute bull."

Suddenly a boy bumped into Wyatt as the kids' frozen state ended and everyone came back to life again.

"What is dad going to say?" Wyatt asked. "I'm sure, he only left you alone because he trusted you and thought you were responsible enough to be on your own."

Chris rolled his eyes. "Apparently he was wrong."

"Hey, Chris!" Matt yelled. "Pizza's here!"

"Cool, I'm coming!" Chris called back. "Listen, Wyatt, don't worry. I can handle it. I'll clean up tomorrow and dad will never know anything, okay?"

The older brother sighed. "Okay. But you will really clean up. By hand. No magic, got it? I'll come by tomorrow to check on you."

"Sure, when you think I'm acting up, then you stop by."

Wyatt couldn't miss the hurt tone in his brother's voice. "I know I've not been around much lately…"

"No, Wy, you haven't been around at all for the last month."

"I was busy."

"Yeah, everyone is always busy." Chris turned around and left his brother standing in the crowded conservatory, dumbfounded.

Wyatt shook his head and followed his brother into the kitchen. Five boxes with pizza lay on the table and Matt and some other kids were already eating.

The blonde noticed the ashtray.

"You're smoking again?" he asked his brother.

"You're really annoying, Wy. Yes, I'm smoking again. What are you going to do about it?"

"Hey, what are you so angry about?"

Chris shrugged.

"Okay, listen, we'll talk tomorrow, okay? I know, I haven't been here for you, but I promise that'll change. I really miss us spending time together. When I moved out I told you that it would never change our relationship and I meant that."

"Okay, whatever. What are you doing here anyway?"

"I needed to borrow the car." Wyatt looked around into the hallway. He saw his friend Ray leaning against the wall making out with a girl. "But I guess, we'll be staying for a while."

Chris blinked to adjust to the sunlight coming in through the glass doors of the conservatory. He looked around trying to figure out why he was sleeping on the sofa and not in his bed. He looked around again and noticed the mess.

Right. The party. The 17-year-old groaned when he thought about cleaning up this mess. He looked at the clock. He groaned again when he realized that, in 3 hours, his father would be back from his trip. Damn it!

The brunette got up and stretched. Maybe he could say a demon had attacked. Or rather a whole clan. No, it'd never work out. But what was magic there for?

Chris looked around and concentrated on how the Manor should look like. Clean, not neatly ordered, but clean. He closed his eyes.

"Don't you dare! We had a deal."

Chris opened his eyes and sighed at the sight of his brother, who stood in front of him his arms crossed over his chest.

"You're pissing me off!"

Wyatt raised his eyebrows at his brother's words. "Watch it! Seriously, I came here ready to help you a bit, but if you don't want…"

"No, wait! I'm sorry. Really. I'm just still tired."

"Well, if you can party all night long then you can also clean up for a few hours."

The two brothers checked out the other rooms of the Manor. Wyatt shook his head.


"Now what?"

Wyatt sighed. "Use your magic. There's no other way you can make this right before dad arrives."

Chris smirked. He once again concentrated and within a blink of an eye everything was back in place.

"You won't tell dad, right?" Chris asked his brother, when he followed him into the kitchen.



"Hey, I was thinking, do you want to meet me tomorrow after school? I could pick you up."

"Wy, I can drive on my own."

"Right." Wyatt smiled. He couldn't believe that his brother was 17 already. After the summer, he would start art school – at least when they accepted him. But it was no wonder considering Chris still often acted just like he was 14. "Anyway, would you like to?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Good. Now how about some breakfast?"

It had to be ages since the two brothers had had breakfast together, even if it was already noon.

Wyatt decided to stay at his old home until his father came back. He hadn't seen Leo for almost two weeks now. It seemed like Piper's three men all had their own lives now. If she saw them, she'd be pretty angry that they didn't stick together the way they should. At least, Wyatt was thinking that. He was always worrying. He knew he had to be the one to keep the family together as Chris and Leo couldn't. Not that they didn't want to, they just didn't know how.

"Someone home?" Leo shouted from the front door. "Chris!"


Leo found his two sons sitting together in the conservatory. Although, he was pretty mad after what he'd been told from their neighbour, Mrs. Noble, he had to smile at the sight. It was rare enough that they were both at the Manor. Of course, he understood that Wyatt had to live his own life now. He was a grown up man with a job and school and friends. But it was hard to let go. Even more so, that Leo knew that Chris would properly leave home soon too. The ex-Elder already knew he wouldn't stay in the Manor alone. Apart from the demonic attacks that he couldn't defend himself from, there was no reason for him to stay in the big house without his family. Leo tried not to think about it yet, but he had to find a solution about what to do with the Manor.

Wyatt was still attending the family parties. He would never miss one, but there were no family dinners anymore. Piper had always invited the family over and cooked for them. Now, it was only Phoebe and Paige who cooked for the whole family on holidays. And they both weren't chefs.

Leo shook his head. He had to focus. His youngest son was a great person. But that didn't stop him from doing stupid things.

Chris had gone through a bad time after his mother's death. He'd lost her when he needed her the most. He had been caught in adolescence and trying to develop a personality at that time. But the loss hit him bad. It took him some time to get over it. And Leo was so grateful that Chris had finally found friends and a girlfriend and was doing better in school. For the past two years they really were living together comfortably, but since this girl Sonya dumped him, Chris was acting out again and Leo and his son got into arguments again.

Wyatt went over to his father and hugged him. "Hi, dad, how was your trip?"

"Good. It was good. I need to talk to your brother, please."

Wyatt frowned. "Okay."

Leo shook his head, there was no need to send Wyatt away. He certainly knew about what had happened, anyway.

"Chris, did you give a party yesterday night?" Leo asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I had a few friends over, yes. Why?"

"Why? Because Mrs. Noble just told me that there had been a hell lot of a noise. And a lot of kids and one of them ruined her front garden. So, tell me the truth."

"Okay, I had a lot of friends here. But we weren't that loud. And how does the bitch know it was some of my friends? And even if it was, then it's not my fault. I'm not responsible for them."

"Chris, if you throw a party, then it is your responsibility if happens there."

"Nothing happened. So, I guess Miss Daisy next door complained about me again. She always has something to complain about. My music was too loud. I blocked her damn driveway. I placed the trash can wrong. Stupid…"

"Hey, that's enough!" Leo interrupted his son. "I know Mrs. Noble often exaggerates, but I believe her that you gave a party."

"Nothing happened. Really. And I'm sorry if she has a ruined garden now. I'll pay for it, if she wants me too."

"That is not the point," Leo replied. He looked around. "I take it you cleaned up."

"Yes. Wyatt helped me."

Wyatt glared at his brother. Why did he have to involve him now?

"Really? There is no trash outside. I checked."

"What are you fucking Sherlock?" Chris muttered.

"You used magic to clean up, didn't you? I think I raised you better than that. When I left on Friday morning, we made a deal. You promised me to behave. You promised me to stay at home and study. I told you that I don't allow you to give any parties if I'm not around. You and your friends are all minors and I have to explain to the other parents if something happens."

"Nothing happened!" Chris told his father again.

He should have known that his father would sooner or later learn about the party. But, as always, Leo was over-reacting.

"Yes, dad. It was okay. I was here," Wyatt replied.

"You were? Did you allow your brother to clean up the Manor with magic?"

Wyatt sighed. "Yes, I did."

"Well, then I'm really sorry, that I can't ground you anymore," Leo said angrily. "But I can ground you," he went on pointing at Chris. "Three weeks, bud."

"Great." Chris crossed his arms.

"Dad. It's my fault, okay? I should have ended the party once I saw what was going on," Wyatt tried to help his brother out. He once had promised not to stand in the middle again but every time something happened he just found himself right back in that uncomfortable position.

"No, Chris is just as much to blame. He knew, I forbade him to invite kids over. He knew about that." Leo turned around but addressed his youngest once more. "You know, I thought you finally grew up and learnt about responsibility. That's why, I decided to buy you car. Now you have to prove to me again that I can trust you. But you don't do that by disobeying me as soon as I leave the house."

Chris shrugged, trying to not make his father see that he indeed was disappointed. He had hoped that Leo would buy him a car for his graduation. And now stupid Mrs. Noble ruined everything. She should learn to keep out of other people's business.

Surely Chris could find a way to teach her a lesson.

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