Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, or Jack, or Ianto...which makes me feel sad, and then I end up writing things like this!

A/N: My first drabble! does happy dance I've never succeeded in paring it down to only 100 words, but by george, I think I've got it!

Set after Susie died for the first time.


The door was shut. Ianto wasn't sure whether to go in.

Jack had looked so lost, so afraid, and Ianto wanted to hug him; to remind him that there was still life in the world.

Susie's death was bad, but there was still reason to live. Perhaps Ianto was the one who needed the reassurance; some little reminder that life went on after Torchwood, something to look forward to.

But the door was shut, and stayed that way. Ianto leaned his head against the door.

Then turned and walked away. Jack obviously needed to be alone, and Ianto needed…