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Wyatt saw his brother lying on the sofa watching TV.

Chris had been really motivated this morning. He had gotten up early. Well, early for a holiday. Right now the brunette was obviously rather depressed.

"What are you watching?" Wyatt asked sitting down on the edge of the sofa.

Chris shrugged. "There is this guy and he does something with this special oven. I don't know."

"Then why are you watching this shit?"

Chris shrugged again. "What else should I be doing? I have a lot of spare time."

"I thought you wanted to look for a job?'"

"I did but I didn't find anything. I have my first day in the summer school on Wednesday. I also made an appointment with Mr. Mayr on Friday. That should be enough for now."

"But I thought you wouldn't get money for the work at the summer school."

"Shut up, Wyatt."

"Hey, don't let it out on me," the older brother replied. He stood up and his gaze fell on a letter on the coffee table. "Did you get the mail already?"

"Yes, it's in the kitchen.

Wyatt grabbed the letter on the table. "What is this?"

Chris jumped up. "That's for me."

"I see, Mr. Christopher Halliwell." Wyatt blocked Chris and read over the letter. "Oh, I see, sorry." It was the denial of the art institute. "But maybe…"

"No more maybe, Wyatt. I already knew before I read it. Don't worry, I can live with it." The seventeen year old left the room not looking the least bit alright.

Wyatt sighed. He was truly sorry for his brother. He knew how much Chris had wanted to go to the institute. Wyatt found he had to do something. After the last several years they deserved something good.

Wyatt himself was pretty happy. He had a job, did – despite everything – pretty good in his exams and would finish school next year. Finally...having a bit more time,

Now- it should be Chris' turn.

The blonde left the room, when he climbed up the stairs he stopped a moment on the fourth step looking at a portrait of Piper that Chris had done. It was the most amazing picture of her. It was exactly how Wyatt loved to remember his mother; with a small smile on her lips and nothing but love in her eyes.

Piper would do something. She'd walk in this school and tell the dean that her son was the most talented boy and she wouldn't leave until…

Wyatt shrugged. He had nothing to loose after all.

As Chris had left the letter in the living room, Wyatt went back in there. He checked for the address and didn't waste time driving. He orbed in the building and found the office of Dean Davis.

A woman in her Forties sat behind the front desk. She looked up at him smiling. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, may I talk to Dean Davis, please?"

"In what matter"

"It's complicated. See, my brother applied for this school but unfortunately wasn't accepted. I was hoping that maybe there was a way to change that if I only could talk to the dean in person."

The lady looked at him surprised and confused. "Lovely," she finally said. "That is indeed something I haven't heard before. Follow me."

She stood up and knocked at the door on the left side of her desk, then entered. "Dean Davis, here is a young man who wants to talk to you in a personal matter." She motioned Wyatt to go ahead.

The dean, a man in his early fifties with grey strands but an unnatural black beard, didn't look up and Wyatt lost some of his hope. He typed something in his computer, a task that obviously took all his concentration.

Wyatt walked over the fluffy carpet towards the wooden desk.

"My name is Wyatt Halliwell, sir. I'd really like to talk to you about my brother if you had a few minutes."

The dean pointed to an armchair and Wyatt sat down. It took the man a few more minutes to finish his word.

"Are you a student of this school, Mr…ehm…"

"Halliwell. No, but my brother applied for next semester; but unfortunately you rejected him."

"Well, I'm really sorry but I'm sure the board at good arguments against the acceptance."

"Yes, but in the end you are the board, sir."

The dean pursed his lips. "That's true."

"I was hoping you would look at his application again. I'm sure you'll find that talent counts more than academic grades at your school."

"Really, we have academic standards just like every other school."

"I know but don't you choose someone regarding his talent and not because of good grades in math."

"Do I understand you right that your brother was rejected due to insufficient academic achievement?"

Wyatt nodded. "But only by a few points." 200 wasn't so much, was it? "And I – please don't take this as an excuse – but I think that he would have done better if he hadn't had to care for so many other things while studying. You see our mother died leaving us to a kind of responsibility, you can't imagine."

"I'm sorry for you loss. Mr. Halliwell, do you have any idea how many potential students apply for our school?"

"Last semester it was 5,334 and only about 1,000 free places," Wyatt replied despite knowing it was a rhetorical question. Den Davis raised his eyes in surprise. "Chris told me, he did research. I also understand you need those requirements to filter the appliers to be short listed at an early point."

"And you think your brother could have met the requirements if the circumstances in his life had been different and that he has an outstanding talent?"


"That's a high opinion."

"He's my brother."

The dean smiled. "Well, I think I can take a second look. After all, I welcome your determination and engagement for your brother's well being. He is very lucky."

The older man pressed a button, speaking in an intercom. "Sybil, could you please…"

The door was opened and the woman in question came in the office again with a folder and a CD.

"Of course,'s the portfolio in print and electronic." She placed the folder in front of him and inserted the CD.

"She can read my mind," Davis joked grinning.

Sybil laughed. "Oh, sir, only magicians can read minds." She winked at Wyatt before leaving them alone again.

Dean Davis waited a few seconds then frowned and shook his head. "Stupid computer takes hours."

He started to look through the original portfolio. "Oh, I remember. Yes."

Wyatt took that as a good sign.

"And do you want to know what I thought?"

Wyatt nodded although the tone in the dean's voice didn't sound too enthusiastic. If Wyatt should learn that Chris had in fact been rejected because of his talent and not his grades, he would never tell a soul.

"I thought that, it is a great technique he has already. It seems like one of his teachers in school thought it was more important to learn the right technique to create a picture instead of expressing emotions through the art."

The twenty year old frowned. He had no idea if this was good or bad.

"You see the technique is what we can teach our students. What we can't teach them is to place emotions in a picture. These – "he pointed to the different pieces of paper that he had spread out in front of him. "- only show one emotion and that's not nearly enough. It's sadness even if the colors are bright. See this for example." He took the nude Chris had done of Sue and turned it around.

Wyatt blushed slightly. He wasn't comfortable.

But the Dean went on. "She is comfortable with her body but see her eyes. She's lost, she's missing something. The way she looks into the garden like she's waiting for something. It's the same in every picture. Just one single emotion is shown."

"Oh. So, you are telling me that you didn't accept Chris because of his pictures, not his grades." Wyatt looked at the Dean who was holding one paper in front of his face. "Dean Davis?"

"You said your mother passed away?" the dean asked absently.

"Ehm, yes. Maybe, that's the reason for what you see in his drawings. I'm sure if you accepted him, he'd…"

"That's her right?" the older man showed him the front of the paper he held in his hand.

Wyatt nodded; it was the same drawing of Piper that hung in the hallway of the manor. The one Wyatt had looked at before he went to the art institute. No way, Chris had done two exact same drawings and put one in his portfolio.

Something in the dean's eyes changed. "This one is perfect, really different from all the others. I just don't understand why I haven't seen it before. I swear I haven't seen it between the others before." He turned to his computer, pressing 'enter' a few times. "It's not on the CD either," Davis muttered. "Strange. Anyway, do you know why I saw that this was your mother at once? It's what I tried to explain to you. The emotions in her eyes identify her as what she is. A loving sadness; love in its purest form. I feel loved when I look at her even. That's what art is about. It should make you feel."

"I love that picture. If you look at it, you see my mom just the way she was."

"I'm sure." The Dean sighed. "Tell me again why you want me to accept your brother in my school so badly?"

"Because he wants nothing more than that, it's his biggest wish and I'd do anything to help him fulfil it."

Dean Davis nodded. "I see...I'm sorry, Mr. Halliwell, but I have another appointment in a few minutes. We need to end this conversation at this point."

Wyatt understood when he was thrown out even on a charming way. "Thanks for listening." He stood up.

"Mr. Halliwell, you are intelligent and flattering, I might add." He smirked slightly. "On your way out, let Sybil give you an appointment for the end of the week when I can meet your brother.

Wyatt opened his mouth surprised. "Really"

"Yes, indeed. I see potential and I'm curious what we can make out of it."

Wyatt smiled widely. "Thank you so much. You won't be disappointed. And if you ever want to have a good meal in a nice restaurant, I'll invite you to Charmed. It's my place, my mom opened it but I manage it now."

Dean Davis laughed. "Why didn't you say so earlier? For a good meal I do anything. Leave the address with Sybil as well."

Wyatt orbed back home, calling for Chris at once, but all he got was a mumbled "What?" from the kitchen.

Chris drank a glass of milk and had emptied half of the cookie jar.

"I have made an appointment for you."

"For the dentist, again-I think I'm old enough to decide when I go…"

"You'd never go," his brother interrupted him. "But, no. Shut up, just listen, I met with Dean Davis." He waited a moment for Chris to recognize the name. "And he wants to meet you and talk to you. He'll probably accept you after all due to outstanding talent."

Chris' eyes widened. "You are serious, what did you do?"

"Nothing, I just talked to him. He looked over your portfolio again. That's all."

Chris grabbed his brother by the shoulders. "Wyatt…"

"Listen, it's totally up to you. I know you really want this and you won't mess up. This is for you. "

The seventeen year old almost bounced. "Okay, cool. Thank you for talking to him. I hope you didn't say anything I can't stand up to."

"I didn't."

"I have to go and read a bit. Maybe he'll ask me something."

"Hey, wait, Michelangelo." Wyatt held him back. "Did you put a drawing of mom similar to the one in the hallway in your portfolio?"

Chris frowned. "What? No. I'd never do that. Besides, I don't have a similar one. Why?"

Wyatt waved it off. "Forget it. I was just wondering."

Chris shrugged. "Okay, thanks, Wy, for everything you do for me, you know."

"I told you that's what big siblings are there for. Moreover, I promised mom to do something."

When Chris had left the kitchen, Wyatt took a cookie and the glass with milk Chris had abandoned. He smiled to himself and shook his head. "Thanks, Mom."

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